The paper warehouse

the paper warehouse

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In the episode " All the time in the world mrs. Frederic checked the restricted files for the reason Warehouse 9 bronzed Paracelsus because Artie couldn't find the reason in the regular Warehouse files. However, for some reason even the restricted Files didn't have any record of the reason. Warehouse filing room Edit In addition to artifacts, the warehouse contains a massive paper filing system housed in a separate room. The filing system contains details about each person who has ever worked for Warehouse. The paper system has yet to catch up with the advances in Warehouse technology, according to Artie. 11 Personnel quarters Archive edit Agents who have died or left the warehouse have their personal effects sealed in their quarters (effectively, their room at leena's Bed and Breakfast ) and kept in a massive electro-mechanical indexing system deep inside warehouse. The means of removing, sealing, transporting, and storing the room is not fully explained.

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Directly next to the kitchenette is a helper metal, circular staircase leading to an upper level. The upper level serves as Artie's living quarters and includes several full book cases with display screens, a bed with two nightstands, a hammock, and a couch. This living space likely resume exists out of necessity, as being the warehouse's supervisor requires Artie to be available to solve any issues that arise at all times. Manual room Edit A room in Artie's office that houses the entire warehouse manual. Given the warehouse's extensive and detailed history, the manual comprises of presumably hundreds of volumes, enough to completely fill several bookcases. Restricted Files room Edit Mrs. Frederic inside the restricted Files room A secret room located in Artie's Office that contains files that are only supposed to be read by either Mrs. Frederic or The regents. Artie only recently discovered this room exists because this room appears to be just an ordinary supply closet, but when a special device that the regents and Mrs. Frederic have is placed over the door knob it reveals the restricted Files room.

Artie's Office Edit The first area reached after presentation the Umbilicus to the warehouse is Artie's office. This room houses the warehouse's office as well as the main power and the central alarm system used in cases of emergencies. Along the wall to the right and rear of the desk are two massive filing cabinets. The first wall of drawers resembles an old library card catalog. The second has yet to be identified. The main office contains an extensive card catalog pertaining to a wide range of subjects, including people and events that may be possible origins for artifacts, and what objects may have originated from them, such as the uss eldridge's "Philadelphia experiment" 8 or the armor. 9 10 In one corner, a small kitchenette sits in an alcove and includes a refrigerator and coffee maker.

the paper warehouse

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The Umbillcus is entered through the only door in the warehouse's exterior, and leads to Artie's office. The Umbilicus controls entry to the rest of the warehouse with a retinal scanning device. This room was destroyed summary in the season 1 finale, but it seems to have been replaced soon afterward. Artie wants a doggy door added for Trailer. The common comment given on a person's first trip through the Umbilicus is "don't touch the bombs." Alternate Entrances Edit One entrance is a path in a stone cave some miles off from the main entrance. Another entrance is a flight of stairs Artie hints. There is also supposedly a back entrance as told by myka in the episode buried. The last is a way to get in from the secret Regents quarters in Hong Kong. However, for this entrance, it needs to be opened from both sides and is in the main area of the warehouse.


After Hugo 1 analyzed the current state of the warehouse he determined that the biggest threat the warehouse was the agents who work there and attempted to freeze them all to death by use of Falken-Scott Protocol. However, hugo 1 was deactivated and the falken-Scott Protocol was aborted by Artie before anyone was hurt. This protocol may be a reference to the Antarctic Terra nova expedition made by robert Falcon Scott in 1910-13. Scott was attempting to reach the south Pole before roald Amundsen. However, Amundsen arrived first, and Scott's party of five (Scott and four others) perished due to starvation, exhaustion, and extreme cold. Warehouse layout Edit The warehouse, a massive metal and stone structure, provides storage for both artifacts and items of significance to warehouse operations. It includes a variety of rooms, most of which exist underground, and each with different purposes. The Umbilicus Edit The Umbilicus is a cylindrical shaped corridor filled with explosives which can be detonated in the event of an emergency. This is the only main entrance to the main Warehouse.

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the paper warehouse

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Frederic oversees all operations involving the warehouse. Artie nielsen serves as Warehouse supervisor and senior Warehouse agent, with Claudia donovan beginning her tenure as his de facto apprentice before coming into her own as an resume agent, and accepting the role as the next Caretaker after Mrs. Agents Pete lattimer, myka bering, and the lately-introduced Steve jinks chase down reports of supernatural and paranormal activities in search of new objects to cache at the warehouse and help control the warehouse itself. Leena, while the proprietor of the bed and breakfast that carried her name, frequently worked in the warehouse in a passive agent role, though her ability to read the auras of objects, places, and people lent itself to work in the field alongside the other agents. She was also responsible for helping place the artifacts such that their energy wouldn't cause any disturbances amongst each other.

Also, midway during the third season, the warehouse 'adopted' a dog, Trailer. Due to a connection made. Mental and Coco's fezzes, Trailer has a certain psychic proposal bond with Artie. After leena's tragic death at the hands of Ferdinand Magellan's Astrolabe, abigail Cho, the keeper for Warehouse 13, was approached by the regents and was placed at the warehouse as the new and operator of the b b, as well as a therapist for the. Falken-Scott Protocol Edit An emergency defense system programmed into the Warehouse 13 computer that changes the room temperature of the warehouse to subzero in order to preserve the artifacts and destroy all intruders. It was activated in ".1 " by hugo 1 after Fargo attempted to reboot the warehouse 13 computer.

