Make your own homework

make your own homework

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Even if you think you're doing a great job on your homework so far, don't let the promise of something fun get in the way of your progress. 10 Smaller rewards throughout the session can be helpful, but only as long as they don't hurt your flow. Method 3 Improving your Surroundings 1 Change up your environment. 11 Sometimes, simply sitting in the same place for too long can wear you down. Changing rooms will refresh your energy. Studies have shown that changing your surroundings helps improve learning. If you're working in your bedroom, think about taking the work to your living room or kitchen. Better still, take it outside.

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9 These are proposal obviously things you will want while you do homework. 5 take regular breaks. Five-minute breaks may be seen as a sort of reward. It's always nice to take a while for yourself when you're in the middle of a big study session. Telling yourself you'll give yourself time to stretch once you hit a certain page number or word count is a great way to keep your spirits high. What's more, your studying will improve if you give yourself the time to collect yourself once in a while. While it will be different for everyone, giving yourself 5-10 minutes of break time per hour of homework is a good place to start. It may seem like a lot of downtime, but it will make sure you never get too overwhelmed with the tasks at hand. 6 save your big rewards for the end. Rewards can do great things for someone's motivation. However, the motivation is gone if you skip right to them.

At the end of a few minutes of conscious meditation, you'll be shredder refreshed and enjoy working more. Meditation is a skill. It's not something that comes easily to people in a high-tech age. Even so, you should give it a legitimate chance. Let your thoughts go and focus on your breathing. The more you practice meditation, the more you'll figure out what does, and doesn't work for you. The benefits of meditation are well-documented. People who meditate report better attention and memory.

make your own homework

Design your own homework planner

Apples and other fruits work well too, as do mints, jawbreakers, and other candies you can suck on while you study. Chewing gum can also help you stay focused while you're database working. Keeping up to date with water paper will keep you in your best shape. 4 Meditate when stressed. 8 Stress can quickly pile up on you if you're doing homework. While we want to make the most of the time spent studying, you won't get far if you're going through it feeling stressed out. If the work is getting to you at all, give yourself a few minutes to collect yourself.

If you have a certain mark you'd like to get on the exam, promise yourself you'll buy yourself a sizable treat if you reach. This sort of promise can give you a more real incentive than a mere score on paper. Write the contract on paper and set it next to your homework for a lasting reminder. You may want to schedule your rewards around content checkpoints, after certain periods of time, or a combination of the. Remember that if you schedule breaks around your study time, you'll need to stay mentally focused. For example, write something like: "If I get at least 90 on my history final, i will buy a brand new video game from the store." 3 Eat a snack while you work. Snacks can be a great way to stay focused. Full meals may distract you from the homework, but something light and tasty (like oreos) can keep your body centered while you focus. Popcorn is a good option, since it's light, not very filling, and won't make your hands dirty while you write.

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make your own homework

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There are lots of ways you efl can turn homework into a bit of a game. If you wanted to, for example, you could make a bingo sheet with the necessary tasks. Once you complete a task, you can blot out that task and give yourself a reward once you complete a row or column. There are also math and science sites online that have games specifically made for learning material. 6, so long as the game you're playing doesn't overwhelm the learning itself, it can be a great way to keep yourself engaged with the stuff you're working.

Inventing a game of your own based specifically around the work you're doing can be a fun activity of its summary own, and motivate you even more to finish the tasks at hand. Method 2, rewarding your Efforts 1, make a to-do list to cross off over time. Even if a to-do list doesn't offer any real rewards of its own, there's a psychological satisfaction behind seeing each item crushed as you continue studying. For some, the satisfaction of crossing things out can be enough to keep you engaged with the material. 2 Promise yourself a reward if you study well. 7 If you are having trouble staying motivated with your studying, you should make yourself a promise.

It's good to take a break from learning after a while. Information needs some time to settle into your brain. Spacing out your homework sessions will keep you from feeling overloaded. 5, a three-hour session isn't as good as three one-hour sessions, spaced throughout a day. If you give yourself time to decompress, you'll have a far easier time of properly engaging with the material.

Breaks also help you stay motivated to keep studying the material. You can compartmentalize your studying by taking breaks when you reach checkpoints in your work. You may want to schedule your breaks around different activities or different subjects. This is similar to taking breaks throughout your homework session. In this case however, you'll have enough time to go about the other things in your life. Make a game of your homework.

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The two of you can trade tests. That way, you won't know what answers you need to know beforehand. 5, work on different subjects in a session. It's normal to focus on one subject for homework. However, you can learn more if you change up the subjects. For example, if you're reading up on your history for an hour, try switching to science for a bit. This will give the history information time to settle. 4 6, space out father's your homework sessions.

make your own homework

Some teachers will assign you a very specific topic to write a paper about, but others will give you more freedom to craft your own topics. 2, take advantage of these opportunities to find a way to approach the subject matter that really interests you. Think about what aspects of the material engaged you most, or about which you had the most to say. The more invested you feel in a topic, the easier it will be to write about, and the more you will be able to enjoy the process of writing 4, write a test for yourself. There's good evidence to show that we have an easier time remembering things we once forgot. 3, the questions you get wrong on a test will probably be the things you remember most once you get the answers back. Write up a closed-book test of facts you're not too sure about and take. When you look up the questions you can't answer, you'll remember them better for the real test. This tends to work better if you have a study buddy to work with.

a "days in a row" homework persistence bet with a friend. No one likes to be a loser, and you'll probably end up getting far more done than you first imagined. You can also take your breaks together. Having company during your breaks is a fun way to refresh yourself before getting back to work. Choose your study buddy well. In some cases, your study buddy can be a terrible distraction. If the two of you are known to make trouble together, it's probably not a good idea to ask him to study with you. Write on a topic youre interested.

1, shifting into the right mindset is an important part of enjoying anything- not just your homework! 2, find a study buddy. Sharing your homework session with someone else helps a lot. If your friend is studying the same materials, you can bounce information off one another. Even if the two of you aren't studying the same material, it's usually inspiring to work with someone else around. You can keep each other accountable, and make sure the other doesn't get lazy. Make a competition out of the stuff you're working.

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We use cookies to make wikihow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Okay, method 1, engaging With your Work 1, get yourself in a homework mood. For some, it might seem crazy or impossible to 'think' yourself into a mindset for studying. It can be done by taking control of your inner voice. Simply tell yourself you are in the mood for studying. No matter how much you want to go do something else, tell yourself you're in the mood for. Your motivation won't change instantly, but if you keep telling yourself the right thing, you'll guaranteed eventually start feeling it a bit.

Make your own homework
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