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By no means in this world can you ever live up to someone else's expectations of who you are michael Jordan said during an appearance on the. On April 27, 2013, jordan married 35-year-old Cuban-American model yvette Prieto in Palm beach, Florida. Tiger woods, Spike lee and Patrick Ewing, among other celebrities, reportedly attended the wedding ceremony. The couple welcomed twin daughters, victoria and Ysabel, in February 2014. When and Where was Michael Jordan Born? Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, new York. Childhood, growing up in Wilmington, north Carolina, jordan developed a competitive edge at an early age. He wanted to win every game he played.

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Net Worth, between his six nba championships, restaurants, stake in the Charlotte hornets, corporate sponsorship with nike, and endorsement deals with Gatorade, hanes and Upper Deck, michael Jordans estimated net worth is more than 1 billion. How Tall Is Michael Jordan? Basketball player Michael Jordan is 6 feet, 6 inches tall. Michael Jordans wives and Kids, in 1989, michael Jordan married suitors juanita vanoy. They had three children together: Jeffrey, marcus and Jasmine. After 17 years of marriage, the couple divorced in December 2006. In 2007, michael Jordans eldest son, jeffrey jordan, made the basketball team at the University of Illinois. Both Michael Jordan and his ex-wife juanita have supported their son and tried to help him deal with playing in the shadow of an nba legend. "He wants to be a basketball player, but he wants to do it on his own terms. The thing that we have tried to tell Jeff is that you set your own expectations.

Recreational use of gps2sms is made by travellers who want to show their digital breadcrumbs on a map. See also automatic identification system. See also edit references edit External links edit. Who Is Michael Jordan? Michael Jeffrey jordan (born February 17, 1963) is a professional American basketball player, Olympic athlete, businessperson and actor. Considered one of the best basketball players ever, michael Jordan dominated the sport from the mid-1980s to the late 1990s. He led the Chicago bulls to six National Basketball Association championships and earned the nba's Most Valuable Player Award five times. With five regular-season mvps and three all-Star mvps, jordan became the most decorated player shredder in the nba.

biography points

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A fly-by waypoint is a waypoint that marks the intersection of two straight paths, with the transition from one path to another being made by the aircraft using a precisely calculated turn that "flies by" but does not vertically cross the waypoint. Waypoints used in aviation are given five-letter names. These names are meant to be pronounceable or have a mnemonic value, so that they may easily be conveyed by voice. In some cases the names correspond to a notable feature or landmark in the area (for example, a waypoint near Newton, iowa has the name "matag newton was the birthplace of the appliance manufacturer maytag ). 5 Establishing waypoints in real-time and transmitting them via gsm cellular telephone networks using the Short Message service ( sms ) is referred to as gps2sms. Some vehicles and vessels are equipped with hardware that is able to automatically send an sms text message when a particular event happens, such as theft or anchor drift. The receiving party can ring an alert sound or store the waypoint in a computer system or draw a map indicating the location.

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biography points

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A notable example is the worldwide use, in orienteering sports, of safety waypoints with a map that omits a coordinate system, known as control points. 4 In aerial celestial navigation, waypoints are precomputed along an aircraft's great circle route to divide the flight into rhumb lines and allow celestial fixes to be more rapidly taken using the precomputed intercept method. In air navigation, waypoints are sometimes defined as intersections between two vor radials, or in terms of specific distances and headings towards or away from a radio beacon. For visual air navigation (see the article on visual flight rules waypoints may be directly associated with distinctive features on the ground that are easily identifiable from aircraft, such as stadiums, power plants, racetracks, etc. Temporary waypoints are sometimes defined as traffic requires,. G., air-traffic controllers may instruct a pilot to reference a terrain feature at "your ten o'clock position, two miles." In aviation edit In aviation, area navigation (rnav)—a method of navigation that permits aircraft operation on any desired flight path within the coverage of station-referenced navigation. Rnav is increasingly used as the primary method of navigation for aircraft.

In the rnav context, a waypoint is a predetermined geographical position that is defined in terms of latitude/longitude coordinates (altitude is ignored). Waypoints may be a simple named point in space or may be associated with existing navigational aids, intersections, or fixes. A waypoint is most often used to indicate a change in direction, speed, or altitude along the desired path. Aviation rnav procedures make use of both fly-over and fly-by waypoints. A fly-over waypoint is a waypoint that must be crossed vertically by an aircraft.

As one drives along the route, the system indicates the driver's current location and gives advance notice of upcoming turns. The best of these systems can take into account traffic restrictions such as one-way streets and intersections where left or right turns are prohibited when computing the suggested driving route. Most gps receivers allow the user to assign a name to each waypoint. Many models also let the user select a symbol or icon to identify the waypoint on a graphical map display from a built-in library of icons. These include standard map symbols for marine navigation aids such as buoys, marinas and anchorages, as well as land-based landmarks such as churches, bridges, shopping centers, parks and tunnels.

Gps receivers used in air navigation have databases which contain named waypoints, radio navigation aids, airports and heliports. These references comprise the national Airspace system's method of allowing air traffic to select routes that yield efficient point-to-point navigation. Waypoints are often used in the termination phase of a flight to its destination airport. Some gps receivers are integrated into autopilot or flight management systems, to aid the pilot in control of an aircraft. Waypoints may be found on Aeronautical Charts known as Instrument Flight Rules Enroute low Altitude Charts, terminal Arrival Procedures or Sectional Charts. Without gps edit see also: Indoor positioning system Although the concept of waypoints has been greatly popularized among non-specialists by the development of the gps, waypoints can be used with other navigational aids.

