Student life essay

student life essay

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We choose friends with whom we can share our feelings and we expect a reciprocate behavior too. As we grow up, there is a teenage phase in between. It is the most crucial point of our life. We begin to feel ourselves growing up and there are a lot of things that pushes and pulls us in many directions. Friends, careers, future, etc all have to be kept in mind. Parental expectations are also soaring high during that time. Box typeshadow align class widthEssay on Student life short note on Student Life paragraph on Student Life article on Student Life/box. Student life is such that if handled carefully, we can enjoy and also learn everything that is essential for a good future.

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The first shredders learning that every student obtains is from home. And in unaltered situations, mother is the first teacher. The manners and small behavioral traits that blossom during those years is mostly the reflection of whats going on at home. Once a student is admitted to school, their role models keep changing with time and situations. Friends become an important factor too. The type of company effects very much during those immature years. Teachers and friends inspire a lot. Whatever impression those innocent minds draw, the same is reflected back. Slowly as we grow up from that stage we learn more about our choices and ourselves too. We become choosy of our company and our thinking about friendship also changes a bit. Now friends doesnt mean simply sharing lunchboxes strengths and playing hide and seek.

But if we do not perform our duty, we shall not be happy in future. Hence we must do our duty. We shall then be happy and prosperous in our future life. Essay on Student life short note essay on Student Life paragraph on Student Life article on Student Life. Student life the most memorable phase of every persons life. It is the phase in which the whole foundation of a persons life is laid upon. A student phase in every persons life is such that they do not only learn from books. It is the phase when one grows emotionally, philosophically, physically and socially as well. All incidents and implications drawn from those incidents are what that is responsible for his/her nature.

student life essay

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Conclusion, the student life is the best part of a mans life. At this time our main work is to read and play. We should not think of anything else. When we are students, we are free from database cares and anxieties. Our heart is very soft. Our mind is very simple. We pass our time very happily.

We shall do what our parents and teachers tell us. Obedience is a great virtue for a student. An important part of a students life is his social life at school. We mix with other boys in the class-room and play-ground. This exercises a great influence in shaping our character. Here we learn the important lesson of give and take, co-operation, easy social manners and thought for others. But we must be careful so that we may not come in touch with bad boys.

Essay on, student life, short note on, student, life

student life essay

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We must learn the value of problem time. We should do everything in time. Time will not wait for. If time is once gone, we cannot get it back. Our work also is not finished. Hence we must not idle away our time.

We must take care of our health. If our health is bad, we cannot do anything. Our whole life hero becomes miserable. A man with bad health dies early. Therefore, we must improve our health. We must be obedient.

Our character must be good. If we become men of character, people will love. Our teachers will take great care. A boy of bad character cannot become a great man. We must learn discipline.

Strict discipline at schools is very good for. It teaches us obedience, punctuality, diligence, regularity, good manners and forbearance. We must learn perseverance. It is at the root of all success. If we are idle, we cannot prepare our lessons. Idle men are never happy. All great men of the past were persevering. Hence *re must persevere. If we fail once, we shall try again and again.

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If we write receive good training in our student life, we shall be good citizens in our future life. If, on the other hand, we do not receive good training, we shall not be good men in future. We should, therefore, be very careful. We must take care so that we may receive good training in our student life. Image source: g, what the student should learn. Advertisements: we must learn many good things in our student life. Our main duty is to learn our lessons at school. We must gain knowledge.

student life essay

At this time our mind is like clay. Clay is a very soft thing. The potter makes various things with this clay. Like clay, our mind also can be shaped in different ways. If the pots etc. Are once made by resume the potter, their shapes cannot be changed. Similarly* if our character is once formed in one way, it cannot be changed easily.

after real hard work and you tend to enjoy more than those who had been lazy and have wasted their time. I think this period of your life is most wonderful period full of spontaneity, dreams and hope, not a care in the world, except for studying. Student life is the golden period of one's life. It is a period when one is free from all the worries and anxieties of life. There is fun and joy. There are no responsibilities and no burdens. Importance of student life, the student life is the most important period of our life. Our future hopes depend upon.

The atmosphere of this life is hardened. This life learns good manners plan and morality. In this period of time students form their world outlook. Being a student, he or she takes part in different competitions, tournaments and educational trips. During this period student learns and educates. That is why it is so important not to get into bad company however the temptation is great, it is very difficult to do but still possible. To tell you the truth, everything depends from the person.

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It is not a secret that student life is the best part of life. In this period of time students start their own life. All of them have the right assignment to make their own decisions. At this period a student has to learn a lot of information from the books and other sources of info. It means that he or she should decide and determine main points in the life. Initially, the student becomes a person with his or her own way of looking at things. Student life is very useful because it prepares students for the real life. It means that student life is a life of learning. For the first time a person, either a girl or a boy prepares for the difficulties in the life.

Student life essay
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  1. A human being goes through different phases in life, starting from his infancy and till his old age. The new topic short essay on student life is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents. If you are stuck with writing or missing ideas. A student 's life essays Is it possible to work 70 hours a week? It is not always feasible to work all night on an essay that you hadn't.

  2. Student life is the brightest period of our life. Although some of them use cheating, copying someones essays or course works. Home essay on Student Essay on Life. Related Essays 412 words short essay on An Ideal Student. Short Paragraph on Student Life in Hindi. Introduction Essay on Student Life.

  3. The role of Students in National Life essay. Home free essays Students Life. This is just a sample. To get a unique essay hire Writer. Incoming search terms my life essay for students short essay on student life. If you are going to do essay writing on student life essay you should remember that this period is so bright and unforgettable.

  4. Essay on Student Life: Nature, duties, responsibilities and Enjoyment. Category: Essays, paragraphs and Articles Tagged With: Student Life. Introduction: Student life is a period of preparation for all the problems that face the individual and the community. Piyush Agrawal July 26, 2016. The student life is the most important period of our life. Our future hopes depend upon.

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