Parshat shemini summary

parshat shemini summary

Parashat, naso - quick, summary, hebrew for Christians

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Balak- parshah - weekly torah Portion - chabad

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parshat shemini summary

Chabad of Eastern Connecticut, your Home for Jewish Life

We also have a children's program on Sabbath mornings, led by Chanie yaffe thesis and our teenagers. Throughout the year we have preparatory, holiday-related educational events, and occasional programs by visiting scholars. See our calendar for a list of everything that's going on, or contact our Education Committee chairperson. Many of our classes are recorded. . If you can't be here in person, enjoy our online audio and video recordings. . we also have a page of links to shiurim on this week's portion, updated daily from all over the Internet.

Harry's Video blog - blink of an eye: Lag ba'omer. Harry's Video blog - love thy neighbor: Parshat Acharei mot - kedoshim. Harrys Video blog - the guaranteed diet: Parshat tazria-metzora. Harrys Video blog - tone It Down: Parshat Shemini. Harry's Video blog - who kept the dogs In?: Passover. Harrys Video blog - hes the boss: Parshat tzav newer Videos 1 / 16, older Videos ». Rabbi norbert weinberg, rabbi weinberg gives a class on mitzvot (Jewish laws) or on, parasha hashavuah (the weekly torah portion) on Wednesday evenings, in his home near the Shul. In addition, we are blessed with several congregants who are also terrific teachers: Rabbi Shlomo yaffe teaches a gemara class at the Shul on Sunday mornings;  and gives a shiur on Midrash on Thursday evenings, around the corner from the Shul at Yury's piano Shop.

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parshat shemini summary

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You can email him. 2014 Community news Group, top stories. Org, harry rothenberg, Esq., a personal injury lawyer and partner at The rothenberg Law Firm is a much sought-after lecturer on a variety of Jewish topics. Week after week, harrys Video-blog offers a refreshing contemporary message about the weeks Torah portion or holiday with a healthy slice of humor. newer Videos 1 / 16, older Videos harrys Video blog - my name Is Inigo montoya: Parshat knitting Pinchas. Harrys Video blog - all the money in the world: Parshat Balak.

Harry's Video blog - who let the Snakes Out?: Parshat Chukat. Harry's Video blog - sympathy for the devil: Parshat Korach. Harrys Video blog - whats your launch Angle?: Parshat Shelach. Harrys Video blog - yes, we have no bananas: Parshat Behaalotcha. Harrys Video blog - the royals: Parshat Naso. Harrys Video blog - red Light/Green Light: Shavuot. Harry's Video blog - counting Sheep: Parshat Behar-Bechukotai.

Think about it this way: when are we most inspired to pick up a prayer book and read the words inside? How about when were thankful and want to show our gratitude, when we have done something wrong and want to express our guilt and remorse, or when we feel that our community might be in trouble and want to join together. In fact, these were precisely the different emotions that ancient people might be feeling during this weeks parsha, and its why the jews felt they had to bring sacrifices to the temple. They looked around at everything they had and realized that they owed it all to god. Giving up some of their wealth was a way of putting their money where their mouths were. This is a lesson that is especially important for bar and bat mitzvah kids to learn.

Yes, you are working very hard towards your bar mitzvah, and yet youre also going to have a fun party afterwards. Therefore, doing something selfless, like a mitzvah or other charitable project, is a great way of giving back to god and the community for the grand ole time youre about to have. Isnt that better than sacrificing Fido? And I bet sitting through services doesnt sound so bad anymore, does it? Cantor Matt Axelrod (Congregation Beth Israel, Scotch Plains, nj) is the author. Surviving your Bar/Bat Mitzvah: The Ultimate Insiders guide. Hes always happy to hear from you and he might answer your question in a future column.

