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sales presentation ppt

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Boating andmarine sales the family That boats Together Families with children are the largest demographic category among customers of boat dealers. Television is the only medium that provides advertisers with the opportunity to reach this demographic together during family programming or separate during adult and child programming. Repeat customers and customers switching from another dealership account for more than 70 of a dealers customer base. With such a knowledgeable customer base, dealers should be aggressive in their advertising message and not be afraid to show complex packages and technical specifications about their models. Boating andmarine sales advertising Strategies When it comes to boat sales, males are the primary decision makers with couples or families close behind. By advertising during the appropriate programming or during events such as the Americas Cup, dealers can better focus their message to these demographics.

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Service is the number one area cited that eit needs improvement at boat dealerships. Almost one-third of recent buyers rated their last boat repair experience as "fair or poor.". Boating andmarine sales, swab The deck, tough times will mean that the market will see more used boats, said boating Industry International. This will bring even greater competition for boat sales and further pressure on pricing. The slowdown has also affected marinas and demand for slips and repair services. The national Marine manufacturers Association said the industry is poised for a turnaround in 2002, leading to a mid-year surge in boat sales. Turn-Around For boating, repeat customers constitute a little more than 40 of a typical boat dealer's customer base. Among the rest of the base,.5 are customers from another dealership, and.2 are first-time buyers. Families with children are by far the largest demographic category among customers of boat dealers, accounting for.7 of their base. Also, males are the primary decision makers in 44 of all boat sales. Couples or families decide.6 of sales, and females make the decision.4 of sales.

Another positive factor for the industry was the 13 increase in the average price for a new boat, which reflects the continued consumer movement toward better-equipped boats. The average price for a new boat, motor and lined trailer package increased 9 to 25,663 in 2001. To calmer seas, the boat market has swung in favor of larger boats, according to Applied Technology management, Inc. In the early part of 2001, almost 500 "mega-yachts" were under construction, a 30 increase over the previous year. This trend is forcing marinas to reassess the size of their slips to accommodate the larger craft. Boating andmarine sales, whose boat Is Bigger? The economic downturn could lead to an upturn in the business of cleaning and maintaining boats, according to an article by boating Industry International. Consumers now are less likely to purchase new boats, meaning that they will spend more to keep up their existing craft. The treatment boat owners receive when seeking service will need to improve dramatically for the industry to retain current and attract new customers, according to the nmma.

sales presentation ppt

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Manufacturers rebates Can help decrease the difference between vh and vl and therefore increase the retailers incentive to discount price 1. Boating and marine sales powerPoint Presentation. Download Presentation, boating and marine sales 1 / 13, boating and marine sales. According to the national Marine manufacturers Association (nmma boat purchases totalled.6 billion in 2001,.3 ahead of 2000 and a record for a single year. Presentation Transcript, according to the national Marine manufacturers Association (nmma boat purchases totalled.6 billion in 2001,.3 ahead of 2000 and a record for a single year. Participation in boating, however, business slipped nearly 4 in 2001 to about.5 million boaters. Sales of larger boats mini helped buoy the industry. While 6 fewer new boats were purchased, total dollar sales rose 6.6 billion. Boating andmarine sales, from Troubled Waters, aftermarket accessories made a significant impact in 2001, with a sales increase of 12 for the year.3 billion.

In fact, there is no nash equilibrium in pure pricing strategies. Brand-level Price Promotion: Rationale for hi-lo pricing Example: Will coke price lower than.12? Because even if it gets both coke-loyal switchers (0.8*3.12) it will earn less than.50 both coke pepsi will charge in the price range.12 - 5 If Pepsi charges slightly below.12, it could get all the switchers a profit.56.0 (profit. Brands which enjoy more brand loyal customers promotes less frequently than a brand enjoying less loyal customers. Brand-level Price Promotion: Rationale for hi-lo pricing Price discrimination Explanation: hi-lo pricing as a means to price discriminate Assume that the loyal customers in the coke-pepsi example are uninformed about prices Switchers know which brand is priced lower relatively lower costs of acquiring price information. Double-marginalization problem (will discuss in more detail next week) Retail prices too high Insufficient market coverage Offer lower wholesale price to retailers to increase market coverage Problems with Trade Promotions Retail Opportunism Forward buying Inventory problems and Demand Spikes Why not eliminate trade promotions? Why does the retailer act opportunistically? Retailers clientele: quality sensitive customers (X) Willing to pay a high price (vH) Price sensitive customers (Y) Willing to pay a low price (vL) Retailers options: Charge pH and serve only the quality sensitive customers Discount price to pL and serve all customers Customers Options. More often the retailer cheats the lower the ev retailer balances these two effects and passes through at least some of the time Promotions that can help Trade Promotions Manufacturers advertising ongoing trade promotions McDonalds advertising ongoing promotions at participating retailers etc.

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sales presentation ppt

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Sweepstakes (Volvo placed Based Promotions (End of Aisle displays). Types of Sales Promotion, trade Promotions, free goods. Price based (more than 91 place based, slotting Allowances. Advertising and promotion based, co-op Advertising, sales based. Bonuses and incentives, types of Sales Promotion, retail Promotions. Retail discounts, displays, features, coupons, other reward programs etc. Why Offer Price Promotions?

Charge regular price or sale price? If sale price yields higher profits than charging regular price why ever charge regular price? Brand-level Price Promotion: Rationale for hi-lo pricing Competitive explanation: hi-lo pricing as a means to mitigate the intensity of price competition Two competing brands with some brand-loyal consumers. Coke and Pepsi a significant segment of switchers or price-shoppers who care only about price In order to get the switcher segment, each firm has incentive to undercut the competitor no equilibrium retail price pairs Promotional pricing as mixed pricing strategy Brand-level Price Promotion: Rationale. Competition for switchers Will coke pepsi price at 0 (perfect polaroid competition)? Coke can earn.50 (0.5*5) and Pepsi can earn.0 (0.2*5) at 5 neither (5,5) nor (0,0) prices are nash equilibrium.

