Textiles homework help

textiles homework help

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Quilter" wrote: i think this guy has an odd idea of us quilters. He probably thinks we are a bunch of nice ladies that would blush at the mention of certain subjects. Little does he know! o) i had a russian boyfriend years ago (remember, i began to study russian at age 14, so i've been at this for some time). So i already knew one way to say what this guy was on about. He has however, just enlarged my slang vocabulary, which is pitifully small. Our lecturers like to pretend that there are no bad words in Russian, and that all russians sit at home of an evening reading Pushkin.

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Do not suppose that i am a specialist in Russian mat only. I am a native russian story Linguist and Philologist and i am an expert in all aspects of Russian language. I have. Those who are interested are welcome to purchase my "Pocket book of the contemporary russian Invective" only for. I also agree to correct your assignments on Russian and even to do your assignments instead of you for a fee (20 usd/page.08/word). Payment can be sent via internet e-payment system(s) only ( like m, m, etc.). Those who are interested, please contact me off list by: ml (specify your valid email address or url for the feedback). Dr Andrew Polyanski "DDM" m wrote in message news:. so are you going to translate for us? dee in leroy, ny "Johanna gibson" t wrote in message news. on Wed, 10:28:39 -0700, "Dr.

No gender and two cases in English. It is a fact). If you are not so shy as I supposed, i can say margaret that the russian word "pizda" (cunt) creates about 200 curse (mat) expressions with absolutely unexpected meanings. Examples: pizdEt' to say lies ( ne pizdI! don't bullshit!) otpIzdit' to beat up dat' pizdI to beat up pizdiuk (a general oath like a "scoundrel" ) mne eto do pizdi i chill. Ya opizdenEl(a) i got exhausted ( got very tired of somebody) pizdOy nakrYtsya a failure, a deep six etc., etc. As you can see, there are no hint to the main meaning (cunt). Are there so much curse expressions with the word "cunt" in English? Yes, English verb "to fuck" is used in many English curse expressions, but the, russian equivalent ebat sia) has not less.

textiles homework help

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5 ways to repurpose damaged Textiles. Permalink, raw Message, johanna gibson wrote. That there are no bad words in Russian, and that all russians sit at home of an evening reading Pushkin. It is not right. Russian "mat" is very expressive. I should say it is more best expressive and colorful than American invective due to a rich palette of suffixes and colorful endings, which are rather hard to be comprehended by Americans. (I do not hint that you are dimwits. I just state that Russian is more complex because of existence of three genders and six cases.

For a charming look, display your textile stack on a chair seat, a short chest, a sofa table, a credenza, or an old trunk. Frame a fragment, antique textile fragments are typically too small and frame to display using the ideas in numbers one through nine. But, you can still use them as home decorations if you frame them. Opt for a simple frame style that lets your fragment steal the show, and consider using museum-quality acid-free framing materials, especially if your fragment is valuable. Framing also works well for small, intact textiles, such as tray covers, bohças, pillow covers, and scarves. If yours is merely lovely rather than monetarily valuable, you can cut foam core board to fit your chosen frame and cover the foam board with fabric. Then, mount the textile to your fabric-covered foam board.

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textiles homework help

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With a ladder, you're not limited to displaying a single textile. Fill as many rungs as you like, letting the textiles overlap. Just don't hang so many that you can no longer see the individual designs. Drape a dummy, for lightweight textiles, consider draping them over a dressmaker's dummy or mannequin. The look is especially charming for textiles originally crafted as apparel, such as saris, sarongs, and mud cloths.

For the most authentic look, drape and knot the textile as it was meant to be worn. When you use a textile according to its maker's intent, it ensures that you're showing it at its best. If you have a collection of hypertension light- to medium-weight textiles, you can fold and display them in a stack. Stacking the collection keeps it together and lets you view it in a single glance, which makes for a striking effect. Folding and stacking are also good ways to disguise minor damage, such as small tears and holes.

If your textile is especially large, fold it so it doesn't cover more than the bottom half of the top of the bed; covering just the bottom third or fourth looks even better. Good textile options for covering the foot of the bed include blankets, quilts, saris, suzanis, and sarapes. If your lack of headboard is of more concern than decorative coverings for your bed, you can use a lovely old textile to fake a headboard look. You'll need a textile that's roughly the same width of the bed; a few inches larger or smaller is just fine. Hang your textile at the head of the bed using one of the methods mentioned above in number two, letting the textile's bottom edge fall just behind the top edge of the mattress.

Choose a textile that's not so sheer that the wall shows through. Rugs, quilts, blankets, suzanis, and tapestries are all good textile options for faking a headboard. As a bonus, medium and heavyweight textiles provide a bit of extra soundproofing for the headboard wall. If you have a headboard, you can still hang a textile behind the bed to enhance your bed's look. But, instead of hanging the textile so the bottom edge falls behind the mattress, hang it so at least an inch or so falls behind the top edge of the headboard. If you have a poster bed with a canopy frame, you can also hang your textile from the canopy rail at the head of the bed using rings or ties. Lean a ladder, for smaller textiles and those that aren't too heavy to fold, you can turn an old ladder into a display piece. Just lean the ladder against a wall, with the bottom inclined outward enough to steady it, and fold your textiles to the right size to fit between the rails. Then, slip your textile over the rug and let it hang there.

