Positive peer review

positive peer review

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Further information, app on independent advisory groups, using independent advisory groups (IAGs) during police operations or as part of the review process can be a positive step in improving transparency, as they have been shown to improve communications and engagement with communities. The primary role of an iag is to act as a critical friend to the police service and other responding agencies. It can provide real-time critical appraisal of police actions from the perspective of a recipient of policing services and a member of the community. Post-incident procedures, where an incident or operation has had a significant impact on a community, post-incident procedures should be instigated. These involve the formal, independent review of police operations by a relevant investigative authority. Post-incident procedures should commence when an operation or critical incident: has the potential to cause serious damage to confidence in policing has resulted in death or serious injury has revealed failings in command, and/or where police actions may have caused danger to the officers or the. A post incident manager (PIM) should facilitate the investigation and keep the parties involved up to date with the progress of the inquiry.

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Therefore, immediate surgical exploration of the testis is mandatory if torsion cannot short be ruled out. Keywords: Urology; Scrotum; Emergencies. The review of police operations is closely linked with the principle of policing by consent. It is also a feature of the statement of mission and values. Hence, public confidence in policing can be influenced by a range of issues, including the perception that the police response was inadequate, inappropriate, or otherwise had a significant impact on the confidence of victims, their families and/or the community. Contents, different types of review processes, policing operations can involve multiple agencies and are regularly subjected to various types of review process that result from complaint or concern from the public or other internal and external stakeholder(s). Police reviews may also be self-generated for the purpose of learning lessons, peer review and continuously improving performance. A review may take place several weeks or months after the closure of the incident and recollection may be difficult. It is, therefore, important to keep full records of operational decision making and actions. Role of independent advisory groups.

Beat Roth, ioannis giannakis, meret Elisabeth Ricklin, george niklaus Thalmann, Aristomenis Konstantinos Exadaktylos. Objectives: we sought to identify a simplified approach for the rapid differential diagnosis of patients presenting with acute database scrotum. Methods: A total of 440 patients referred to the emergency department of the University hospital of Bern, Switzerland, with acute scrotum between 20 were retrospectively analyzed. Simple and multiple binary logistic regression analyses were used to evaluate clinical and laboratory parameters that may help to distinguish between genital/paragenital infection and acute testicular torsion. Results: over half (58.4; 257/440) of the patients were diagnosed with genital/paragenital infection,.8 (52/440) with chronic testicular pain,.5 (42/440) with acute testicular torsion,.3 (19/440) with a testicular cancer, and.5 (11/440) with symptomatic distal ureterolithiasis. In multivariate analysis, a positive prehns sign was predictive of testicular torsion, whereas fever, dysuria, high leucocyte counts in blood and/or urine, high blood C-reactive protein, and burning pain were predictive of genital/paragenital infection. Color Doppler ultrasound did not help to distinguish between torsion and infection. Conclusions: An accurate diagnostic pathway helps to correctly distinguish between the possible causes of acute scrotum. However, none of the examinations performed could reliably distinguish between acute torsion and other causes of acute scrotum.

positive peer review

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The growing number of open access journals has raised concerns that peer review would be progressively abandoned and search engines and metrics will replace editors and peer reviewers. Lets try something new Some, like einstein before them, think that the peer-review system should be abandoned in favour of a market of ideas where the best research would naturally be identified by the crowd, hence reducing the cost of the review process. There are many potential dangers of these alternatives to peer review, the most obvious being expanded opportunities for bad science to masquerade as legitimate work. However, given the immense cost and frustrations associated with the peer-review process, we think it may be worth considering alternatives. Peer reviewing is an important scientific institution. But there might need to be a range of forums in which scientific results general and discussion takes place peer-reviewed journals only being one among a number of options. Such options would then compete for both the attention of the readers and the best papers. We think this mixed scientific landscape would have pleased Einstein. Next, read this: Scientists falter as much as bankers in pursuit of answers.

Some claim the peer-review system needs to become more objective through the introduction of clearer criteria and better trained reviewers who are able to systematically apply these criteria. Others claim that some subjectivity is important because it can stop reviewers herding to established ideas, thereby crowding out alternative and often more innovative approaches. The frustration regarding the peer-review system has lead to new hybrid systems to emerge. For instance, some scientific communities have experimented with making reviewing process public. In the hard sciences, there are those who post papers online and other scientists decide whether they are worth being cited. Plos one publishes any paper that has been considered as technically sound after a round of editorial review, and readers then judge the relevance of the research. Another alternative system would be to have a set of reviewers rating all the papers submitted online, and revising their judgement in case of resubmission.

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positive peer review

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However, there is a growing body of resume evidence which is challenging this notion. An extensive review of the literature on peer review in 1998 identified problems. They found that there is a low level of reliability and agreement over the quality of submitted papers, largely because of a lack of objective evaluation criteria. Even worse, reviewers make mistake in their evaluation and often accept papers they should have rejected. As a direct consequence, established journals are usually biased against innovative work.

