That was then this is now se hinton summary

that was then this is now se hinton summary

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Sodapop Curtis-16-year-old Greaser, blonde hair, very handsome, brother to darrel and Ponyboy, part of the Greaser gang Darrel Curtis-20-year-old greaser, big, tough, brother to ponyboy and Sodapop, part of the Greaser gang Johnny cade-16-year-old greaser, long jet black hair and big black eyes, looks like. Then, they go to the bowling alley to meet. When m m leaves, he is jumped by curly Shepard. Bryon and Mark save m m and then Mark suggests that they jump a black man. M m objects, calling him a hypocrite because they just got done saving m m from someone jumping him because he is different. Chapter 2-Bryon and Mark catch a ride to the hospital from a hippie named Randy to visit Bryon's mother. In the snack bar, Bryon meets Cathy.

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Point of view The outsiders That was then, this is now 1st Person. The whole book is written from the point farming of view of Ponyboy curtis. The whole book is written from the point of view of Bryon douglas. 1st Person There are advantages and disadvantages to a novel written in 1st person. For example, you are able to sympathize with the main character and get to know them. But, since you only see one side of the story, it sometimes makes it hard to understand other characters. That was then, this is now Bryon douglas-16-year-old greaser, black hair, big, strong, brother to mark, boyfriend of Cathy, friend of m m and Charlie mark jennings-16-year-old greaser, looks like a "golden lion" with golden hair and strangely gold-flecked eyes, adopted brother of Bryon, friend. Bryon talks about being invited to soc parties, even though he is a greaser. At this point, the only thing separating them is their money. Cherry valance-16-year-old Soc, hates fighting, red hair, supports the greasers as well as the socs.

Mark had been pedaling essays drugs just like the ones that crippled. Upon finding Mark's stash under his mattress, Bryon confronts Mark and later calls the police, despite the fact that they had been best friends and adopted brothers since childhood. Mark is sent to jail and never seen again by Bryon. Personal changes In the beginning of the book, bryon is a fight-loving hoodlum who hustles pool. By the end, he is a respectable young man who is mature and knows that he is not a kid anymore. Mark, on the other hand, does not make this change. This is one of the main themes of this novel.

that was then this is now se hinton summary

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3) Personal loss At the end of the outsiders, both Johnny cade and. Dallas Winston die, johnny from severe burns and Dally was shot by the police. Also, the curtis' parents died in a car accident, contributing to many of the curtis' boys problems. If Pony, soda, and Darry's parents were still alive, they would have a larger source of income and Darry might have been able to college. Doing the right thing One of the major themes in That was then, this presentation is now is doing the right thing, no matter what. At the end of the book, m m is changed forever because of drugs. Later that same day, bryon discovers the way that Mark has gotten money.

54) and are too cool to feel anything. The Greasers are also a gang in The outsiders. They live on the east side. (Its like the term greaser, which is used to class all us boys on the east side. 2) They wear leather jackets.(.or leave our shirttails out and wear leather jackets. 3) They drive cheaper cars.(.we steal things and drive old souped-up cars. 3)They are poorer than the socs Were poorer than the socs and the middle class. 3) and wear their hair long and greasy, hence the name greaser.(My hair is longer than a lot of boys wear theirs.

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that was then this is now se hinton summary

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It's both far less influential and not nearly as envelopes good as The outsiders, so just go ahead and read that instead of wasting your time here. This review can also be found on my blog.more. Transcript of That was then, This is now. That was then, This is now vs The outsiders. Hinton Characters Setting That was then, This is now The outsiders Tulsa, oklahoma early 70's Tulsa, oklahoma late 60's These two books are companions, as they share a common setting and a few characters such as Ponyboy curtis and the Shepards. Also, randy, a soc in the outsiders, appears in the book as a hippy who gives Bryon and Mark a ride. Themes The outsiders That was then, This is now Soc vs Greaser Throughout almost the entire book, the main conflict is the one between the socs, rich kids who live on the west Side, and the Greasers, the poor hoodlums of the east Side.

These two groups seem to be polar opposites, but they might not be as different as you think they are. Here are some descriptions of each group. The socs are a gang in The outsiders. They wear madras shirts(He had on a madras shirt. I can still see. 5) They are very rich and live on the west side(Im not sure how you spell it, but its the abbreviation for the socials, the jet set, the west side rich kids. They have mustangs The blue mustang was circling the park slowly.

The characterization doesn't provide it, and neither does the plot. There's no real tension, no buildup to any sort of real or emotional climax. Things in this book kind of just happen, often never to be brought up again. Hinton just doesn't seem to have a good idea of what she wants to say here. Many of the plot threads have potential themes that could arise from them, but there's no one idea that unites the whole book.

