Write a paragraph on garbage man

write a paragraph on garbage man

Long and Short Paragraphs on, water Pollution

Looking for water what/governments/looking for governments/looking for/water. Feeling how/city planners/feeling city planners/feeling/worried. Controlled Composition Incomplete dialog Below are the answers to some questions. Write a good question before each answer. When you finish, you will have a dialog that you can act out with a partner. An Interview with a city Planner Reporter: Are you roger Collins?

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_ history of the world. Sentence construction making questions about topics There is usually more than one way to ask a question. For each topic below you may ask a question at least two ways. Use the vocabulary that is given and write two questions for each topic. You will need to add auxiliary editing verbs. Moving where/farmers/moving Where are farmers moving? Farmers/moving/to the city Are farmers moving to the city? Looking for jobs what/people/looking for people/looking for/jobs. Growing how fast/cities/growing cities/growing/very quickly. Building what/governments/building governments/building/new roads and houses.

_ smell of pollution. _ noise of the gender crowd. _ pollution from cars. _ cars in the street. _ government of Russia. _ products from our factories. _ noise from factories. _ sound of a horn.

write a paragraph on garbage man

Garbage, man, in my life

The general rule for the definite article is that we use the when we know the identity of the noun. We often know which particular noun is meant if there is a prepositional phrase to define. Example: every person has X problems. (no article because problems is a very general word here.) The problems of cities are roles serious. (Here we use the because we know which problems we are talking about. They are the problems of cities.) Write these phrases. Add the at the beginning. _ growth of cities.

(build) The city _ _ of room, water, jobs, and houses. (run out) we _ _ a limit on growth. (think about) Our big cities _ _ too fast. (grow) Few farmers _ _ grain and vegetables for us to eat. (raise) This situation _ _ the whole country in danger. Controlled Composition Dicto-comp your teacher will read one of the paragraphs three times. Listen carefully, but do not take notes. After the third reading, write the paragraph as well as you can from memory. Grammar Using the definite article the before prepositional phrases.

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write a paragraph on garbage man

Paragraph on, air Pollution long and Short, paragraphs

Verbs essay that end in other vowels simply take - ing. She is d ying. (die, lie, tie, go, see). Grammar Subject-verb agreement present progressive rewrite the paragraphs below, adding the correct form of the verbs. The verb be must agree with the subject. The main verb takes - ing.

Many farm people are coming into the cities. (come) They _ _ their for farms for a life in the city. (leave) They _ _ jobs, houses, and a new set of friends. (look for) The cities _ _ very crowded. (become) The government _ _ to help the people, but the problem is too serious. (try) The head city planner _ _ worried about the future. (get) we _ not _ new houses fast enough, he says.

Verbs that end in a vowel followed by a double consonant or in a double vowel followed by a consonant simply add - ing. (cook, wait, help, count, sleep, think). They are work ing. (work, eat, read, watch, finish, walk). Verbs that end in a single stressed vowel followed by a single consonant must add another consonant before adding - ing.

I am swi mming. (swim, win, plan, sit, stop) you are cu tting. (cut, run, dig, shop, get up) Notice that verbs with the stress before the last syllable do not follow this pattern. They do not take a double consonant: visit visiting, enter entering, limit limiting. A few more exceptions to the rule of the double consonant are verbs that end in w, x,. They do not double. (buy, fix, relax, pay, sew). Verbs that end in ie change the ie to y and add - ing.

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The spelling rules depend on gps the order of vowels and consonants in book the verb. Verbs that end with e drop the e and add - ing. Write the forms below with the correct spelling. She is writ ing. (write, drive, live, come, move). We are danc ing. (dance, shave, hide, smile, hope).

write a paragraph on garbage man

The largest cities in the world are new york city mexico city tokyo los angeles shanghai buenos aires paris and peking. People are using more food fuel water and air. They are planning cities building roads finding water putting up houses and limiting growth. The growth of cities is midsummer a problem in europe africa asia north america and south america. What are we doing about the traffic the noise the pollution and the crowding. Do these problems have an answer. Grammar, spelling -ing verb forms, the present progressive tense is a combination of two verbs. The auxiliary is a form of be, and the main verb takes an - ing ending.

comma is used between all the members of a list, or a series. We need eggs, cheese, milk, and bread. Copy the sentences, and make all the corrections that are necessary. Use capital letters when they are needed. What do you see hear feel and smell. I see cars people houses stores and factories.

Now many people are leaving the farms and moving into the cities. They are looking for jobs. The cities are growing very quickly. Most cities are very crowded. People are driving more cars, burning more fuel, using more water, eating more food, making more garbage, and producing more things in factories than ever before. Life is becoming difficult. Some governments are trying to plan for the future. They are building new roads, putting up new houses, looking for more water, and limiting growth in certain summary areas.

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!doctype html public "-/W3C/dtd xhtml.0 Transitional/EN"!doctype html public "-/W3C/dtd xhtml.0 Transitional/EN". Crowding, look around you what do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? If you live in a city, you probably see many people. You hear the noise of traffic, and you smell the pollution from cars and factories. We are entering a new time in the history of the world. Before this, most people were farmers. They lived in the country.

Write a paragraph on garbage man
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Acknowledging the importance, we have all the examples presented in a well categorized fashion. Sample Email for Sending cover Letter and Resume. The following X3J13 cleanup issue, not part of the specification, applies to this section.

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  1. These kinds of activities suited them. Free sex Stories Collection. You can download them free. Be responsible for reporting the details of, as in journalism. Essay: Essay, an analytic, interpretative, or critical literary composition usually much shorter and less systematic and formal than a dissertation or thesis and usually dealing with its subject from a limited and often personal point of view.

  2. Paragraph on the character. Agenda: Bell Ringer: Write a paragraph describing what was probably most. Agenda: Bell Ringer: you have just been informed that your garbage will not.

  3. Meanwhile, marshall focuses his entire life on being good to the environment after watching a documentary on, garbage. Plot In, a paragraph : Robin tries. Even if its not the one youre stuck on, write a paragraph in the paying project first. A good kind of garbage paragraph is a ramble about what you. Helpful diy 127, 661 views middot; 2:55 middot; Lesson english how to write a paragraph (writing) — duration: 14:01.

  4. Question: Write a paragraph about. Garbage, man, by day ninja by night personalisehirt. Hank aaron Sitting on, garbage, can 16x20 Photo signed by photographer Ken Regan. People should not dump garbage and waste in rivers and water ways. Complain to the police, if a man or woman is negligent about keeping clean of his /.

  5. Write a good question before each answer. When you finish, you will have a dialog that you can act out with. Many people throw garbage on the ground. It was invented by john McCarthy, the man who invented Lisp and beards, so you. If you followed all of this, youve now got a handle on a simple garbage. On the other hand, the man who doesnt build up this habit cant enjoy the living scenery of the nature of nature.

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