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Reference all citations in their correct format including web-pages and reports. A  great tutorial about citing the work of others and referencing is from the University of Nottingham 'referencing your work with Harvard', and also please look at the Pdf document on ' harvard referencing ' which is information on how to use references as supplied. Tips on taking an evidence based and critical approach to academic writing Here are some tips about how to take an evidence based and critical approach to writing your assignment: re-read the question - you may find it helpful to rewrite the question in your. Check the assessment criteria - see the marking grid make a bullet point list of all key points that you want to include in the section Think about the order of each point For each point - what is the claim - a statement which. For example - my claim:  I think that the infant mortality ratewill be reduced by training community health workers to educate parents about fever management Think about how you know that your claim is correct? Is it anecdotal evidence based on personal experience working in the community/health service, or based on experience as a community member seeing the behaviour of others? Is it your opinion?

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Conclusion : This is your final chance to impress the reader so make it powerful. Most conclusions include three main parts i) stating the aim/ context of the assignment again ii) followed by a very brief summary of the main points iii) final comments often considering the future (for eg: what can be done to improve the implementation. Context: unaids is a unique collaboration in terms of the goals it aims to accomplish and its structure. It benefits from organisational diversity and varied specialisations among the partners. However this diversity can also be a hindrance while coordinating activities. Main points: Duplication of efforts, lack of harmonisation of procedures, lack of effective evaluations among partners and inter-organisational competition for funding from donors have often adversely affected the collaborative effort. Building a well-coordinated and efficient collaboration between partner organisations of unaids is an iterative and on-going process. Efforts are being made to develop results-based structures, to pool funding from donors to encourage collaboration and to align efforts of all partners to improve efficiency. Final comments: by sharing their skills, resources, hire perspectives and knowledge, the partners will be able to develop integrated programmes, deal with methodology obstacles related to the management of hiv/aids more effectively and strengthen their relationship with those outside the partnership. Referencing: Remember to choose either Harvard or Vancouver versions of referencing and to use the same version while citing within the text and in the bibliography.

Finally you must show that you are able to apply this knowledge practically. Including examples in your assignment is a useful way to demonstrate all of the above. Where possible, explain the inferences that can be drawn from included statistics/ figures/ tables and the relevance of these. Word count : Ensure that the word count of your assignments are not essay far below or far above the suggested word count and as mentioned earlier, drawing up an outline can help you avoid both these situations. Inclusion of tables and figures : Tables and figures can very effectively convey information to the reader without affecting your word count but do not include more than 2 of these. Also, clearly signpost the reader to each table/ figure from the appropriate part of the main assignment. Include clear headings for each table/ figure and clearly mention the source both with the figure/table and in the bibliography.

uni assignment help

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Ensure continuity of ideas both between paragraphs and within a paragraph so that the reader is able to follow your train of thought/ argument easily. As a general rule, discuss each main point of your assignment in a different paragraph. Use of i and you : Academic writing is impersonal so avoid using i or you in your assignment. Try and build your arguments by including evidence and opinions from different sources and different perspectives so that you present a clear, unbiased picture. If you want to include your opinion, then do so indirectly. For eg: Include your opinion by saying In my opinion, implementing such an intervention is difficult because. Instead of I think implementing an intervention is difficult because. Bullets and numbering : Paragraphs are preferred to bullets and numbering in academic writing and this will allow you to discuss each point further. Use of examples : It is vital that your assignments reflect that you have a clear understanding of a particular topic which has been gained from multiple sources and that you are able to identify weaknesses and strengths objectively.

These would usually be included in 1-2 paragraphs. Eg: This is an example of how the points mentioned above were included as part of the introduction for an assignment on the obesity epidemic and efforts being made to tackle. Background: Obesity is one of the major public health challenges of the twenty first century as its prevalence is increasing at an alarming rate in both developing and developed countries. Aim and structure: This assignment discusses the pattern of development of the obesity epidemic and its epidemiology. It also seeks to analyse how globalisation, trade and debt have fuelled the problem. In addition, the assignment will examine the interventions that are addressing this issue. Continuity of ideas : This is especially important as you write the middle part of your assignment.