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When it's in place, the textile width should be at least two-thirds of the sofa's width. If yours is larger, you can always fold it to fit - as long as it's not too thick and biography its beauty isn't because of a decorative border. Opt for an opaque textile so the sofa fabric doesn't show through, and make sure it's not too fragile or valuable for daily contact. If the textile is large and long enough to reach the sofa's seat, tuck the bottom edge of the seat cushions so it looks stylish instead of sloppy. If your favorite textile isn't large enough to drape over the back of a sofa, you can use the same technique with a smaller settee, loveseat, or club chair. Beautify a bed, except for rugs and heavy tapestries, if your vintage textile is large enough, you can lay it at the foot of your bed. When folded or spread out, the textile width should be at least three-fourths the width of the bed. It's perfectly fine year if it's larger, so long as the ends that hang off the sides of the bed don't puddle on the floor.

textiles homework help

a directional design, place the textile so the top of the design faces away from the center of the room. To complete the look, accessorize the table as you normally would, with decorative objects, a lamp, or both. To keep your vintage textile in top condition, choose a table - occasional or other - where you don't eat. A foyer or living room table fits the bill beautifully. A seldom-used dining table is fine, as long as you remove the textile before you dine. A kitchen table that gets used daily for family meals, homework and art projects invites disaster. Cover a couch, drape a textile of any type and weight - from sarongs to quilts to carpets - over the back of your sofa to display it and add style to your space.

Direct sunlight does fade textile colors, especially if they're woven from natural fibers, so make your curtain or valance from pieces that don't have a lot of monetary value. To minimize fading, hang your vintage remote textile on a window that doesn't let in a lot of natural light. Or, install a minimally intrusive roller shade you can lower during the hottest, brightest parts of the day. Adorn a wall, most antique and vintage textiles are suitable for hanging on the wall. After all, they are artwork, and sometimes the obvious is the right way. You can hang textiles on the wall using rings or casings that slip onto a rod, or by affixing strips of hook-and-loop tape to both the textile and the wall. The right hanging method depends on the type, weight, and condition of your vintage textile. Whichever method you choose, hang yours so the center - or the most exciting part, if yours has an elaborate design - hits the wall at eye level for an average human height. For an easy way to display an antique or vintage textile of any type or weight without altering it, use it to top a table.

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A beautiful handmade textile is a work of art worthy of display, especially if acquire a surviving antique or vintage example. Though the list is by no means comprehensive, the textile types you might want to display include: rugs and carpets quilts and blankets, uzbek embroidered suzanis, ottoman tray covers and bohças (wrapping cloths). Indian saris, and the kantha quilts made from them tapestries and other wall hangings shawls, sarongs, sarapes, scarves, mud cloths, and molas hand-dyed wax-resist batik and interwoven ikat. The best way to display a piece of textile art isn't as obvious as it is with paintings or sculpture, but you actually have more options. To get you started, here are 10 ways to display vintage textiles: Dress a window, you can turn a vintage textile into a custom curtain or valance for your window if you can add a casing, sew- or clip-on rings, or drape it over. Lightweight textiles such as saris, sarongs, and scarves work best as hung window treatments. Using hand-dyed batik or ikat fabric works writing well too. If you opt for scarves, which tend to be smaller than the other options, you can use them as valances or stitch a bunch together patchwork style to create floor-length curtain panels.

Textiles homework help
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  2. Handcrafted textiles make beautiful decorations for your home, especially antique and vintage examples. Read about 10 charming ways to display them.someone to do homework online writing reports for students essays on homelessness writing college admission essay word limit help kids with homework online dissertation and thesis help with reading homework. They assist a family with agriculture and textiles practices. At childcare placements volunteers assist the children with their homework, organize educational activities and provide the children with love and attention.

  3. Kids and teens school Time science homework, help chemistry. From Britannica, explore the most trusted online kids encyclopedia for homework help and general knowledge information on a variety of subjects like science, history, the arts, math, etc. Rugs and carpets are thick textiles, or pieces of cloth, that people use as floor coverings. Mayan people today keep the tradition of weaving beautiful bright textiles, like this lady in guatemala. Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

  4. From Britain Factories, mills, shipyards came products ranging from steam locomotives, to textiles and ship, while coal miners toiled deep below the ground to produce the coal needed to power Britain expanding Industries. Discover the best resource for University of Missouri (Missouri (mizzou) homework help : Missouri (mizzou) study guides, notes, practice tests, and more. Textiles, general Bachelor s Program, master s Program. (too old to reply) Hello all, i have an idea and thought I might get some ideas from your collective wisdom. Business textiles and Nonwovens associations industrial Standards.

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