Play review essay

play review essay

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Author William Shakespeare was born in Statford-upon-avon on April 23 1564. He went to free grammar school in Stratford. It was a good school where he learned even Greek and Latin. But he didnt go to college thats so people thought he didnt write his work, because apparently in that time if you didnt go to college you werent smart enough to write such good books and plays. He started getting famous in 1592 when he showed in his talent in writing plays, london, suchHamlet, romeo and, juliet, as you like it and more. Summary In the streets of Verona another brawl breaks out between the servants of the feuding noble families of Capulet and Montague.

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Play, review : Romeo and, juliet, laird Williamsons production of Shakespeares, romeo and, juliet, at the Angus Bowmer Theatre, satisfied my expectations of the consummate tragedy of young lovers. The play has been reset to verona, a town in Alta california during the late 1840s, when there was resistance and conflict between the mexican citizens who had settled there and the. That volatile period perfectly frames the family conflicts between two prominent, powerful, hidalgo houses in the town: the capulets and the montagues, whose members were forbidden to have any contact whatsoever with one another. Of course, this leads to the tragic turn of inexorably events that occur when a capulet falls madly in love with a montague. Williamson did some master casting in this play. Juliet (Alejandra Escalante) and her, romeo (Daniel José molina) are not only essay believably age appropriate with their young semblance, but are emotionally mature enough to give depth and heart to their performances. Juliet, almost 14 and, romeo close to her age, around 16 conveyed the intensity of the teenage love affair Shakespeare intended, as older actors seldom. The rest of the cast masters the roles and characters of the play. The slightly older actors, mercutio (Jason Rojas) and Tybalt. Essay about Romeo juliet.

I was also impressed with year the acting of Nathan Bush as Axel. I thought he also did a quality job of molding in to character. Next essays Related to Play review. Got a writing question? Ask our professional writer! You may also find These documents Helpful. Romeo juliet Play review Essay.

play review essay

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An example of this is both the anguish that Willum suffers due to rick Steadman, as well list as Axel's unrelenting attempt to create humor out of nothing. I felt as if the actors/actresses were hilarious as well as very humanly real and intriguing. I was particularly impressed with the performance of Jesse pack as Rick Steadman. Jesse fit the part of Rick almost perfectly as possible both in his appearance and personality. To be exhaustingly funny and talk year in the weird voice of his character was no easy task. He mastered the role and was simply brilliant. His facial expressions and gestures during the scene in which they try to force him to leave were hilarious. I thought he did a terrific job and could actually be "Rick Steadman" in real life.

Mcgee did a tremendous job of presenting a very smooth performance that kept the audience laughing. I felt as if the play was absolutely hilarious and was presented very professionally. In my opinion, the show excelled due to the quality of the acting as well as the presentation of the set. In the remainder of the text I will detail my reasons for my approval of the show. One feature of the play that really amazed me was the perfection of the acting company. The actors and actresses seemed as if they actually were the character in which they were playing, thus creates an exciting mesh. I was particularly impressed by the way that the characters seemed to actually emotionally feel and exist in their own unique roles. The humor of the play was embraced even greater through the gestures and subtle actions of the characters. The emotion of the characters was very clearly portrayed.

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play review essay

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Whether it was placing the tallest person next to the shortest to create a contrast or using levels to show authority such as in the introductory scene kobe during the storm. Another scene in which they used viewpoints was when joe was having an argument with his boss after being fired. Despite the characters talking to each other, they both faced the audience, allowing us to see their facial expressions and reactions. There were also monologues, for example marys after James chose to end their relationship. Another instance where someone was talking solely to the audience was when James read a letter from Mary. This allowed variation but was also successful in that we were able to see the instant emotion expressed by the recipient. The main theme of Life is a tempest was sacrifice.

Joe surrenders his job, despite it being his only source income because of the harsh conditions his boss was setting. In turn, his boss fired his best worker because he wasnt complying with the unrealistic deadlines he was setting. Also, joes son- james sacrificed his girlfriend because of all that was going on in his life, despite still loving her. In Conclusion, i enjoyed this play immensely due to the labyrinthine storyline and the way it contrasted to the simple lights, costumes and props. I particularly liked the way they incorporated the work of Shakespeare into the plot and how it complimented the events happening in present time. Free play review of Essay, the production of "The nerd" by the georgetown College maskrafters was extremely entertaining as well as a pleasant surprise. The director george.

James and Mary become a couple once more with James turning out to be more vibrant and passionate because of their reunion. The play ends with a scene from Macbeth and the ghost of Banquo joins them at a banquet wearing a white shirt, contrasting with everyone else wearing black. As he is sitting there, with everyone else oblivious to him, blood begins to trickle out of his mouth and down his shirt, stressing that he is dead. This technique is effective in that it shocks the audience, providing a memorable conclusion. In this piece, there were seven actors altogether; however they each played multiple roles. An example of this was a student named Tom playing Gonzalo from The tempest also playing an older version of another character and James best friend earlier in the story.

