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pol pot essay

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At a meeting, the cercle decided to send someone back to cambodia to assess the situation and determine which rebel group they should support; Sâr volunteered for the role. His decision to leave may also pertain to the fact that he had failed his second year exams two years in a row and had thus lost his scholarship. In December, he boarded the ss jamaique, returning to cambodia without having gained any formal degree. Revolutionary and political activism edit return to cambodia: edit king Sihanouk disbanded the cambodian government and National Assembly before securing independence from French colonial rule in 1953 Sâr arrived in saigon on, the same day on which Sinahouk disbanded the democrat-controlled National Assembly, began ruling. Amid the broader First Indochina war in neighbouring French Indochina, cambodia was in a state of civil war, with civilian massacres and other atrocities being carried out by all sides. Sâr spent several months at the headquarters of Prince norodom Chantaraingsey —the leader of one of these factions—in Trapeng Kroloeung, before moving to Phnom Pehn, where he met with fellow Cercle member Ping say to discuss the situation.

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The marxistLeninist movement was then in a strong position globally; the communist Party of China had recently come to power under mao zedong and the French Communist Party was one of the country's largest political parties, attracting the votes of around 25 of the French. Sâr found many of Karl Marx 's denser texts difficult, later revealing that he "didn't really understand" them. Instead he became familiar with the writings of the soviet MarxistLeninist leader Joseph Stalin, including Stalin's The history of the communist Party of the soviet Union prerogative (Bolsheviks). Stalin's approach to marxismLeninism—known as Stalinism —gave sâr a sense of purpose in life. Sâr also read mao's work, especially On New Democracy, a text outlining a marxistLeninist framework bags for carrying out a revolution in colonial and semi-colonial, semi-feudal societies. Alongside these marxist texts, sâr read the anarchist Peter Kropotkin 's book on the French revolution of 1789, the Great revolution. From Kropotkin, he took the idea that an alliance between intellectuals and the peasantry was necessary for revolution; that a revolution needed to be carried out to its final conclusion without compromise for it to succeed; and that egalitarianism was the basis of a communist. In Cambodia, growing internal strife resulted in King Sihanouk dismissing the government and declaring himself Prime minister. In response to sihanouk's growing power, saloth wrote the article "Monarchy or Democracy? it was published in student magazine Khmer Nisut under the pseudonym "Khmer daom" Original Khmer. In this essay, he referred positively toward Buddhism, portraying Buddhist monks as an anti-monarchist force on the side of the peasantry.

He was a member of Vannsak's discussion circle, whose ideologically diverse membership discussed means to achieve cambodian independence from French rule. In Paris, ieng Sary and two others established the cercle marxiste marxist Circle a marxistLeninist organisation arranged in a clandestine cell system. The cells met to read Marxist texts and held self-criticism sessions. Sâr joined a cell that met on the rue lacepède; his cell comrades included hou yuon, sien Ary, and sok knaol. He helped to duplicate the cercle's newspaper, reaksmei the Spark named after a former Russian paper. In October 1951, yuon was elected head of the Khmer Student Association (AEK; i'association des Estudiants Khmers establishing close links between the organisation and the leftist Union Nationale des Étudiants de France. The cercle marxiste manipulated the aek and its successor organisations for the next 19 years. Several months after the cercle marxiste's formation, sâr and Sary joined the French Communist Party (CFP). Sâr attended party meetings, including those of its Cambodian group and read its magazine, les fuller Cahiers Internationaux.

pol pot essay

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He took a room in the revelation cité Universitaire 's Indochinese pavilion, then lodgings on the rue amyot and eventually a bedsit on the corner of the rue de commerce and the rue letelier. He spent three years in Paris, although left on several holidays. In the summer of 1950, he was one of 18 Cambodian students who joined French counterparts in traveling to yugoslavia, a marxistLeninist state, to volunteer in a labour battalion building a motorway in Zagreb. He returned to yugoslavia the following year for a camping holiday. In Paris, sâr made little or no attempt to assimilate into French culture, never becoming completely at ease with the French language. He spent much time reading and visiting the cinema. He gained a familiarity with much French literature, one of his favourite authors being jean-Jacques rousseau. His most significant friendships in the country were with Ieng Sary, who had joined him apple there, thiounn Mumm, and Keng Vannsak.

