No name woman maxine hong kingston summary

no name woman maxine hong kingston summary

Maxine, hong, kingston, woman, warrior

In a commensal tradition, where food is precious, the powerful older people made wrongdoers eat alone. Instead of letting them start separate new lives like the japanese, who could become samurais and geishas, the Chinese family, faces averted but eyes glowering sideways, hung on to the offenders and fed them leftovers. My aunt must have lived in the same house as my parents and eaten at an outcast table. My mother spoke about the raid as if she had seen it, when she and my aunt, a daughter-in-law to a different household, should not have been living together at all. Daughters-in-law lived with their husbands' parents, not their own; a synonym for marriage in Chinese is "taking a daughter-in-law!' her husband's parents could have sold her, mortgaged her, stoned her. But they had sent her back to her own mother and father, a mysterious act hinting at disgraces not told.

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They both gave orders: she followed. "If you tell your family, i'll beat you. Be here again next week.". No one talked sex, ever. And she might have separated the rapes from the rest of living if only she did not have to buy her oil from him or gather wood in the same forest. I want her fear to have lasted shirt just as long as rape lasted so that the fear could have been contained. But women at sex hazarded birth and hence lifetimes. The fear did not stop but permeated everywhere. She told the man, "I think i'm pregnant!' he organized the raid against her. On nights when my mother and father talked about their life back home, sometimes they mentioned an "outcast table" whose business they still seemed to be settling, their voices tight.

She obeyed him; she always did as she was told. When the family found a young man in the next village to be her husband, she had stood tractably beside the best writings rooster, his proxy, and promised before they met that she would be his forever. She was lucky that he was her age and she would be the first wife, an advantage secure now. The night she first saw him, he had sex with her. Then h left for America. She had almost forgotten what he looked like. When she tried to envision him, she only saw the black and white face in the group photograph the men had had taken before leaving. The other man was not, after all, much different from her husband.

no name woman maxine hong kingston summary

Maxine, hong, kingston, biography

Women in the old China did not choose. Some man had commanded her to pdf lie with him and be his secret evil. I wonder whether he masked himself when he joined the raid on her family. Perhaps she had encountered him in the fields or on the mountain where the daughters-in-law collected fuel. Or perhaps he first noticed her in the marketplace. He was not a stranger because the village housed no strangers. She had to have dealings with him other than sex. Perhaps he worked an adjoining field, or he sold her the cloth for the dress she sewed and wore. His supermarket demand must have surprised, then terrified her.

My mother has told me once and for all the useful parts. She will add nothing unless powered by necessity, a riverbank that guides her life. She plants vegetable gardens rather than lawns; she carries the odd-shaped tomatoes home from the fields and eats food left for the gods. Whenever we did frivolous things, we used up energy; we flew high kites. We children came up off the ground over the melting cones our parents brought home from work and the American movie on New year's day-0h, you beautiful Doll with Betty Grable one year, and She wore a yellow Ribbon with John wayne another year. After the one carnival ride each, we paid in guilt; our tired father counted his change on the dark walk home. Could people who hatch their own chicks and eat the embryos and the heads for delicacies and boil the feet in vinegar for party food, leaving only the gravel, eating even the gizzard lining-could such people engender a prodigal aunt? To be a woman, to have a daughter in starvation time was a waste enough. My aunt could not have been the lone romantic who gave up everything for sex.

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no name woman maxine hong kingston summary

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You wouldn't like to be forgotten as if you had never been born. The villagers are watchful. whenever she had to warn us about life, my mother told stories that ran like this one, a story to grow. She tested our strength to establish realities. Those in the emigrant generations who could not reassert brute survival died young and far from home. Those of us in the first American generations have had to figure out how the invisible world the emigrants built around our childhoods fits in solid America.

The emigrants confused the gods by diverting their curses, misleading them with crooked streets and false names. They must try to confuse their offspring as well, who, i suppose, threaten them in similar ways-always trying to get things straight, always trying to name the unspeakable. The Chinese i know hide their names; sojourners take new names when their lives change and guard their real names with silence. Chinese-Americans, when you try to understand what essay things in you are Chinese, how do you separate what is peculiar to childhood, to poverty, insanities, one family, your mother who marked your growing with stories, from what is Chinese? What is Chinese tradition and what is the movies? If I want english to learn what clothes my aunt wore, whether flashy or ordinary, 1 would have to begin, "Remember Father's drowned-in-the-well sister? i cannot ask that.

They overturned the great waist-high earthenware jugs; duck eggs, pickled fruits, vegetables burst out and mixed in acrid torrents. The old woman from the next field swept a broom through the air and loosed the spirits-of-the broom over our heads. 'pig.' 'ghost.' 'pig they sobbed and scolded while they ruined our house. "When they left, they took sugar and oranges to bless themselves. They cut pieces from the dead animals.

