Purpose text report

purpose text report

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This example shows two regions containing rollup captions for two different speakers. Freds cues scroll up in a region in the left half of the video, bills cues scroll up in a region on the right half of the video. Freds first cue disappears.5sec even though it is defined until 20sec because its region is limited to 3 lines and.5sec a fourth cue appears: webvtt region id:fred width:40 lines:3 regionanchor:0,100 viewportanchor:10,90 scroll:up region id:bill width:40 lines:3 regionanchor:100,100 viewportanchor:90,90 scroll:up 00:00:00.000. 00:00:07.500 - 00:00:27.500 region:bill align:right v bill Sure! Ive only had one today. 00:00:10.000 - 00:00:30.000 region:fred align:left v fred This is my fourth! 00:00:12.500 - 00:00:32.500 region:fred align:left v fred ok, lets.

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The first cue has its cue box plan positioned at the 10 mark. The "line-left" and "line-right" within the "position" setting indicates which side of the cue box the position refers. Since in this case the text is horizontal, "line-left" refers to the left side of the box, and the cue box is thus positioned between the 10 and the 45 mark of the video viewports width, probably underneath a speaker on the left of the. If the cue was vertical, "line-left" positioning would be from the top of the video viewports height and the cue box would cover 35 of the video viewports height. The text within the first cues cue box is aligned using the "align" cue setting. For left-to-right rendered text, "start" alignment is the left of that box, for right-to-left rendered text the right of the box. So, independent of the directionality of the text, it will stay underneath that speaker. Note that "center" position alignment of the cue box is the default for start aligned text, in order to avoid having the box move when the base direction of the text changes (from left-to-right to right-to-left or vice versa) as a result of translation. The second cue has its cue box right aligned at the 90 mark of the video viewport width right" aligned text right aligns the box). The same effect can be achieved with "position:55,line-left which explicitly positions the cue box. The third cue has center aligned text within the same positioned cue box as the first cue.

00:00:03.000 - 00:00:06.500 position:90 align:right size:35 I think he went down this lane. 00:00:04.000 - 00:00:06.500 position:45,line-right align:center size:35 What are you waiting for? Since the cues in these examples are horizontal, the "position" setting refers to a percentage of about the width of the video viewpoint. If the text were vertical, the "position" setting would refer to the height of the video viewport. The "line-left" or "line-right" only refers to the physical side of the box to which the "position" setting applies, in a way which is agnostic regarding the horizontal or vertical direction of the cue. It does not affect or relate to the direction or position of the text itself within the box. The cues cover only 35 of the video viewports width - thats the cue box s "size" for all three cues.

purpose text report

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00:02.000 - 00:04.000 v mary no way! 00:04.000 - 00:06.000 v esme hee! v i laughter /i 00:06.000 - 00:08.000. Loud Mary Thats awesome! Notice that biography as a special exception, the voice spans dont have to be closed if they cover the entire cue text. Style sheets can style these spans: :cue(vvoice"Esme color: cyan :cue(vvoice"Mary color: lime :cue(i) font-style: italic :cue(.loud) font-size: 2em This example shows how to position cues at explicit positions legs in the video viewport. Webvtt 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:04.000 position:10,line-left align:left size:35 Where did he go?

See using character escapes in markup and css for more information on css escapes. style for cue: 123 :cue 31 23) color: lime; style for cue: crédit de transcription :cue crédit de transcription) color: red; This example shows how classes can be used on elements, which can be helpful for localization or maintainability of styling, and also how. Webvtt 04:02.500 - 04:05.000 jai commencé le basket à l'âge de 13, 14 ans 04:05.001 - 04:07.800 Sur les reignphrase lang ici à montpellier In this example, each cue says who is talking using voice spans. In the first cue, the span specifying the speaker is also annotated with two classes, "first" and "loud". In the third cue, there is also some italics text (not associated with a specific speaker). The last cue is annotated with just the class "loud". Webvtt 00:00.000 - 00:02.000 rst. Loud Esme Its a blue apple tree!

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purpose text report

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This example shows how cues can be styled with style blocks in WebVTT. Webvtt style :cue background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, dimgray, lightgray color: papayawhip; style blocks cannot use blank lines nor "dash dash greater than" note comment blocks can be used between style blocks. Style :cue(b) color: peachpuff; hello 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:10.000 Hello essay b world /b. Note style blocks cannot appear after the first cue. Webvtt also supports some less-often used features.

In this example, the cues have an identifier: webvtt test 00:00.000 - 00:02.000 This is a test. 123 00:00.000 - 00:02.000 Thats an, an, thats an L! Crédit de transcription 00:04.000 - 00:05.000 Transcrit par Célestes This allows a style sheet to specifically target the cues. style for cue: test :cue test) color: lime; due to the syntax rules of css, some characters need to be escaped with css character escape sequences. For example, an id that starts with a number 0-9 needs to be escaped. The id 123 can be represented as "31 23" (31 refers to the Unicode code point for "1.