That's probably the biggest strength that The outsiders has compared to this novel. In The outsiders, hinton knew exactly what she wanted to say, and everything in the novel built up to that set of ideas. Here, hinton has no idea what she wants to say, so she has nothing to build the novel around. That's why it ends up so cheap and flimsy. This isn't a horrible novel. Bryon's voice is functionally identical to ponyboy's, but it at least makes the setting feel immersive. And Hinton definitely does write dialogue well, even if it feels extremely dated today. But there's not much reason to read this novel.

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There's no way for a character reviews to feel like a real person when their character traits are being constantly shoved down our throats. Characterization just doesn't work that way. Allowing the reader to do some work in picking up on character traits is essential in keeping the reader engaged - without that, there's no reason for the reader to stay interested. It doesn't help that the plot is so meandering and flimsy. There's no overarching conflict here, just a bunch of barely-related plot threads. Each of the plot threads - bryon's mom being in the hospital, m m disappearing, mark's former girlfriend trying to start a fight, just to name a few - but they don't come together until the very end, and even then, it's very cheap and. There's just no forward motion behind this book.

that was then this is now se hinton summary

This book didn't have the same popularity that The poor outsiders did, but I still see it in used bookstores every once in a while. But, unfortunately, this turned out to be a far weaker book than The outsiders. I can see why this book wasn't as popular or acclaimed as The outsiders - it's just not as impactful or well-written. The first problem is immediately irritating, from the opening pages of the book: the direct characterization. Bryon is constantly telling us things about the other characters, rather than letting us see for ourselves. This telling, rather than showing, is essentially how every character in the novel is constructed. It got to the point where i'm not even sure if these characters are at all developed - perhaps they just have a lot of informed traits. It gets difficult to tell when Hinton feels the need to inform us of every single thing about them. This device isn't just a lazy way out of using subtlety, it's also an active barrier to letting us connect to these characters.

the boundaries of what books for kids could do, in a way that's never been done before. With The outsiders, hinton paved the way for authors who took teenagers seriously as an audience to write about important issues. Do you like books like. The perks of being a wallf. The perks of being a wallflower or, the fault in Our Stars? Well, they wouldn't be possible without Hinton's influence. Books can be influential without being good, but I'm happy to say that I did moderately enjoy the outsiders. It had its flaws, but it's a solid ya book, especially considering that Hinton was doing something she'd essentially never seen done before. So it made sense that it would be good to check out her follow-up.

She is extremely drunk and goes for a ride with Mark and Bryon when Mark says he will get her more alcohol. For one of the first times in her life, angela breaks down and cries on Bryon's shoulder, telling him she is miserable in her marriage and that he is the only one for her. When Angela passes out, mark cuts off all of her prized long hair. The next morning, Angela tells her brothers, tim and Curly, that Bryon did it, prompting them to beat Bryon up, even though Angela saves her pride in public by telling everybody else that she had decided to cut it off. At the end of the story, after Bryon has turned in Mark, angela runs into him and tells Bryon that it was a low thing. Take me lined away. Cold Sweat (Thin lizzy cover). This Is Now.

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That was then, this is now radio prague. About Radio prague, partners Český rozhlas. Angela Shepard is Bryon's ex-girlfriend, who broke up with him in favor of Pony boy curtis, although she tried to win him back when Curtis did not realize she existed. Angela is stunningly beautiful, but Bryon notes that it is wasted beauty, since Angela has online a tough-as-nails personality and is not very nice. At the school dance, angela gets one of her friends to attack curtis, but Mark steps in, getting cracked in the head with a bottle. When Bryon realizes that Angela set up the fight, he vows to get even with her. Shortly after Bryon and Mark are ambushed by the two texans, Angela gets married to one of her brother's friends, thinking she is pregnant with this man's child. Later that year, after m m disappears, Bryon and Mark run into Angela on the ribbon.

That was then this is now se hinton summary
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Cold Sweat (Thin lizzy cover).

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  2. I picked this one up at the library for 1 and I'm very glad I did. It's just as gritty and real as Outsiders but it's time period is set a bit later. Title: The title of my book is That was Then, this is Now. Setting : The setting in my book is a lot of different places, the main place was at the Inner City. For whatever reason, the couple alluded to were unable to get together to fulfil their true feelings before. But that was then, this is now.

  3. While he is waiting, tim and Curly Shepard come and beat him up for cutting Angela's hair, even. The outsiders and That was then, this is now are similar, but also different. They are both among the best books I have ever read. See all 23 questions about That Was Then, this Is Now lists with This book. Best young Adult books.

  4. That Was Then, this Is Now. Set track as current obsession. The best of The monkees / Original Release date: 1986. Related Monkees Links That Was Then, this Is Now video monkees twitter. He is then set up at Terry jones' place.

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