After the war ended in the defeat of Germany and Japan, France re-asserted its control over Cambodia in 1946, although allowed for the creation of a new constitution and the establishment of various political parties. The most successful of these was the democratic Party, which won the 1946 general election. According to Chandler, sâr and Sary worked for the party during its successful election campaign, although Short maintained that Sâr himself had no contact with the party. The king opposed the party's left-leaning reforms and in 1948 dissolved the national Assembly and began ruling by decree. A nascent communist movement had also been established in Cambodia by operatives of ho chi minh 's better established vietnamese communist group, the việt Minh, although it had been beset by ethnic tensions between the Khmer and vietnamese. News of the group was censored from the press and it is unlikely sâr was aware of them. Paris: edit sâr arrived in Paris, France (pictured in 1960) Access to further education abroad marked Sâr out as part of a tiny elite in Cambodia. Sâr and the 21 other selected students sailed from saigon aboard the ss jamalque and arrived in Marseille nearly a month later; on the journey they stopped at Singapore, colombo, and Djibouti. In Paris, sâr enrolled at the École Française de radioélectricité to study radio electronics.

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pol pot essay

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In 1947, he left the school. That year he passed exams that admitted him into the lycée sisowath, meanwhile living with suong and his new wife. In the summer of 1948, he sat the breret entry exams for the upper classes of the lycée, but he failed. Unlike several of his friends, he could not continue on at the school for a baccalauréat. Instead, he enrolled in 1948 to there study carpentry at the Ecole technique in Russey keo, located in the northern suburbs of Phnom Pehn.

This drop from an academic education to a vocational one was likely a shock for the student. Here, his fellow students were thesis generally of a lower class than the students which he had encountered at his previous school, although they were not peasants. It was there where he met Ieng Sary, who became a close friend and later became a fellow member of his government. In the summer of 1949, sâr passed his brevet and secured one of five scholarships allowing him to travel to France to study at one of its engineering schools. During the second World War, france was invaded by nazi germany and in 1945 the japanese ousted French control over Cambodia, with Sihanouk proclaiming independence for his country.

That year he began an education at a roman Catholic primary school, the École miche, with meak paying the tuition fees. Most of his classmates were the children of French bureaucrats and Catholic vietnamese. Here, he became literate in French and familiar with Christianity. Sâr was not academically gifted and he was held back two years, only receiving his Certificat d'Etudes Primaires Complémentaires in 1941 when—Short argues—he was already eighteen. Sâr had continued to visit meak at the king's palace and it was there, among some of the king's concubines, that he had some of his earliest sexual experiences.

Later education: edit While sâr was at the school, the king of Cambodia died and in 1941 the French authorities appointed Norodom Sihanouk as his replacement. A new junior middle school, the collége Pream Sihanouk, was established in Kampong Cham and Sâr was selected to become a boarder at the institution in 1942. This level of education afforded him a privileged position in Cambodian society. There, he learned to play the violin and took part in school plays. Much of his spare time was spent playing football and basketball. Several of his fellow pupils, among them hu nim and Khieu samphan, later served in his government. During the new year vacation in 1945, sâr and several friends from the college theatre troupe went on a provincial tour in a bus to raise money for a trip to Angkor Wat.

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Pol Pot was the paper eighth of nine children; two were female, and seven were male. Three of them died young. They were raised as Theravada buddhists, and on festivals they travelled to the kampong Thom monastery. Prek sbauv, the village where pol Pot was born and spent his early years At the time, cambodia was a monarchy, but the king had little political control, which was instead exercised by the French colonial regime. Pol Pot's family had connections to the cambodian royal household; his cousin meak was a consort of the king, sisowath Monivong, and later worked as a ballet teacher. When Pol Pot was six years old, he and an older brother were sent to live with meak in salon the capital city of Phnom Penh ; informal adoptions by wealthier relatives was a standard practice in Cambodian society at the time. In Phnom Penh, he spent several months as a novice monk in the city's Vat Botum Vaddei monastery. There he became literate in the Khmer language. In the summer of 1935, sâr went to live with his brother suong and the latter's wife and child.

