Steganography report

steganography report

Steganography : Combatting Threats Hiding in Plain Sight

ExternalInterface, using ole embedded documents. Exploit detection technology relies upon content inspection of network traffic or files loaded by the application (browser). Content is identified as suspicious either by signature analysis or behavioural analysis. The latter technique is more generic and can be used to detect 0-day exploits as well. 1.1 History, i began experimenting with exploit delivery techniques involving containers which are presumed passive and innocent - images. As a photographer, i have had a long history of detailed image analysis, exploring image metadata and watermarking techniques to detect image plagiarism. Is it possible to deliver an exploit using images and images alone?

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The probability of an exploit succeeding in plan compromising its target depends largely upon the three factors: The probability of the target software being vulnerable. The probability of exploit code being detected and neutralised in homework transit. The probability of exploit code being detected and neutralised at the end point. As malware and intrusion detection systems improve their success ratio, stealthy exploit delivery techniques become increasingly vital in an exploit's success. Simply exploiting an 0-day vulnerability is not enough. This article is focussed on drive-by browser exploits. Most drive-by browser exploits are written in code which is interpreted natively by the browser (javascript) or by popular browser add-ons (ActionScript/Flash). When it comes to browser exploits, typical means of detection avoidance involve: Character level obfuscation of the exploit's javascript code. Splitting the attack code over multiple script files. Splitting the attack code between javascript and Flash using.

These payloads are undetectable using current means. This paper discusses two broad underlying techniques used for image summary based exploit delivery - steganography and Polyglots. Drive-by browser exploits are steganographically encoded into jpg and png images. The resultant image file is fused with html and javascript decoder code, turning it into an htmlimage polyglot. The polyglot looks and feels like an image, but is decoded and triggered in a victim's browser when loaded. The Stegosploit toolkit.2, released. Issue 0x08 of Pocgtfo, contains the tools necessary to test image based exploit delivery. A case study of a use-After-Free memory corruption exploit (cve ) is presented with this paper demonstrating the Stegosploit technique. Introduction "A good exploit is one that is delivered with style" - saumil Shah "Protocol-spanning, syntax-based generalised exploit methodologies are the new black." - @cryptostorm_is.

steganography report

Hiding Image in Image by five modulus Method for Image

When a player pulls the machine's handle, the internal mechanisms of levers and brakes yardage keep the reels spinning until the handle returns to its original position when a brake stops the disks attached to those reels, to reveal a random generation of reel combinations. Each pull of the handle keeps the combinations random and the odds fair. With the invention of digital slots machines that were designed to look like their original forerunners, the process for business creating random combinations was computerised. Today, both land-based and online casinos computerised slot machines have software generating rngs to give a fair chance at a winning combination. The software's rng produces numbers at several hundred combinations per second to ensure sequences are random, even without game play. When a player presses the "spin" button to start the game, the next number combination tells the programme when the virtual reels will stop spinning). By saumil Shah - saumil at m, @therealsaumil, june 2015, tL;DR: Stegosploit creates a new way to encode "drive-by" browser exploits and deliver them through image files.

This can be as simple as rolling dice, flipping a coin or shuffling a deck of cards. With computers able to act as random-number generators it is now possible to generate high volume to determine outcomes of lotteries, slot machines and more. Whilst there are several computational methods for random-number generation, many are not truly random, since they show patterns that can be discerned. Carefully designed cryptographically secure computationally based methods of generating random numbers do exist, including those based on the yarrow algorithm, the fortuna (prng and others. Practical applications and uses, random number generation has allowed casinos to move from being mechanised to being computerised. Traditional slot machines require the simple pulling of a handle to play. The original slot machines feature three reels each with various numbers and images.

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steganography report

Steganography, in Images Seminar Topic pdf ppt

A cryptographically secure number random generator underwriter How does a cryptographically secure random number generator work? By gathering entropy from a source that others cannot see. The system must first gather a sequence of n truly random bits. N shall be large enough to thwart an exhaustive search, so that it is impossible to calculate all 2n combinations of n bits (when n is greater than 90, but it is customary to use n 128). The most common entropy gathering schemes include the variation in timing of hardware interrupts from sources such as hard disks returning data, key-presses and incoming network packets, provided there is not an overestimation of how much entropy has been collected. The system encodes these events and then "compresses" them by applying a cryptographically secure hash function such as sha-256 (output is then truncated to yield the n bits).

The encoding of the physical events should have collectively assumed at least 2n combinations. The hash function, by its definition, should make a good job at concentrating that entropy into an n-bit string. Entropy gathering schemes can also be obtained from hardware rngs. Examples include sampling from the difference between a pair of oscillators that are running at almost the same speed, but whose rates are slightly varied according to thermal noise. Other schemes include sampling the noise on a ccd (lavarnd radioactive decay (hotbits) or atmospheric noise ( random. Random number generation, random Random number generation is the generation of a numerical sequence that cannot possibly be predicted by chance. They are usually created by a random-number generator (RNG).

The Blum-Blum-Shub algorithm, which provide strong security, though they are slower in comparison to traditional constructions, and therefore impractical for many applications. Variation of the santha-vazirani design, santha and vazirani proposed the notion of a semi-random source of bits (also known as Santha-vazirani sources and proved that it is impossible to extract an almost-uniform random bit from such a source. A 2015 study by beigi., looked at the generalisation of sv sources for non-binary sequences. The report showed that deterministic randomness extraction in the generalised case is sometimes possible, which is different to the binary case. The authors presented a necessary condition and a sufficient condition for the possibility of deterministic randomness extraction. Standards, when the maximum number of bits output from a prng is equal to the 2blocksize, the resulting output delivers the mathematically expected security level that the key size would be expected to generate, but the output can be distinguished from a true random number.

