The silver donkey essay

the silver donkey essay

The, silver, donkey (2014)

Sonderbooks Stand-out 2008 : 6, Children's Fiction, one cool spring morning in the woods close to the sea, two girls found a man curled up in the shade and, immediately guessing he must be dead, ran away shrieking delightedly, clutching each other's hands. In fact, it turns out the man is not dead. He is an enemy soldier, having run away from the war. His eyes got tired of seeing the horrors of war, and his vision clouded over. He tells the girls not to tell anyone he is there. But how can they help him find his way home, across the Channel? His younger brother is very ill. "The doctors don't think he has long to live.

Essay, research Paper The Steam, donkey

Woodsmen of palay the west. Toronto: McClelland stewart Inc., 1996. Robert, vanNatta logging History museum of Northwest Oregon. Webpage online, accessed 14 november 1999; available from m/ robert/ml. Geneva elementary School, bellingham, washington. Webpage online, accessed 14 november 1999; available from m). Rate: 75 (13166 Votes exit Fullscreen). The silver Donkey by sonya hartnett, reviewed may 6, 2008. Candlewick Press, cambridge, massachusetts, 2006. First published here in Australia in 2004.

The result of such an increase in production of logs, brought on by the steam lined donkey, was that the economy did not have the demand for logs that they once did. The demand for logs just wasnt present anymore. Soon Carter wouldnt have a job. Overall, even though in the long term it seemed to be a problem, the donkey ultimately helped Carter and his men be more effective and efficient while logging in the wilderness. The steam donkey proved to be an important factor in the well-being of logging companies, the job security of employees, and also the history of logging; whether it be the business or economic side of things. Ultimately, the steam donkey fulfilled its purpose in Graingers woodsmen of the west in that it helped Carter attain the short-term income that he was looking for by creating an efficient and effective workplace. Works Cited, barman, jean. The west beyond the west: a history of British Columbia revised Edition. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1996.

the silver donkey essay

Essay, essay, on, the, donkey, for Kids

Labourious time and money spent coaxing logs down using the traditional method could be used more wisely in the felling and booming of logs much needed by the industrialized nation. When Carter bought his donkey he would have been able to cut spending considerably. Saved time meant less money spent in wages and more money in his pockets. More of Carters unexperienced men were liable to lose their jobs because he had his donkey, a machine which took the place of many unexperienced men. To work with the donkey it took skilled artists such as: hook-tenders, rigging slingers, and educated engineers. Many of the men originally hired by carter were as uneducated as Carter himself. There was no writings room for the uneducated when it came to operating a high-tech machine as the steam donkey.

One must have a tremendous imagination to think up such a plan where as using a piece of logging equipment to fetch a sunken ship. It goes to show the enormous power a steam donkey must have to haul a water-bogged ship ashore. After the acquisition of the donkey, carters men used a majority of the same tools they had used before the arrival of his big investment. Although most of the tools remained the same, the donkey terminated the use of the loggers heavy jack-screws; the main tool used in coaxing the logs down to the water. The process of coaxing logs, tiny movement by tiny movement, had been reinvented. The steam donkey was the main reason why the logging process was sped. Time was cut down (no pun intended considerably thanks to the donkey.

The, silver, donkey, sonya hartnett

the silver donkey essay

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To answer that question one must know what a steam donkey is and what its primary functions are. Then and only then can one realize the immeasurable impact it could have on the availability of logs, the workload of loggers and also the final output of logs ready for the sawmill. The Steam Donkey, as Robert from the vanNatta logging History museum of Northwest Oregon, consists of a steam boiler and a steam engine connected to a winch all mounted on a sled call ed a donkey sled. The donkey and all of its components are operated by a number of skilled employees trained specifically to do what was required of them. When operating the donkey each employee had a specific task to tend. First off, the rigging men would drag a heavy wire rope in a circle around the felled trees desired to be pulled towards the water.

Once completed, the rigging slingers would have to hook a log onto a point of the wire cable only to stand back and wait for the signaller to pull the wire telegraph and make the donkey toot. When the engineer heard the shrieking sound he would then flip the levers on the donkey over and open up the throttle which would start winding up the cable that pulled the trees toward the water. The main goal of the donkey was to drag logs, longer distances from the water, toward the water in a quicker, write less labourious, efficient manner. Although the donkey fulfilled these obligations quite thouroughly, it also performed various other tasks including bridge building and also retrieving sunken ships. In woodsmen of the west, carter the handyman that he was, considered wrapping the main-line around the sonora and hauling her through the water back to shore(171).