pol pot essay

Contents Early life edit Childhood: edit pol Pot was born in the village of Prek sbauv, outside the city of Kampong Thom. He was given the name of Saloth Sâr, with the word sâr white, pale referencing his comparatively light skin complexion. Biographer Philip Short placed his birth in March 1925, although an earlier biography by david. Chandler noted that French colonial records place it on His family bandhan was of mixed Chinese and ethnic Khmer heritage, although they did not speak chinese and lived as though they were fully Khmer. His father, loth—who later took the name of Phem Saloth—was a prosperous farmer who owned nine hectares of rice land and several draft cattle. Loth's house was one of the largest in the village and at transplanting and harvest time he hired poorer neighbours to carry out much of the agricultural labour. Pol Pot's mother, sok nem, was locally respected as a pious Buddhist.

mass killings, coupled with malnutrition, strenuous working conditions, and poor medical care, killed between.5 to 3 million people of a population of roughly 8 million (about 25 a period later termed the cambodian genocide. MarxistLeninists unhappy with Pol Pot's government encouraged vietnamese intervention. In 1978, the vietnamese invaded Cambodia, toppling Pol Pot's government in 1979. The vietnamese installed a rival MarxistLeninist faction opposed to pol Pot and renamed the country as the people's Republic of Kampuchea. Pol Pot and his Khmer rouge retreated to a jungle base near the Thai border. Until 1993, they remained part of a coalition internationally recognized as Cambodia's rightful government. The ta mok faction placed Pol Pot under house arrest, where he died.

French Communist Party and adopted MarxismLeninism, particularly as it was presented in the writings. Joseph Stalin and, mao zedong. Returning to cambodia in 1953, he joined the marxistLeninist. Khmer việt Minh organisation in its guerrilla war against King. Norodom Sihanouk 's newly independent resume government. Following the Khmer việt Minh's 1954 retreat into north vietnam, pol Pot returned to Phnom Penh, working as a teacher while remaining a central member of the cambodian MarxistLeninist movement. In 1959, he helped to convert the movement into the kampuchean Labour Party—later renamed the communist Party of Kampuchea—and in 1960 took control of it as party secretary. To avoid state repression, he relocated in 1962 to a việt Cộng encampment in the jungle before visiting Hanoi and beijing. In 1968, he re-launched the war against Sihanouk.

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Pol Pot uk : /pɒl pɒt/, us : /poʊl/ ; Khmer : ; ) 1 was a, cambodian communist revolutionary and politician who served as the. General Secretary of the, communist Party of Kampuchea from 1963 to 1981. MarxistLeninist and, khmer nationalist, he led the, khmer rouge 4 group from 19From 1976 to 1979, he served as the. Prime minister of, democratic Kampuchea. Born, saloth Sâr khmer : ) to a prosperous farmer. Prek sbauv, french Cambodia, pol Pot was educated at some of Cambodia's elite schools. In the 1940s, pol Pot moved. Paris, france, where gender he joined the.

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  1. Read this full essay on Pol Pot. Pol Pot was the cambodian equivalent of Germany's Hitler, attempting to purify the nation through massive genocidal ethnic. Free essay : Pol Pot was a communist leader in Cambodia from, who brought great destruction and terror to his country and to his people.

  2. Little is known about Pol Pot. He is one of the most mysterious and secretive leaders in world history. Pol Pot became a communist in the 1940 s and studied in Paris. Returned to cambodia,. Pol Pot Essay essay. This student essay consists of approximately 3 pages of analysis of Timeline and Effects of the pol Pot Cambodian Massacre.

  3. The monster that Was Pol Pot Essay. Essay by Braveheart, high School, 10th grade, a, may 2003. Romanian President Nicolae ceaucescu and his wife. Prison where pol Pot and the Khmer rouge tortured. Social Studies Pol Pot reaserch Essay. Dictators of the world: pol pot 1) Pol pot was was a cambodian who led the Khmer rouge from.

  4. The Essay on Pol Pot And Cambodia. The legitimate ruler of Cambodia. The Khmer rouge itself tried pol Pot, because of his execution of many Khmer rouge members whom he suspected.Cynthia bahorich Extended Essay introduction When Pol Pot took over Cambodia, it was one of the most horrible genocides next to the holocaust, in the 1970s; this. Pol Pot, the Khmer rouge, and Cambodian Genocide Essay. Essay on Adolf Hitler. 1412 Words 6 Pages.

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