Tl sullivan homework

tl sullivan homework

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Though I think i will close old ones to keep the discussion current; this is not a conversation that thrives in fragments. ( update on March 20, 2012: Pursuant to that, this thread is closed. Please go to this thread for thesis the continued discussion.).

tl sullivan homework

Homework, sullivan 's Island Elementary School

Given that, let me direct your attention to david Harmons incisive comment at 861 of that thread: S: my internal voice keeps saying its not that bad, other plan people have it worse, actually, the presence of that internal voice is itself a warning sign. In a healthy environment, most people dont need to convince themselves theyre not being abused. As far as i am concerned, there is no minimum dysfunction requirement to participate in this community. If you need to come talk, come talk. and at this point, Im declaring df a community rather than just an annual observance. Weve filled a thread and are still going, 2 1/2 months after the declared day. We have persistent identities and returning members helping out new arrivals, and weve begun discussing our local customs with one another. Im happy to run df threads the way we run Open Threads for as long as we want to have one active. If the conversation dies, Ill start a new thread on September 21, 2012.

As the Art of seo co-author, seo veteran, search Engine land writer and Netconcepts founder Stephan Spencer recently said on Twitter TL; dr recap: Mobile seo is not a myth because: Mobile search results are different Mobile search behavior is often different Mobile search results. Mobile sites convert more mobile searchers (i.e. Are more optimized) than sites that work well on all devices Regardless of mobile configuration method, making site mobile can get you incremental authoritative links to help in ranking. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily search Engine land. Staff authors are listed here. Dysfunctional Families: you must be this Unhappy to ride. Posted by Abi sutherland at 04:47. One of the ongoing themes in Dysfunctional Families day threads—one thats certainly been present this year —is the doubt whether ones own situation is bad enough to be a problem. Its not at all surprising that people who have been repeatedly told, in words and in deeds, that their feelings dont matter should struggle with this.

Sullivan, homes, sullivan, homes

tl sullivan homework

Sullivan 's - home

You may think your site works fine on mobile devices, but that doesnt mean its optimized. No additional Linking Opportunities In Mobile seo the claim: given that googles recommendation is responsive web design, theres no additional url to build links to, and thus no additional opportunities for link building. The reality: If you make your site mobile, you have the potential to get incremental authoritative links that you wouldnt have otherwise received. This applies, of course, if you have a mobile site, as youll be eligible to get followed links from authoritative sites like google, dotMobi, mashable, mobile Awesomeness, pc world, webby Awards, jqmgallery, and any place that talks about great mobile site design. It also applies if you have a responsive website. You wont have a separate url, but you will have additional links from places that showcase responsive sites, like. Net magazine, smashing magazine.

So there you have. Mobile seo is many thesis things, but definitely not a myth. Knowing this, will 2013 finally be the year that you account for it in your marketing plan? Ignoring it or pretending it doesnt exist isnt making it go away, and its certainly not making you any money. Fortunately, not every seo guru thinks mobile seo is a myth.

Furthermore, there are site architecture and marketing considerations for optimizing mobile sites and apps that have nothing to do with local search.  Mobile seo is Just seo for Mobile searchers The claim: Theres no difference between mobile seo and traditional seo, as mobile seo is just seo best practices applied to a mobile search paradigm. The reality: Yes, mobile seo is seo applied to the mobile paradigm, but there are still plenty of differences between mobile seo and traditional seo, as I discussed l ast year. Early this year, i also gave 7 examples of duplicate content created only by mobile sites that someone versed only in traditional seo probably wouldnt find. Clearly, mobile seo isnt an entirely different discipline from seo, but it does require specialized knowledge that someone ignoring the term willfully isnt likely to receive.

 Building a site That Works Well On Multiple devices Preferable to optimizing Mobile site The claim: Smartphone users can access well-designed desktop websites, so theres really no need for additional effort to understand mobile searchers and search engines. The reality: Yes, Apple does not have a mobile website, but that doesnt mean they wouldnt be better optimized if they had one. According to google data from this year, 61 of prospects say that if they dont find what theyre looking for right away on a mobile site, theyll quickly go to another site. And abandonment rates from mobile search are five times higher than desktop. You may think pinching and zooming is no big deal, but does your target audience? Image from google 2012 study demonstrating mobile searcher preferences Many businesses find that their conversion rates from search increased as a result of having a mobile site, not just a desktop site that works reasonably well on mobile devices — including TicketsNow, 1-800-Flowers, jelly belly.