When the maximum number of bits output from this prng is less than 2blocksize, the expected security level is delivered and the output appears to be indistinguishable from a true random number generator. In the next revision, limiting the total number of generate requests and the bits provided per generate request will show security strength. Dual_EC_drbg is part of the standard though it is not cryptographically secure due to a kleptographic nsa backdoor. Nist sp 800-90a rev.1 is essentially nist sp 800-90A with the dual_EC_drbg removed. Ctr_drbg, another prng, is based on a block cipher running in counter mode and whilst its design is uncontroversial, it has been proven to be weaker than others in distinguishing an attack. The standards for statistical testing of new csprng designs are maintained by nist along with a good reference of standard csprngs. How does a cryptographically secure random number generator work?

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The number will always appear random, since paper it cannot be predicted or business be reliably reproduced after generation. A csprng has a strength that is is directly proportional to the source of entropy (unpredictable input) used for seeding it as well as re-seeding. The cryptosystem security therefore depends on seeding a csprng algorithm with the highest level of entropy. Some classes of csprngs include the following: Stream ciphers. Block ciphers running in output or counter feedback mode. Prngs specifically designed to be cryptographically secure, such as Microsoft's Cryptographic Application Programming Interface function CryptGenRandom, the yarrow algorithm (incorporated in Mac os x and Fortuna. Combination prngs that try to combine several prng primitive algorithms with the aim of removing any non-randomness. Special designs based on mathematical hardness assumptions, such as MicaliSchnorr.

steganography report

file you can encrypt the information by using up to three passwords and by setting the order of the carriers. The recipient needs to have all the passwords and to know the exact order of the files. If only one item is missing the information cannot be recovered. This application can also be used from a removable device, without installing the application or leaving traces in the computer's registry. The interface is easy to use and displays the steps required to encrypt the files. OpenPuff is lightweight and can help you send encrypted messages to your friends or business partners. It can provide more discretion than a conventional file encryption program by hiding the data into regular files rather them using a specific extension. Cryptographically secure, cryptographically secure Pseudo-random Number Generator, a cryptographically secure Pseudo-random Number Generator (csprng) will produce a random number suitable for cryptographic usage.

As it would be expected from such a small app, it remains light on the system resources, so it doesnt burden computer performance, nor interfere with other programs functionality. To sum it up, Steganpeg seems to be the right choice in case you are looking for a simple-to-use encryption application that comes packed supermarket with only a few dedicated parameters, and is suitable especially for rookies. OpenPuff is a handy application that allows you to hide data into encrypted files in order to send it to other users. The program can be useful for the users that want to send confidential information without being noticed. The program uses the principles of steganography in order to hide the information into regular files such as images, audio or video files. The carrier files can be transmitted by using emails, removable devices or other storage devices without arousing suspicion about the concealed message. This method aims to protect both the message and the persons that are exchanging the messages. You can use the application to conceal text files, images or other files with a maximum size of 256. However, the size of the message greatly influences the number of carriers that need to be used.

Forensic analysis of video steganography tools peerJ

Steganpeg is a lightweight software application built specifically for helping users hide sensitive data inside jpg images in only a few steps. It sports a clean and simple interface that offers only a few configuration settings to tinker with. The program gives you the possibility to embed summary photos into the working environment using the built-in browse function, so you cannot rely on drag and drop operations. Steganpeg allows you to encrypt data by setting up passwords, preview the picture in the primary panel, as well as insert multiple items to be hidden in the photos. Whats more, the utility is able to indicate how much space is occupied by the hidden files so you can calculate if theres available space for adding more items. The photo, which embeds the sensitive data, can be exported to jpg file format, provided that you have specified the filename and saving directory. Since it doesnt require much computer knowledge to work with this utility, even rookies can master the entire process with minimum effort. During our testing we have noticed that Steganpeg accomplishes a task very quickly and without errors throughout the entire process.

Steganography report
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  4. Cryptographically secure Pseudo-random Number Generator. This bar-code number lets you verify that you're getting exactly the right version or edition of a book. The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work. Investigators within the law enforcement and cyber forensics communities are generally aware of the concept of steganography, but their levels. Jan 11, 2014 free download Steganpeg.0 - a simple-to-use program that helps you encrypt your important data inside jpg images, while allowing you to set up pas.

  5. Stefan Katzenbeisser, fabien,. Stegosploit, exploit Delivery via, steganography and Polyglots. By saumil Shah - saumil at m, @therealsaumil June 2015. TL;DR: Stegosploit creates a new way to encode drive-by browser exploits and deliver them through image files. Lavarnd is cryptographically sound Random Number Generator.

  6. Information and links related to neil. Johnson's research into steganography and steganalysis. A survey of techniques used in steganography, the art of hiding the presence of a communication, and a program demonstrating applications of some techniques in images. Steganography - hide information within image file - free download of readymade complete live project Visual Basic, t, c, t, sql server source code for final year college student, project submission of be, bsc-it, bca, mca, mba. Jul 10, 2012 free download OpenPuff.00 - advanced. Information Hiding Techniques for Steganography and Digital Watermarking.

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