In our own field of management science, some engineering have claimed the peer-review system means academic work can simply end up losing its integrity during the review process, and can result in trivial and boring research. On a more positive note, when reviews are perceived of quality by authors, they tend to generate more citations, which is a measure of the number of times a research paper is mentioned in other journals and is considered a mark of quality. Also, reliability is not necessary for an efficient review process often it is the process of peer review itself that contributes to improving the paper. Reviewers play a developmental role in the construction of knowledge, and the energy they deploy in this process is primarily driven by moral motives rather than any material interest. Bad review for peer review, perhaps the most gentle solution would be to improve peer review. There are clearly disagreements about how this might be done.

Some might see this as an amusing historical incident. But we think it contains some important lessons for scientists of all kinds today. This is because it reflects the current tension regarding the peer-review system. The story reminds us that double-blind peer review is only a relatively recent invention. For most of history of science, scientific advances were judged in a much more open and public fashion. It also shows us that the peer-review process can provoke displeasure among even the greatest.

It can mean scientists not listening to criticism. Sometimes the result is that many ideas dont see the light of day. These anecdotal lessons point to wider issues with the peer-review process, which itself hasnt been studied in much detail. The review process was meant to save scientists from mistakes and public embarrassment. The idea was that peers help to improve our work, and the review process of high-status journals can serve as stamps of approval or simply signal of quality. But sometimes a collegial discussion rather than formalised peer review can be a better way of getting the message across. So far the peer-review process has been largely an item of faith something that probably produces better science.

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Rosen and I) had sent you our manuscript for publication and had not authorised you to proposal show it to specialists before it is printed. I see no reason to address the in any case erroneous comments of your anonymous expert. On the basis of this incident I prefer to publish the paper elsewhere. Although he withdrew the paper from Physical review, einstein went on to publish it in a much more low key outlet, the journal of the Franklin Institute. However, the published version contains substantial revisions. It appears these revisions were largely on the basis of a discussion he had with Robertson at Princeton. The revised version toned down many of his original huge claims. These revisions may have saved him from public embarrassment. What would Einstein say today?

positive peer review

Physical review, a journal which had established its reputation as the premier physics journal in the. The paper had the potential to be highly controversial as it challenged the idea that gravitation was a wave. John Tate, the editor of the journal, hesitated over Einsteins paper for a month. He then send it to a reviewer for comments his selected reviewer was probably the famously gossipy howard Percy robertson, one of Einsteins colleagues at Princeton. The reviewer returned ten pages of comments which cast doubt on many of the central claims in the paper. The editor returned these comments to einstein, asked him to consider the issues, and make any changes he saw necessary. Here is how Einstein reacted: we (Mr.

were making the final decisions about what to publish. It is the storied editor Max Planck who described his editorial philosophy as: to shun much more the reproach of having suppressed strange opinions than that of having been too gentle in evaluating them. Many of the core scientific discoveries were not peer reviewed to modern standards. For example, the publication of the foundational paper describing the double helical structure of dna by james Watson and Francis Crick in 1953 would have been jeopardised in the context of the classic review system as we know it, because of its speculative nature. At the prestigious journal Nature, the peer-review system was only formally introduced in 1967. More recently, the discovery of distortion in gravitational waves by a telescope at Harvard which has crucial consequences for our understanding of the formation of the universe was presented as preliminary and treated with extreme caution and even sometimes with denigration, because it had not. American adventure, it was only after Einstein came to the us in 1935 that he came face to face with the peer review process. He and his younger colleague, nathan Rosen, sent a paper on gravitational waves.

This seems like a good idea, but there is a growing movement that wants to retort as Albert Einstein did to such a review process. Academic review process was different in Einsteins time. In his brilliant career, the online only time his work was subjected to blind peer review the authors dont know the reviewers and vice versa he showed contempt for what is now the gold standard of science. Was Einstein right to be so suspicious of the peer-review process? Should we learn from him and begin to question the widespread use of peer review in academic science? The first part of Einsteins career was in the german-speaking world. The german physics journals, in which Einstein published his breakthrough work, didnt have the same peer-review system we use today.

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This website was developed under a grant from the us department of Education, H326S130004. However, the contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the us department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the federal government. Project Officer, renee bradley. Please cite as: osep technical Assistance center on Positive behavioral Interventions and Supports (2017). Positive behavioral Interventions supports Website. 2018 Positive behavioral Interventions supports (pbis). Ideas that Work -. Office statement of Special Education Programs. Most academic papers today are published only after some academic peers have had a chance to review the merits and limitations of the work.

Positive peer review
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  4. F1000Research is an innovative open access publishing platform offering immediate publication, open peer review and full data deposition and sharing. In the span of two weeks, there have been four instances of Trump administration officials being approached and videoed at restaurants, being. In sociology, a peer group is both a social group and a primary group of people who have similar interests age, background, or social e members of this group are likely to influence the persons beliefs and behaviour. The top 11 tips for implementing an effective peer code review process for your team. Learn how to decrease defects and measure results. The review of police operations is closely linked with the principle of policing by consent.

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  7. Welcome to the home of the Oman Medical journal. The omj was established in 1984 and has been published under the Oman Medical Specialty board since 2007. Most academic papers today are published only after some academic peers have had a chance to review the merits and limitations of the work. This seems like a good idea, but there is a growing movement. Advocates for youth champions efforts that help young people make informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health. Advocates believes it can best serve the field by boldly advocating for a more positive and realistic approach to adolescent sexual health.

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