7- Press the return button on the remote control to go back the usb menu 8- Press the Option button on the remote control Entry level Digital signage solution 9- select Add to favourites 10- Press the return button on the remote control twice. You will need to repeat steps 11. If you would like to do slideshow with Video go to the video menu and follow the same steps. You cannot play video and picture in the same slideshow. The usb stick needs to be plugged in the monitor anytime you want to play the slideshow.

Sales Promotion PowerPoint Presentation, download Presentation. Sales Promotion 1 / 18, sales Promotion. Mkt 6301 Nanda kumar types of Sales Promotion. Consumer Promotions Product Based Generate Awareness (free trial) Generate volume (buy two get one free) Price based Advertise low price coupons: in-, on-pack, cross-ruff fsi etc. Presentation Transcript, sales Promotion, mKT 6301, nanda kumar types of Sales Promotion, consumer Promotions, product Based. Generate Awareness (free trial generate volume (buy two get one free). Price based, advertise low price, coupons: in-, on-pack, cross-ruff, fsi etc.

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In order to meet your professional requirements. To give you more paper input and settings management. Get a smooth view of the action. Bring the Internet to the big screen. Usb media player plug in a usb device and enjoy movies, photos and music on your monitor using usb playback 3 years warranty, rS-232C input, entry level Digital signage solution, how to playback content from a usb stick? Available formats:Photo viewer (jpeg) Photo viewer (RAW) Music Player (mp3) Video player (avchd) Video player (divx) Video player (AVC) Video player (mpeg4). Entry level Digital signage solution 1- Insert your usb stick in the usb port on the side of the monitor 2- Press the home button on the remote control 3- move to the left and go on the Photo menu and then go down. Entry level Digital signage solution 6- here you can select if you to repeat the slideshow, the slideshow speed (low: 30 sec, medium: 15 sec, fast: 7 sec).

sales presentation ppt

Download Presentation, bravia b2b sales Presentation 1 / 16, bravia b2b sales Presentation. Display b2B market trend. 4 sizes available: 32: kdl32EX500P 40: kdl40EX500P 46: report kdl46EX500P 55: kdl55EX500P Bravia technology and quality available for the B2B market. Presentation Transcript, product concept 4 sizes available: 32: kdl32EX500P 40: kdl40EX500P 46: kdl46EX500P 55: kdl55EX500P, bravia technology and quality available for the B2B market. RS232C interface to give you more management capabilities. Product line-up, kdl55EX500p, kdl46EX500p, kdl32EX500p, kdl40EX500P, lCD 55 1080p. Lcd 46 1080p, lCD 32 1080p, lCD 40 1080p. Main features, full hd 1920 x 1080 native resolution for excellent picture quality.

postings nationwide. It can be any where from.00 an hour to10.00 it depends on company. Locations, sales Person jobs are available all over at basically any industry store a sales person is needed. So there is a lot of opportunity to be a sales person. Availability, availability is pretty open they are always company's hiring sales persons. Bravia b2b sales Presentation PowerPoint Presentation.

Download Policy: Content on the website is provided to you as is for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able writings to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Presentation Transcript, duties, a salespersons primary objective is to sell, though there are many skills involved and their duties can be quite diverse depending on things like the size of the retail outlet they are involved with. A successful salesperson needs to keep up to date with product knowledge so they can answer any questions that are put to them, and they need to put customer service and satisfaction at the top of their agenda, but it is the duty. It is more likely that you will get a sale this way (you can guarantee you will not get one if you have a couldnt care less attitude). In addition, a salespersons duties may include handling cash and using a cash register, so you need to be honest and careful. The majority of salespeople have a varied job description and they may be expected to process financial transactions and bank the takings; order stock; advise customers; take part in promotions; create displays; participate in refunds and exchanges; and negotiate deals with customers. Education, there usually are no formal education requirements for this type of work, although a high school diploma or the equivalent is often preferred.

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Download, skip this resume Video, loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds. Sales person powerPoint Presentation, download Presentation. Sales person, sales person. A salespersons primary objective is to sell, though there are many skills involved and their duties can be quite diverse depending on things like the size of the retail outlet they are involved with. Copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate. I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described. Download Presentation, an Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation.

Sales presentation ppt
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Click your mouse anywhere on the screen to advance the text in each slide. After the starburst appears, click a blue triangle to move.

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  1. Sales Forecasting at ides mfg. Ides manufactures a desktop computer, the. Going to or making appeals at residences, as when. 66 total Franchise sales ytd. Need to do 19 deals this. A salespersons primary objective is to sell, though there are many skills involved and their.

  2. Find professional predesigned product life cycle and funnel PowerPoint templates, selling presentation diagrams, ppt slides for. Get Sale Process Funnel diagram Marketing Selling Pipeline. Ppt template chart powerpoint icon lead conversion prospect client clip art. Sales PowerPoint Presentations we design sales ppt which speaks the language of your business. All planning begins with a forecast.

  3. Advertise monthly price with locals included in price. Boating and Marine, sales. According to the national Marine manufacturers Association (nmma boat purchases totalled. Journalism students: one ad, either publication quest staff: 8 blocks. ppt _ presentation _slides_Slide01.

  4. Set Objectives Design, sales, call Flow Describe the desired Results evaluate Progress/Adjust Strategy followup. Mkt 6301 Nanda kumar types. Consumer Promotions Product Based. Variance information useful to the. Sales, force acct 7320, fall 2010. Dish network, sales, training.

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