Colin, sullivan - 220b, homework 2: Homebrew

But then, googling seo will often give you similar results. Like any discipline that is dynamic, relatively nascent and not regulated by official bodies, there is a lot of garbage out there since any idiot can claim to know something about the subject; and, if he or she is loud enough, others with the same. This confusion doesnt mean that no one understands the subject, though, any more than claiming no one understands law or medicine, since there are a lot of different opinions about free speech and euthanasia. That being said, there are a lot of charlatans adding write mobile seo services these days who just want to take your money. As with any seo, do your homework and you can avoid the disreputable options. Mobile seo is Actually local seo the claim: When people talk about mobile seo, they really mean to say local seo, as theyre describing techniques used to optimize for a local audience. The reality: Some people say mobile seo when they mean local seo, but that doesnt mean that all mobile seo is local seo. Local intent is more pronounced in mobile searches than it is in desktop searches because many mobile searchers have local intent; but not all of them. Apps, games, mobile wallpaper and other types of branded content are all opportunities for optimized content that arent local in nature, and are specific to users of mobile devices.

tl sullivan homework

Its likely the other technologies have even less market share. Even if the market share increases, however, its unlikely that autonomous search will ever replace traditional search results, as even google now and google goggles incorporate standard Web results into their interfaces. And finally, the presence of new user interfaces like mobile visual search through google now doesnt negate mobile seo, but instead differentiates it even more from the traditional version. buzzword That no one Understands. The claim: Mobile seo is for salesmen looking to upsell, rather than leadership an actual discipline. The reality: This one is actually pretty offensive to people like me who specialize in mobile seo and have been doing so for about eight years, as it claims that Im either a charlatan or enjoy wasting my time. I sympathize with the sentiment, actually, as googling mobile seo does bring up a lot of results from sites that dont always agree on what mobile seo is and why its needed.

makes sense, the reality is that there are many differences between the interfaces, some of them significant. Many differences between desktop and mobile search results, including blended app results on mobile but not desktop. In August of this year I discussed 16 differences between mobile search and desktop search (up from 14 in 2011 which may account for the study i did two years ago in which smartphone and desktop rankings in google varied. If youve read these articles and you still believe that mobile search and desktop search are the same, youre either not paying attention or youre ignoring the differences to your eventual detriment.  Mobile searchers Dont Use mobile search Results. The claim: Because of google goggles, google now, siri and other mobile search interfaces, and eventually wearable computing, the search results on mobile devices wont be seen. The reality : While this might describe a future state; at the moment, all of these technologies have so little market share that they have had minimal impact on mobile search or seo. As i explained at smx east this year, for all the attention it gets, siri has a limited audience, with just.5 of the total search market share at most.

If youve done mobile keyword research by using the google AdWords keyword tool and essays comparing mobile percentage of total or the mobile ratio and you still dont see a difference between mobile and desktop search behavior, it could be that your site and/or vertical. It does not follow that there is no variance to be found. In fact, as we demonstrated earlier this year, for certain categories like dining and Nightlife, retail and Sports fitness, theres a high degree of variance between how people search on desktops. Finding that value-add in mobile that isnt a priority on desktop could not only better serve your user, but it could also differentiate you from your competitors who are putting efficiency ahead of optimization. Research shows that mobile searchers and desktop searchers are often not searching for the same things. Mobile search Results The same As Desktop/Tablet/Laptop. The claim: When I look at the search results on my mobile device and compare them to results on my laptop, they appear to be the same. The reality: Some results are the same or similar, and some results are not.

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Last year at this time, i refuted 7 myths in mobile book seo, saying mobile seo isnt a myth, but there are myths in mobile seo. As we near the end of 2012, there are still too many seos who put mobile seo in the same category as Santa Claus and his elves: good story but entirely mythical (sorry, kids!). Im seeing mobile search and mobile seo on too many lets stop talking about this next year lists, and I think thats a shame. To illustrate why, here are eight of the most popular reasons given for mobile seos nonexistence, refuted:. Mobile search Behavior The same As Desktop/Tablet/Laptop. The claim: When we analyze mobile search queries, it appears that mobile searchers are mostly looking for the same types of things that desktop/tablet/laptop searchers are looking for. There doesnt appear to be a need to do additional keyword research since search behavior doesnt vary by platform. The reality: If you look at what visits youre getting from mobile searchers in Web analytics, youre looking at terms that youve already optimized for. If there are terms that mobile searchers use that desktop searchers dont (or dont as frequently you really need to do mobile keyword research in order to uncover them.

Tl sullivan homework
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  4. Maggio 27th, 2012 marcorosselli. Microsoft ha presentato al mondo la nuova versione del suo sistema operativo: Windows.

  5. Back to previous post: And while were on the subject. As with any seo, do your homework and you can avoid the disreputable options. Tl ; dr recap. Dove scaricare windows. Download Windows 8 developer Preview gratis.

  6. Diabeticos Facebook ireland consulted the Irish dpc in relation to its proposed privacy policy changes and confirmed that this feature is not yet available in Europe, said ciara o sullivan. Re-paint the piece as soon as every few months for best results. Darlington redeemers Lynda and Anthony bergerson. I use it every time i shop so i can accrue points to get great prizes like this! Here you can share your impressions on Symposium and Conference: express your wishes and suggestions, leave comments.plan 3 examples of formal essay /?pageadvanced-econometrics- homework -solution 401a1 advanced econometrics homework solution. Language, fraud, folly, truth, knitting, and growing luminous by eating light.

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