Note how the second cues explicit line break is still honored, however: never drink liquid nitrogen. Also notice how the wrapping is done so as to keep the line lengths balanced. Styling captions This section is non-normative. Css style sheets that apply to an html page that contains a video element can target Webvtt cues and regions in the video using the :cue, :cue :cue-region and :cue-region pseudo-elements. In this example, an html page has a css style sheet in a style element that styles all cues in the video with a gradient background and a text color, as well as changing the text color for all Webvtt bold Objects in cues. Doctype html html head title Styling Webvtt cues /title style video:cue background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, dimgray, lightgray color: papayawhip; video:cue(b) color: peachpuff; /style /head body video controls autoplay src"video.

Webm" track default src"track. Vtt" /video /body /html css style sheets can also be embedded in Webvtt files themselves. Style blocks are placed after any headers but before the first cue, and start with the line "style". Comment blocks can be interleaved with style blocks. Blank lines cannot appear in the style sheet. They can be removed or be filled with a space or a css comment (e.g. The string "- " cannot be used in the style sheet. If the style sheet is wrapped in "!-" and "- then those strings can just be removed. If "- " appears inside a css string, then it can use css escaping.

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00:10.000 - 00:14.000 The Organisation for Sample public Service Announcements accepts no liability for the content of this advertisement, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. The first cue is simple, it will probably just display on one line. The second will take two lines, one for each speaker. The third will wrap to fit the width of the video, possibly taking multiple lines. For example, the three cues first could look like this: never drink liquid nitrogen. — it will perforate your stomach. The Organisation for Sample public Service Announcements accepts no liability for the content of this advertisement, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. If the width of the cues is smaller, the first two cues could wrap as well, as in the following example.

purpose text report

For example, if in use with a html file through a track element, the kind attribute defines how the webvtt file is to be interpreted. The following subsections provide an kinds overview of some of the key features of the webvtt file format, particularly when in use for captioning and subtitling. Line breaks in cues are honored. User agents will also insert extra line breaks if necessary to fit the cue in the cues width. In general, therefore, authors are encouraged to write cues all on one line except when a line break is definitely necessary. These captions on a public service announcement video demonstrate line breaking: webvtt 00:01.000 - 00:04.000 never drink liquid nitrogen. 00:05.000 - 00:09.000 — it will perforate your stomach. — you could die.

no; 'cos 'cos obviously 'cos 00:32.500 - 00:33.500 align:left size:50 v neil deGrasse 00:35.500 - 00:38.000 v roger Bingham you know Im so excited my glasses are falling off here. You can see that a webvtt file in general consists of a sequence of text segments associated with a time-interval, called a cue ( definition ). Beyond captioning and subtitling, webvtt can be used for time-aligned metadata, typically in use for delivering name-value pairs in cues. Webvtt can also be used for delivering chapters, which helps with contextual navigation around an audio/video file. Finally, webvtt can be used for the delivery of text video descriptions, which is text that describes the visual content of time-intervals and can be synthesized to speech to help vision-impaired users understand context. This version of Webvtt focuses on solving the captioning and subtitling use cases. More specification work is possible for the other use cases. A decision on what type of use case a webvtt file is being used for is made by the software that is using the file.

Maur, chapters for content navigation, and more generally any form of metadata that is reviews time-aligned with audio or video content. The majority of the current version of this specification is dedicated to describing how to use. Webvtt files for captioning or subtitling. There is minimal information about chapters and time-aligned metadata and nothing about video descriptions at this stage. In this section we provide some example webvtt files as an introduction. The main use for Webvtt files is captioning or subtitling video content. Here is a sample file that captions an interview: webvtt 00:11.000 - 00:13.000 v roger Bingham we are in New York city 00:13.000 - 00:16.000 v roger Bingham Were actually at the lucern Hotel, just down the street 00:16.000 - 00:18.000 v roger Bingham from. 00:24.000 - 00:26.000 v roger Bingham Thank you for walking down here. 00:27.000 - 00:30.000 v roger Bingham And I want to do a follow-up on the last conversation we did.

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World development Report 2019: The Changing Nature of Work. February 27, 2018 — Technological progress, new trends in global trade and investment, shifting demographics, and various other forces are all impacting what constitutes work. They are also impacting how and where it takes place. Read how the wdr 2019 summary will explore these trends. This section is non-normative. The webvtt (Web Video text Tracks) format is intended for marking up external text track resources in connection with the html track element. Webvtt files provide captions or subtitles for video content, and also text video descriptions.

Purpose text report
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  2. Click here for these current regulations (in pdf). Or click on your browser's back button to return to the previous page. This specification defines Webvtt, the web Video text Tracks format. Its main use is for marking up external text track resources in connection with the html element. The world Bank Group works in every major area of development. We provide a wide array of financial products and technical assistance, and we help countries share and apply innovative knowledge and solutions to the challenges they face.

  3. Controls, Input: If non-text content is a control or accepts user input, then it has a name that describes its purpose. (Refer to guideline.1 for additional requirements for controls and content that accepts user input.) Time-based Media: If non-text content is time-based media, then text alternatives at least provide descriptive identification of the non-text content. Chaffey college is a two-year public institution that offers transfer, occupational, and special interest programs. Report of the world Commission on Environment and development: Our Common Future - a/42/427 Annex - an element of the body of un documents for earth stewardship and international decades for a culture of peace and non-violence for the children of the world. 5, 2004, the section 106 Regulations (36 cfr part 800) were amended.

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