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Today, people have nice cars in their driveways and big-screen TVs in their dens. Back then, wealth and possessions were measured by how much cattle and livestock you had. So on certain occasions you were required to with pick out some choice animals — no mangy or weak ones, but rather the very finest specimens you had — and hand them over to god. Okay, fine, but why do we need to read about this? These passages seem downright gross, like an ancient version of the food Network — but instead of watching the chef delicately chop food on a cutting board, you get to imagine the high Priest literally ripping apart animals. Plus, reading about ancient sacrifice in modern times might seem irrelevant. A jewish Westminster dog breeder isnt going to sacrifice her finest shih tzu to appease god. So, why is this stuff even in the torah?

parshat shemini summary

A couple thousand years ago, before we had synagogues, prayer books, and bar mitzvah lessons, there was one central Temple (notice the capital T) that stood in monthly Jerusalem. If you have ever visited that city and stood next to the western Wall, thats about as close as you can get to where that Temple once stood. In the temple, there was a guy called the high Priest who was in charge of everything that went. Jews would make journeys from all over in order to visit the temple and make sacrifices. That meant that they would bring some of their animals to be slaughtered by the high Priest, which would then be burnt up on the altar — kind of like a barbeque but way less fun. And what was the reason for this very strange ritual? The key lies in the meaning of the word sacrifice. By definition, this meant taking something that was very valuable and giving it over to god.

he not be given to eat or to drink; and a person fed the king's child. When the king hears of this, does he not reward that person? (Talmud, bava batra 10a from, parshah In Depth). March 4, 2014 torah Portions, by matt Axelrod for The Brooklyn Paper, torah portion tuesdays is our weekly feature where cantor Matt Axelrod humorously breaks down each weeks passage so that budding bar and bat mitzvah students can better understand and relate to the text. I have two words for you — blood and guts. Welcome to this weeks parsha : Parshat vayikra! If you were looking for a touchy-feely story about Moses or the adventures of the Israelite people, you have come to the wrong book of the torah. Now lets cut in!

Love of the land, selections from classical Torah sources which express the special relationship between the people of Israel and diary Eretz yisrael. Kinder Torah, for parents to read to their children on the weekly torah portion (in pdf format). B'yachad, ohr Somayach's Electronic Alumni newsletter, ohr Somayach International is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation ( letter on file ) and your donation is tax deductable. Readings for Shemini Atzeret, tishrei 22, 5779, october 1, 2018. Haftarah: Kings I 8:54-66, from our Sages on the parshah. Turnusrufus asked Rabbi akiva: "If your G-d loves the poor, why doesn't. said Rabbi akiva to him: "So that we should be saved from purgatory (in the merit of the charity we give).". Said he to him: "On the contrary: for this you deserve to be punished. I'll give you an analogy: a king got angry at his slave and locked him away in a dungeon, and commanded that he not be given to eat or to drink; and a person came along and fed the slave.

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Parsha audio, listen online or download mp3 shiurim on the weekly parsha. Torah weekly, highlights of the weekly torah portion. Parsha q a, in-depth questions on Parashat hashavua with Rashi. Your Jewish Information Resource, letter and Spirit, insights thesis based on the writings of rav. Profiles of Ohr Somayach Alumni and Students. Ethics, social and business ethics, questions and answers. Israel Forever, ohr Somayach's update on the past, Present future of Israel.

Parshat shemini summary
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  1. Brings you harry's Video blog and the always entertaining Harry rothenberg. Likkutei sichos, parshat, shemini, 5778 (Machon levi yitzchok) With Besuras Hageulo From Vol. 22 - 379k (Hebrew). Harrys Video blog - tone It Down: Parshat, shemini. Harry's Video blog - who kept the dogs In?: Passover.

  2. Torah Portions: Torah portion tuesdays: Parshat, kedoshim. Seasons - then and Now. Shavuot: Moshe and the Angels. The counting of the Omer and the Omer Offering. Harry's Video blog - brotherly love: Parshat, shemini.

  3. View and download Rambam Record for. Click it for a recording of the torah portion. Shemini, atzeret Aliyah, summary. A concise rendering of the holiday's reading, divided according to the aliyahs. Torah Portions: Torah portion tuesdays: Parshat, shemini.

  4. Shabbat Table talk for, shemini (pdf download). Strength for the weary. Keeping Kosher - how close a look? Abarbanel on the parsha : Parshat, shemini. Parsha q a : Parshat, shemini. In-depth questions on Parashat hashavua with Rashi.

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