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If the gps gps receiver has track-logging capabilities, one can also define waypoints after the fact from where one has been. For example, marine gps receivers often have a "man overboard" function, which instantly creates a waypoint in the receiver for the boat's position when enabled and then begins displaying the distance and course back to that position. In gps navigation, a "route" is usually defined as a series of two or more waypoints. To follow such a route, the gps user navigates to the nearest waypoint, then to the next one in turn until the destination is reached. Most receivers have the ability to compute a great circle route towards a waypoint, enabling them to find the shortest route even over long distances, although waypoints are often so closely spaced that this is not a factor. Many gps receivers, both military and civilian, now offer integrated cartographic databases (also known as base maps allowing users to locate a point on a map and define it as a waypoint. Some gps systems intended for automobile navigation can generate a suggested driving route between two waypoints, based on the cartographic database.

biography points

any distinctive features of the real world. These waypoints are used to help define invisible routing paths for navigation. For example, artificial airways —"highways in the sky" created specifically for purposes of air navigation—often have no clear connection to features of the real world, and consist only of a series of abstract waypoints in the sky through which pilots navigate; these airways are designed. Abstract waypoints of this kind have been made practical by modern navigation technologies, such as land-based radio beacons and the satellite-based gps. Abstract waypoints typically have only specified longitude and latitude or utm coordinates plus the reference datum, and often a name if they are marked on charts, and are located using a radio navigation system such as a vor or gps receiver. A waypoint can be a destination, a fix along a planned course used to make a journey, or simply a point of reference useful for navigation. Modern applications edit with gps edit gps systems are increasingly used to create and use waypoints in navigation of all kinds. 3 A typical gps receiver can locate a waypoint with an accuracy of three meters or better when used with land-based assisting technologies such as the wide Area augmentation System (waas). Waypoints can also be marked on a computer mapping program and uploaded to the gps receiver, marked on the receiver's own internal map, or entered manually on the device as a pair of coordinates.

For terrestrial navigation these coordinates can include longitude and latitude. Air navigation also includes altitude. Waypoints have only become widespread for navigational use plan by the layman since the development of advanced navigational systems, such as the. Global Positioning System (GPS) and certain other types of radio navigation. Waypoints located on the surface of the earth are usually defined in two dimensions (. G., longitude and latitude those used in the earth's atmosphere or in outer space are defined in at least three dimensions (four if time is one of the coordinates, as it might be for some waypoints outside the earth). Although the term waypoint has only entered common use in recent years, the equivalent of a waypoint in all but name has existed for as long as human beings have navigated. Waypoints have traditionally been associated with distinctive features of the real world, such as rock formations, springs, oases, mountains, buildings, roadways, waterways, railways, and.

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A waypoint is an intermediate point or place on a route or line of travel, a stopping point or point at which course is changed, 1 2 first use of the term tracing to 1880. 2, in roles modern terms, it most often refers to coordinates which specify one's position on the globe at the end of each "leg" (stage) of an air flight or sea passage, the generation and checking of which are generally done computationally (with a computer. 1, hence, the term connotes a reference point in physical space, most often associated with navigation, especially in the sea or air—e. G., in the case of sea navigation, a longitudinal and latitudinal coordinate or a gps point in open water, a location near a known mapped shoal or other entity in a body of water, a point a fixed distance off of a geographical entity such. Citation needed, when such a point corresponds to an element of physical geography on land, it can be referred to as a landmark. Citation needed, in air navigation, waypoints most often consist of a series of abstract gps points that create artificial airways—"highways in the sky"—created specifically for purposes of air navigation that have no clear connection to features of the real world. Concept edit, waypoints are sets of coordinates that identify a point in physical space. Coordinates used can vary depending on the application.

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  3. On this ground, the Greek philosopher Cleanthes the Stoic declared in his Against Aristarchus that Aristarchus ought to be indicted for impiety for putting into motion the hearth.

  4. General who commanded the southwest Pacific Theatre in World War ii, administered postwar Japan during the Allied occupation that followed, and led United Nations forces during the first nine months of the korean War. A waypoint is an intermediate point or place on a route or line of travel, a stopping point or point at which course is changed, first use of the term tracing to 1880. In modern terms, it most often refers to coordinates which specify one's position on the globe at the end of each "leg" (stage) of an air flight or sea passage, the generation. By acclamation, michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Although, a summary of his basketball career and influence on the game inevitably fails to do it justice, as a phenomenal athlete with a unique combination of grace, speed, pow. Aristarchus of Samos: Aristarchus of Samos, Greek astronomer who maintained that Earth rotates on its axis and revolves around the sun.

  5. Free shipping on qualifying offers. The controversial life and career of Ernesto Ché guevara (1928-1967) has earned the revolutionary leader admirers and detractors across the world. Since leaving office, president george. Bush has led the george. Bush Presidential Center at southern Methodist University in Dallas, texas. Douglas MacArthur: douglas MacArthur,.

  6. Follow the career of former basketball star Michael Jordan, from his college career to being the Chicago bulls' mvp, to his multiple retirements,. George soros is one of the worlds most active philanthropists, extending his generous reach into more than 60 countries and giving about 500 million per year. A scenic viewpoint also called an observation point, viewpoint, viewing point, vista point, lookout, scenic overlook, etc. is an elevated location where people can view scenery (often with binoculars) and photograph. Che guevara: a biography daniel James, henry butterfield ryan.

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