Some of them took bowls that were not broken and clothes that were not torn. Afterward we swept up the rice and sewed it back up into sacks. But the smells from the spilled preserves lasted. Your aunt gave birth in the pigsty that night. The next morning when I went for the water, i found her and the baby plugging up the family well. "Don't let your father know that 1 told you. Now that you have started to menstruate, what happened to her could happen to you.

No name woman essay

We stood together in the paper middle of our house, in the family hall with the pictures and tables of the ancestors around us, and looked straight ahead. "A that time the house had only two wings. When the men came essay back, we would build two more to enclose our courtyard and a third one to begin a second courtyard. The villagers pushed through both wings, even your grandparents' rooms, to find your aunt's, which was also mine until the men returned. From this room a new wing for one of the younger families would grow. They ripped up her clothes and shoes and broke her combs, grinding them underfoot. They tore her work from the loom. They scattered the cooking fire and rolled the new weaving. We could hear them in the kitchen breaking our bowls and banging the pots.

no name woman maxine hong kingston summary

Then they threw eggs and began slaughtering our stock. We could hear the animals scream their deaths-the roosters, the pigs, a last great roar from the. Familiar wild heads flared in our night windows; the villagers encircled. Some of essay the faces stopped to peer at us, their eyes rushing like searchlights. The hands flattened against the panes, framed heads, and left red prints. "The villagers broke in the front and the back doors at the same time, even though we had not locked the doors against them. Their knives dripped with the blood of our animals. They smeared blood on the doors and walls. One woman swung a chicken, whose throat she had slit, splattering blood in red arcs about her.

lanterns doubled in the disturbed black water, which drained away through the broken bunds. As the villagers closed in, we could see that some of them, probably men and women we knew well, wore white masks. The people with long hair hung it over their faces. Women with short hair made it stand up on end. Some had tied white bands around their foreheads, arms, and legs. "At first they threw mud and rocks at the house.

'we'll meet in California next year they said. All of them sent money home. "I remember looking at your aunt one day when she and I were dressing; 1 had not noticed before that she had such a protruding melon of a stomach. But I did not think, 'she's pregnant until she began to look like other pregnant women, her shirt pulling and the white tops of her black presentation pants showing. She could not have been pregnant, you see, because her husband had been gone for years. No one said anything. We did not discuss. In early summer she was ready to have the child, long after the time when it could have been possible.

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"you must not tell anyone my mother said, "what i am about to tell you. In China your father had a sister who killed herself. She jumped into the business family well. We say that your father has all brothers because it is as if she had never been born. in 1924 just a few days after our village celebrated seventeen hurry-up weddings-to make sure that every young man who went 'out on the road' would responsibly come home - your father and his brothers and your grandfather and his brothers and your aunt's new. It was your grandfather's last trip. Those lucky enough to get contracts waved goodbye from the decks. They fed and guarded the stowaways and helped them ofT in Cuba, new York, bali, hawaii.

No name woman maxine hong kingston summary
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  4. Ownership 8) Management Summary 9) Industry Analysis porters five force.1). Ap language composition Blaber no name woman by maxine hong Kingston. 485-495 The Writers Presence. 27-37 The Blair reader. What is the mothers attitude toward the aunt, as revealed in her story (retold by kingston)? Summary : Essay describes how Maxine hong Kingston utilizes the story of her aunt to help herself find out her own identity in her novel "no name woman.".

  5. Through this story, kingston immediately lays out the influence of her mother as a storyteller, as well as the themes that this memoir will continue to dance around women, family. Essays Related to no name woman by maxine hong Kingston. Maxine hong Kingston masterfully blends the mythical storytelling of Old China with her past and present experiences in the United States. Shick ap english 11 The woman Warrior In the story, no name woman, inside the novel The woman Warrior by maxine hong Kingston. Words 301 - pages. Snack industry in Hong Kong Essay.

  6. Bookmark this page manage my reading List. Maxine hong Kingston begins her search for a personal identity with the story of an aunt, to whom this first chapter's title refers. The woman Warrior Chapter 1: no name woman Summary and The woman Warrior study guide contains a biography of Maxine kingston, literature essays, hong Kingston introduces in " no name woman chapter-1- no — name. The Chinese i know hide their names ; sojourners take new names when their lives change and guard their real names with silence. The opening to woman Warrior: Memoirs of a girlhood Among Ghosts by maxine hong Kingston, is one of the groundbreaking works of Asian American Literature. Kingston 's no -name aunt is the first person we hear a story about in The woman Warrior.

  7. A summary of Chapter One: no name woman in Maxine hong Kingston 's The woman Warrior. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The woman Warrior and what it means. This essay analyses two works such as Both Ain't oman by sojourner Truth and no name woman by maxine hong Kingston. As Truth was writing, woman's liberation efforts were beginning. Summary and Analysis no name woman.

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