Despite the doubling, tripling and even quadrupling of characters, the changes were clear to the audience because of the varieties of language used. Characters changed from"ng Shakespearean English in one scene to modern dialects. One aspect of this play which I particularly enjoyed was the minimal use of props, consisting in total of a few red roses, a letter and a mask in addition to the black blocks and chairs which featured in every scene. The minimalistic approach was also incorporated into their costumes; each person wore black in every scene except for the conclusion where the ghost of Banquo wore a white shirt. This was powerful as it made him the centre of attention. By using only essentials, it meant that we as an audience were able to focus on the dialogue and facial expressions communicated by the actors rather than get distracted by objects or costumes. The atmosphere throughout the entire play was dark and gloomy. Pathetic fallacy was used in the lighting and sound as it complimented the feelings evoked by the script, the lights were usually dimmed with spotlights being used when appropriate. This group used drama techniques such as viewpoints throughout their play.

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Everytime i, or someone else, would shift positions, the seats would sqeak drawing my attention away from the play and focusing it on the obnoxious and constant disturbing noises that surrounded. The ridiculous conditions of the theatre were yet more factors that made this performance of Macbeth a disgrace. Basically, this performance of Macbeth was utterly disgusting and I wouldnt be surprised if Shakespeare himself rolled over in his grave because. My views of Shakespeare have altered slightly because of this experience and I believe that the majority of the people who saw this play can resumes relate. If i ever see macbeth again, i doubt it will be in the theatre. I will watch it in the luxury of my own home where i can attempt to understand and enjoy this legendary masterpiece. The pathos felt by the audience for Marys undeserving loss. In the end, things straighten out for joe and his son.

play review essay

Many times, i found myself lost in a state of cunfusion because i couldnt follow what was taking place on the stage. The language was another factor that added to the dullness of the play by making the bad paper actors worse because one couldnt uderstand what they were saying, or trying to say, for that matter. The beck center was very uncomfortable. The seats were very hard and were not very sturdy. Whoever designed the theatre couldnt have been familiar with the normal set up of theatres because from where i was sitting, the middle of the stage was not in view because i couldnt see past the head of the person in front. Throughout the play i was unsuccessfully attempting to get into a position in which I was comfortable and able to see what was going. I have never been in a theatre where the seats were that awful, which is pretty pathetic considering I have been to alot of theatres.

instance, was one of the worst I have ever seen. Nick koesters (Macbeth) has one of the dullest voices I have ever heard and honestly, i nodded off a few times while he was acting, if you can call reciting lines acting. If the role of Macbeth had been portrayed by someone with a little more emotion, the play would not have been such a disaster. Actors and actresses like those who played Malcolm, the three witches and Lady macbeth kept me into the play because they caught my attention. They played their roles well and deserve to be given credit for their performances. If it wasnt for acting like theirs, this play would have been a lost cause and a complete was of time. The language in the play was utterly confusing, which I had previously expected. There wasnt much that could have been done about the language on the part of the actors but I found the Old English to be puzzling. I found it difficult to read and understand Macbeth and trying to watch and understand it was ten times worse.

The set also went along with the database time frame in which the play was to take place. The scene was a high set platform, looking as if it were made of stone, in the middle of the stage along with stairs and ramps leading up and down from the top. Placed behind the platform were three precariously set castle towers which set the time frame back in the middle ages. The effects used in the play had a double effect on the mood. At some times, the effects and lighting added to the plot, but at others, the effects and the lighting, especially, added to the dullness of the performance as a whole. The use of mist and eerie lighting in Act 3, Scene 5 made the mood mysterious yet inviting which added well to the breath-taking acting of the three witches. The plain lighting used throughout the play, however, made some of the scenes boring. If more capturing lighting had been used, the play may have been more interesting. The acting, on the most part, was excellent, but when it came to banquo and Macbeth, i was bored stiff.

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Macbeth Play review Essay, research Paper. Macbeth Jerry zellers, Scott. Sumerak, nick koesters, Elizabeth Margaret Chamberlain, joe bandille, james Helms Written by: William Shakespeare directed by: Donald Squires Macbeth opened at the beck canter for Arts, Cleveland on word november 11, 1998 When I went to see this play, i was expecting a dramatically breath-taking performance. Much to my surprise, i found this version of the legendary macbeth to be dull and, in my view, a nightmare on stage. To me, shakespeares plays are works of art and I do not believe this performance lived up to the greatness of the skakespearean artform. The set of the play was plain but it fit its purpose quite well. Every scene took place in a different spot on the stage which kept the play moving and also kept the audience from dying of boredom.

Play review essay
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