If one was to take a trip back to a logging camp around the turn of the century one would see various tools such as: heavy jack-screws, a light ratchet screw, big seven-foot saws, axes, and heavy chains for chaining logs together. A loggers typical work day, as Grainger describes it, would start before the break of dawn by getting in ones rowboat and rowing to the desired spot to begin the days tasks. Now before a logger could start logging an area, they would have to construct, or in loggers terms, hang a boom. A boom is a series of logs chained together and anchored to the shore at each end. It would stretch across the surface of the water creating a man-made harbour.

Its purpose to trap the cut logs so that no logs could wander of to sea(72). A loggers daily tasks consist of: carrying their heavy, awkward tools up the hillside, chopping and sawing, felling big timber, cutting up logs, barking them, and using their heavy jack-screws to coax the logs down toward the shore to be placed inside their boom. Once the boom was filled, usually with approximately 300 logs, an experienced boom-man would chain up the logs into a strong durable rectangle shape ready to be towed to a sawmill to be processed into lumber for the marketplace(37-38). The process of hand-logging, especially coaxing the logs down the hillside was a strenuous and time consuming procedure. In Graingers woodsmen of the west, carters acquisition of a steam donkey allowed for the quicker more efficient method of logging he was looking for. Carter paid five thousand dollars for this beast of a machine; five thousand well spent dollars if one just imagines the time, energy and money one could save by this investment. One may ask the question, how would the acquisition of a single of machinery benefit Carter so much?

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It opened up new trade routes previously unknown to the isolated British Columbians. This increase in demand for lumber forced logging camps to look for new methods to log as essay much forest in the quickest amount of time possible. Carter, the boss-logger, money hungry man that he was, got his loggers only to fell mini trees that were close to shore. As Grainger explains, In those days good timber was plentiful- good timber, on sea-coast slopes, that could be felled and shot right down to water- hand-loggers timber. Most boss-loggers of the early 1900s were looking to make cash and make it fast. A typical logging camp at the turn of the century consisted of approximately a dozen men. The tools used by these loggers were not particularly developed as would have been preferred. In fact they were quite heavy and beastly.

the silver donkey essay

New technologies played a very important role in this change; none more than the invention of the steam donkey. In Martin Graingers woodsmen of the west, carters acquisition of a steam donkey allowed his men to be more effective and efficient while logging in the wilderness. In the early 1900s, British Columbia, barely 30 years old, was seeing an increase in the demand for lumber due to the rapid increase of population around the lower mainland and Vancouver Island essay regions. In 1901, these two regions accounted for.5 of British Columbias total population. The majority of the new population were immigrants. Most of these immigrants were Chinese, japanese, and other Canadians coming. From the rest of Canada. One of the main factors attracting immigrants. Was the opening of the cpr.

been president of fraunhofer-gesellschaft since 2002. With more than 80 research facilities located in Germany alone, fraunhofer is the largest organization for applied research in Europe. Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft employs more than 18,000 people world-wide; a large majority have qualifications in the natural sciences or in engineering. The annual research budget amounts to around.7 billion. Donkey essay, research Paper, the Steam Donkey in Martin Graingers woodsmen of the west. In the beginning of the 20th century, the logging industry. And around the world saw a dramatic change in the way logs were being logged. Techniques came and went although some stayed longer than other.

And in ten years, it will be every second employee. The automotive market is also changing, because the silver generation is making new demands on its cars and has a different definition of mobility. In an aging society, it is essential that we retain the skills of employees for as long as possible and use the knowledge of the older workforce as effectively as we can. We proposal can do this using intelligent working models that are more closely tailored to the capabilities and commitment of individual workers than at present. We have long known that younger employees are not necessarily more capable or more creative than their older colleagues. This is where a far-sighted human resources policy comes in with working models that take age into account. Health promotion in the workplace, too, must start with young employees, so that as many as possible reach retirement age in good health.

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The global population is growing constantly and is getting younger and younger on average. But not everywhere industrial nations such as Germany, japan and Italy are shrinking and average ages in these countries are going. By the year 2050, the number of working-age people in Germany is projected to fall by around ten million to approximately 30 million, while the number of retirees summary will increase dramatically. This demographic trend will see a need for social and economic change. We will have to rethink our healthcare and social welfare systems. Far-reaching reforms will be unavoidable. At the same time, companies must boost their productivity and become more innovative with an increasingly older workforce. This also affects the german automotive industry, where every fourth employee is already over.

The silver donkey essay
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  4. Steam, donkey in Martin Graingers woodsmen of the, west. The industrialized world is under pressure to change. Demographic trends will require new models for shaping our life at work and working lives. Essay the silver age. This site is no longer available. Candlewick Press, cambridge, massachusetts, 2006.

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