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nerd essay

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Labeling of nerds could be attributed to immaturity of teenagers. Since they are still half children, teenagers can do foolish things. It is astounding to note that adults hardly tease nerds or even notice them. In fact, they revere them, because they understand that they possess unique gifts. In adulthood, nerds are the ones who make decisions in a society that affect vast regions and even the entire globe. Lastly, teenagers label and torture nerds because they lack conscience. When conscience kicks in, there are some things that one finds difficult. For example, a child may not find it wrong to pluck a butterflys wings or pull a spiders legs.

Why nerds are Unpopular

Nerds possess many other admirable qualities that make them business slightly different from others. The first reason why teenagers label others nerds is so as to make themselves feel better. They constantly tease and make fun of them so as to hide the fact they do not possess nearly as much knowledge and skills as the nerds. In any social hierarchy, those unsure of themselves reveal it by ill treating those that they think are of low rank. Research proves that poor whites in the. Are more hostile to black people as compared to wealthy whites. Another reason for labeling nerds is to maintain popularity. Popularity is all about being close to other people and deriving admiration from them. In order to achieve maximum popularity in schools, students label others so that they can draw a following of other students, who will term them as being cool. As such, when the cool student teases the nerd, the rest of the students will do just review the same, because they also want to be cool like their leader.

Secondly, they rarely look appealing from the outside, especially in terms of dressing. This is because outward appearances do not perturb them. A nerd hardly has time to go resume shopping in the mall searching for the latest trends. As such, people dismiss them too soon, before even getting to know them better. 0 0 days : 0 0 hours : 0 0 minutes : 0 0 seconds, get 17 off, thirdly, nerds possess unique gifts that are uncommon to many in society. They are gifted intellectually, making them more knowledgeable and smarter in class than other students. The truth of the matter is that most kids admire nerds to an immense extent but are just too proud to admit it, or are afraid of getting ostracized as well.

nerd essay

The rise of Nerds Popularity self-Publishing

You have more network rights and access than your professors. Browse revelation through our selection of thousands of free college essays. We only ask that you leave us one first. Get essay help through thousands of searchable persuasive essay topics, argumentative essay topics, research paper topics, free college essays and free book reports that will show pdf you how to write an essay. With EssaySwap, we all win! First and foremost, nerds lead secluded and private lives. They keep to themselves and rarely do they interact with others, except their fellow nerds. Their minds are more focused on real life issues in the world rather than making friends and becoming popular.

If you have to run software to use all of your ram? If you have more data cds than music CDs? When you buy music CDs you find yourself checking for the designed for Windows 95 logo? You run a windows.1 interface inside of Windows 95? Your sound card cost more than your stereo? Your computer has more processors than com ports? Your computer boots to the theme of Hackers?

Using The law to witness

nerd essay

Wikileaks Exposes Internet s Dissent Tax, not

You have more than one home page? The closest you buddha ever come to having sex is downloading nude pictures off of the Internet? You have a better computer system at home than at work? You get jealous when other people use your computer? You run back into your burning home to rescue your computer, but you leave the dog?

You know exactly how much hard drive space you have free, but you dont know your spouses birthday? You run Windows 95 and Windows.1 just because you can? You have the high score on jezz ball? You know what word 31337 stands for? You keep spare computer parts around the house. More you might be a computer Nerd If written by mike terzo? If you have more drives than there are letters in the alphabet?

You receive more chat requests than phone calls? You stopped paying for call waiting because it kept knocking you off-line? You dont immediately go into gibbering panic when you hear of a new computer virus? Youve ever emailed your assignment in to your professor? Youve ever tried to see how far you can move the mouse without turning off the screen saver?

You have dialed 911 and faxed them your problem? You call in sick to work over your computer? Your first aid kit contains Nortons Anti-virus? You know what the acronyms html, url, isp, and http each stand for? You tinker with computers at work all day, and when you finally get off work, you rush home to tinker with your computer? You dedicate your home page to your favorite actress in hopes that she will see it and desire to meet you?

How to be a, nerd (with Pictures) - wikihow

You do processes in dos instead of Windows not because it thesis is faster, but because it just confuses people? Youve ever considered getting a tattoo of the Intel Inside logo? You have a pet name for your computer, but not one for your penis? You know every law about computer piracy by paper heart, because youve been convicted on all of them? You no longer interact with your family, you send them email instead; in the same house? You check your email before you check your answering machine? You can program the next best thing to windows, but you still cant get your vcr to stop flashing? You have more insurance on your computer than on your children?

nerd essay

You search the Internet for computer humor? Your idea of hurrying is typing faster? You keep spare mouse pads? You buy your computer gifts? Youve ever been dumped for paying too much attention to your computer? Someone mentions foreign language and learning you think cobol? You regularly use a tape backup on files you have the original disks for? You get a new computer, take it out of the box, and you immediately remove the case? You have ever called home to check on your computer?

than you do sleeping? You have multiple email addresses? Youve ever setup a lan in your house? You understood the above statement?

You have dreams involving your computer? You try to pick up father's women on chat lines? You can talk to a woman about your hardware and not mean anything sexual? You spend Friday nights with your computer? You ask a woman for her email address instead of her phone number? Youve never actually met many of your friends? You remember how to use dos? You think bill Gates is a cool guy? Only computer users can understand you?

War, nerd : south Ossetia, the war of my dreams

You might be a nerd Essay, research Paper. You might be a computer Nerd if written by thesis nosferatu? Your web page is more popular than you? Your favorite sport is Tetris? You know what fuzzy logic is? You talk to your computer? When given a choice, you look at Computer Shopper instead of Playboy? You argue with your computer? Your computer has its own phone line?

Nerd essay
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  6. Free essay: In the early 1980s computers were unknown. The only real computers were called mainframe computers and they took up an entire room in size. Book nerd, street geek essay. Get essay help through thousands of searchable persuasive essay topics, argumentative essay topics, research paper topics. Nerd essay big - can you summarize your dissertation in one ridiculous sentence? @JoelBGreen @millinerd @james_ka_smith @AndyRowell.

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