The alarm system includes voice notification of security problems; the voice notifications have the voice of Mrs. Frederic also requested that Eureka's douglas Fargo, head of Global Dynamics, go to the warehouse and update the computer systems. During this time he accidentally activated the security. Hugo-1 The warehouse is also protected by the regents. The remati Shackle, currently worn by jane lattimer, was created by genghis Khan as a last line of defense.

When the warehouse is threatened, the Shackle creates a large impenetrable force-field around the warehouse until the danger passes. There's also a back door into the warehouse. About a mile south of the warehouse is a rock wall with a special symbol. This was the original entrance for Warehouse 9 in Constantinople and it also inspired the story of Alibaba and the 40 Thieves behind this door lies boundless treasure. The only way to open the door is to say "open sesame" in Arabic iftah ya simsim. If you do get the door open you'll walk down a hall way and reach a room with 3 doors, only one of which will take you to the warehouse The others will take you to your doom. Warehouse personnel Edit For a simple, alphabetic list of personnel, see warehouse personnel. At present, the enigmatic Mrs.

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In order to help combat these roaming balls of electricity warehouse agents sometime employ the help of vyasa's Jade Elephant which has about the power to absorb the rogue balls of electricity and safely transfer them to portable battery packs. . When entering the artifact storage section of the warehouse it is important not to lose control of your emotions as some artifacts in the warehouse are extremely sensitive to high emotional energy. 6 The sprinkler system can be directed to the coordinates of the negative energy and flood the area with neutralizer. The warehouse has a multi-tiered security system protecting it from outside attack and inside disturbance. Entrance to the warehouse is partially controlled by retinal scanners keyed to warehouse personnel. 7 It also contains a computer-controlled alarm system. Although incredibly sophisticated, young genius Claudia donovan circumvented this alarm system in order to kidnap Artie nielsen and force him to help her bring her brother, joshua donovan, back from a temporal loop that trapped him while he was attempting to use Rheticus' compass. The security system can also be used by gatherers from inside in case of emergency within. Artie's Computer System likely controls a great portion of the security system in the warehouse.

the paper warehouse

Warehouse features Edit The warehouse is lit by a massive series of electrical "Shelby" light bulbs invented by Adolph Chaillet at the beginning of the 20th century. 5 essay The warehouse's walls are lined with a special mineral called painite. It reacts violently with a certain compound injected into banished Warehouse Agents to prevent them from coming back to the warehouse by turning their blood acidic, eating through their veins. Before james McPherson was exiled, he was injected with the serum. time will Tell the warehouse sports a zip-line system, which allows Warehouse agents quick access within the main storage area. Attached to this is a specialized sprinkler system. Artifacts in the warehouse generate a certain amount of electricity and from time to time that electricity discharges itself inside the warehouse. These discharges, while mostly harmless, can be seen shooting through the warehouse in random locations.

caused the destruction of the. The fire that destroyed the original Warehouse 13 also killed the. The previous Caretaker's sister, Irene Frederic, took her place from then. Although little is known about previous warehouses, mrs. Frederic implies that all of the previous Warehouses were burned to ashes. 3, this is revealed to be untrue when Warehouse 2 reactivates. Warehouse 2 was actually buried, literally, by its agents to prevent Julius caesar from obtaining its artifacts when he invaded Egypt. The current choice of location for the warehouse may have been at least in part an attempt to contain an artifact rather than an effort to maintain the anonymity of its location. 4, the current Warehouse, edit, warehouse the current version of the warehouse, warehouse 13, is located just outside Univille, south dakota. Originally it was more steam-punk based.

This was revealed to pete, myka and Claudia in season 2 episode 3, ". Beyond Our Control ". Throughout history, the warehouse has not had a permanent location. It moves at the whim of the regents, through the use of, hiram Abiff's tools, to the geographical location of whichever empire or power seems to be leading the world at that time. Because the United States has been the power center of the world for the last hundred years, write the warehouse has been located in North America. At various times in the past, the warehouse has been located in England, russia, asia, mesopotamia, egypt, and Rome. One example of the warehouse in the past would be the ancient Library of Alexandria.

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Warehouse 13 is a massive, top-secret storage facility. South dakota that houses supernatural artifacts, mysterious relics, and supernatural souvenirs collected by the. Warehouse 13 is the 13th iteration of the warehouse, with other iterations having existed throughout history. 1, the current Warehouse is also known as K39zzz on the north American Grid, but is affectionately dubbed "America's Attic" by the warehouse entry boss, Arthur nielsen. However, due to this being the nickname for the Smithsonian, agent, claudia donovan has suggested that it needs a new name. Peter Lattimer has suggested the nickname, "The world's Junk Drawer with Claudia herself offering both the "Library of Crazy and her favorite, "Artifact roadshow" and Artie calling it "America's Attic". Warehouse 13 is commonly (at least in Univille) believed to be an irs warehouse facility that stores everyone's tax returns.

The paper warehouse
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