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uni assignment help

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Before you submit your assignment, please check that there is: a word count at the beginning of the assignment title, introduction and conclusion an answer to every question (and sub questions) a source of evidence for every claim. . re-read your text and underline all claims and make sure there is evidence for each claim all figures and tables have a reference references for each piece of evidence - articles, websites and opinions. It should be clear in the text what are your own thoughts and what are those of another person. A reflection about the quality of each evidence source, and how this evidence might apply to your country a list of references at the end of the assignment no plagiarism - direct copying and pasting of other peoples text that you did not write. . Use the turnitin checker a course cover sheet a correct file name - should have the format "surname" "course code" "date of submission". G Dick heller will review have, hellerpuebp12a23_5_12. A resubmission will have the file name.

while a second resubmission will have the file name. tips on how to Structure an Assignment. Outline: Before you start to write your assignment it may be a good idea to write an outline for your assignment which includes the main points you will be discussing. This will i) save you time ii) help you organise your ideas iii) enable you conduct efficient literature searches iv) help you divide up your word count between different sections. Introduction: It is really important to start your assignment with a clear introduction that should include a brief background mentioning what the assignment will discuss, the aim/purpose of writing this assignment and a few lines to indicate how the assignment is structured/ organised.

Check that you have read all parts of the question - is there different subquestions? Check the assessment criteria - see the marking grid. Write a draft structure for your assignment, with key headings and a bullet point list of all key points that you want to include in each section - in a logical order, so it reads well - as if you were presenting the information (telling. Send a draft structure of the assignment to your tutor - this should be done 3 weeks before the submission deadline, otherwise you will not get feedback in time. . It should not be longer than 2 pages. .

It should only include headings and key points in each section - not full sentences. For each section, think carefully about each claim and what evidence you need to back up these claims (see evidence based section for top tips on how to do this). Search the internet and module resources for evidence to support your claims. Keep a list of all references you use in the write format - you need to decide whether to use the vancouver or Harvard format. Next to each claim, write a sentence that summarises the evidence and the reference (name of author and year). Write down 2 or more points about the limitations of each piece of evidence, and a reflection of how that evidence might relate to your country. Repeat points 6-10 for each section.

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See the changelog for details. Software update, a new release of the software has been deployed to the servers. Apart from some bugfixes, the most important change is the improved handling of stereochemistry in predictions. Tips on writing assignments: Listed below are a few tips to writing your assignments. You may already be familiar with most of these points but it will be good to remind yourself of these points before roles you write up your assignment for credit. You can follow the steps below, and before you hand in your assignment, complete the checklist. . The tips are organised into 3 sections, which you need to consider when writing a masters level assignment: structure evidence base critical thinking, the steps you need to take when preparing your assignment are: read the question - you may find it helpful to rewrite.

uni assignment help

There is also partial handling of diastereotopic atoms in the prediction and other small improvements. 10 years of nmrshiftDB(2 it might have lost a bit because of other historic celebrations this year, like the 200th anniversary of the battle of leipzig, but this project respectively its predecessor nmrshiftDB celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. It was on the 3rd of november 2003 that the.0 release of nmrshiftDB was announced (beta releases had been online before). There were around 6000 spectra available then, most of them calculated. So we have made some progress since then. New release, a new nmrshiftdb2 is live on the servers. Main change is a rework of the submit process, with a hopefully much improved property usability.

a cross-referencing databases between (currently) 24 molecular databases. In practice, this means that all the databases now show nmrshiftdb2 links (e. Chembl ) and nmrshiftdb2 shows links to other databases in the additonal data of each molecule. This is updated without a need to exchange links with each individual database. This is part of the new.4.6 release. New release, a new nmrshiftdb2 release was done. It includes most prominently marvinJS for input, since the java applets cause increasing problems.

News about nmrshiftdb2, nmredata export, the quickCheck now allows for export of the assigned data in the. The nmredata inititiative, which we are part of, strives for establishing the format as a new standard for nmr data exchange. Cooperation with Sciformation, we have been working with, sciformation to integrate nmrshiftdb2 functionalities into their eln (elecronic lab notebook). We hope this will be a useful addition for eln users. We have released a new version of the software. The main new feature is the quick Check (still experimental which is part of a wider initiative about nmr data quality essay ( information in German ). New publication, we published a paper about the use of nmrshiftdb2 and its lab system, specifically to increase data quality control for spectra assignments.

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About nmrshiftdb2 nmrshiftdb2 is a nmr database (web database) for organic structures and their nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) spectra. It allows for spectrum prediction (13C, 1H and other nuclei) as well as for searching spectra, structures and other properties. Last not least, it features peer-reviewed submission of datasets by its users. The nmrshiftdb2 software is open source, the data is published under an open content license. Please consult the documentation for more detailed information. Nmrshiftdb2 is the continuation of the nmrshiftDB project with additional data and bugfixes and changes in resumes the software. Problem of the month - february 2017.

Uni assignment help
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Nmrshiftdb2 is a nmr database (web database) for organic structures and their nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) spectra. As a csu student, Student Central is your single point of contact for all non-teaching questions about university life. Research writing for assignments.

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