My autobiography

my autobiography

My autobiography (neversink charlie chaplin, david

Im one ofthe boys during that time really. During my high school days, i gained more confidencefor myself to make more improvement and then I stand outmore. I started competing and joining different club activities. Ijoined the cultural Club. I even join a singing competition forthe first time when Im still a freshman, and luckily i won. Iwas also a part of dancers competing outside the school. Iremember the funky dance competition was one of my biggestachievement in life.

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And a very generousperson. She was fun to talk with. Eventually, my mom found a job outsidethe country at my, aunties house in e served as a nanny of my, aunties sons. Andthats how she raised us as a single parent untilwe finished from Kindergarten to Grade Schoolall the way to high School. Leaving both mysister and i in my grandmothers care. Duringthose days, i still dont know how hard for mymom it would. I graduated in Grade School asa special mention only. Im not really that summary smart Ithink. But I really enjoy those days that I playwith my friends. I even joined games that wasmade only for boys. It was really fun.

It was really golf fun by thattime. I really thought that our family has a never endinghappiness. But unlike those fairytales, there was nohappily ever after. One day my father never came backas he sailed away home. That was thedarkest moment of our lives. As we try to heal thewounds from the past, my mother decided to try herluck in Batangas my mothers homeland. In Batangas, we start a new life togetherwith my grandmother Lola julie. My, lola is areally god-fearing person.

my autobiography

Tallulah: my autobiography (Southern Icons Series

My mother gave birth to melast June 9, 1987 at exactly 5:15 in the afternoonin Perpetual Succor Hospital and Maternitylocated at Sampaloc, manila. Almost two years after my mom gotpregnant again. She had a baby girl again, mysister Johanna An-an. I grew up inBatangas but there was many diversions in mylife that I went through before i had mypermanent residency. Years passed we moved in Palompon, leyteparticularly in Sabang my fathers ere, my sister and I go to school as preschoolers, asfor my mom a very loving housewife while my fatherwas roles away from home because of his work. He was aseaman during that time. I still remember playing withmy sister in the seashore. Making different creationsand structures out of the sand.

My autobiography, upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, show More. No downloads, no notes for slide. One of the blissful days in every humanlives is to have a warm and loving family. And Iam so fortunate to have one i am Karenn. Moldez and proud to saythat Im a product of love of my parents. Mymother is Raquel. Estante and my father isEduardo moldez.

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my autobiography

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I worked there bibliography until June 29, 2013. I resigned because of the poor management; the manager tends to bring down the staff instead of encouraging them to grow professionally. My plan is to save for my future since i have no family and i am single. Autobiography in English Language for students of English as a foreign language.- created using PowToon - free sign up at m/join - create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.

How you decide tell it is up to you. Chronologically or with no logic at all. By yourself or with the help of someone you trust. However you decide to write it, our suggestion is to work in segments. Rather than trying to capture everything at once, make notes and come back regularly. Then you can add to or edit what youve left. My autobiography, successfully reported this slideshow.

It is a training center for females who want to work in Hong Kong, malaysia and Singapore as a domestic helper. I worked there until June 2006. By july 2006, i took a month course of reflexology at aksem homes foundation and by august 2006 I worked there as a reflexology therapist until December 2006. On January 1, 2007 I was employed as a trainer at Cebu Asia training Specialist Inc. Located at dian, makati city.

It was a training center for females who wants to work as a domestic helper for Hong Kong. By september 16, 2007 until October 25, 2011, i worked as a staff nurse in Dar Elhekma Clinic located in Salihia street, riyadh saudi Arabia. After working in saudi Arabia for 4 years I decided to go home since both of my parents passed away in the same year. I spend my whole life working for my family especially for my parents, because they are sick and they need to take medication for their maintenance. After I came home from saudi Arabia, with my savings my family house was renovated. I have to work to support myself and my two sisters; by august 13, 2012, i was re-hired as a trainer in Philippine caretaker Training and Assessment Center Inc.

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My employer wanted me to extend my contract, but unfortunately that time only three years is the maximum unless I changed my passport and use another name. I enjoyed working in taiwan because my employer treated me not as a domestic helper but as one of their family members. I went back home to Philippines. By january 2001, writings i applied in Dubai as a private duty nurse, employed by Sheikh Marwan maktoum Bin Al maktoum. I worked in a royal family where in I took care of their first child. We are three people looking after her, two registered nurses and one registered midwife. I worked there until December 2004. By february 2005, i was hired to work as trainer at Philippine caretaker Training Center.

my autobiography

It was my first time to live away from my family. I had a hard time in adjusting to a new environment, with different culture and dialect as well. After six months, i can communicate with the family members of my employer in Mandarin, their native language and also i can do well with my daily activities especially cooking their Chinese dishes. I worked as a domestic helper and as a caretaker. My employer has seven family members. I took care of my employers mother who is a stroke patient, 87 years of age and a hemiplegic. I assist her to sit in the wheel chair and also give her daily bath. I worked there for three years.

of Science in Nursing. After graduation, i have my self review and took the exam for civil Service Professional level, wherein I was able to pass the exam. By the year 1993, together with my college friends we went to manila to have our review and took our board exam for nursing. While waiting for the result of the board exam, i worked as a volunteer nurse at Antamok mines. My interpersonal skills and nursing skills were developed during my stay at Antamok mines Hospital. After I passed the board Exam for Nurses, by the year 1994, i worked as a private duty nurse employed by miss Cheen Tan, wherein I took care of her father, who is 82 years of age and with Parkinsons disease. I assisted him with his daily activities, give him bath and feed him, and also i make sure to take all his medications in time. My salary as a private duty nurse is not enough to support my family financially so i decided to apply as a caretaker in taiwan. By march 1996, i went to work in taiwan.

During my high school days, i usually spend my free time in the library together with night my friends. Our school is exclusively for girls and because of that I find it hard to communicate with the opposite sex. We usually spend our summer vacation in the hometown of my mother, which is located at Minglanilla cebu city. My hobbies are reading books, biking, watching movies and also cross stitching. I also spend my free time hanging out with my friends. My dream was to become a nurse. I was able to pass the entrance examination given at saint louis University and I had my first year as a nursing student. I wasnt able to pass one of the major subjects.

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My, autobiography, i am Gene geralde gonzales, i was born on may 2, 1971 at Baguio city, philippines. We are seven siblings in the family. I am the seventh child. My mothers name is business fe geralde gonzales, she is from Cebu city and my fathers name is Mario dy gonzales, he is from Legaspi, albay. I took my elementary education as well as my secondary education at saint louis School of Campo filipino located at Naguilian road Baguio city. I have a happy childhood living with my parents and with my siblings. During weekends, we usually spend our day in the park. And we help each other in our daily activities. My family is a happy and a loving family.

My autobiography
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  5. My autobiography has 3,735 ratings and 418 reviews. Autobiography in English Language for students of English as a foreign language.- created using PowToon - free sign up at m/join -. A workbook for writing your autobiography with memory triggers. One of the blissful days in every humanlives is to have a warm and loving family. And Iam so fortunate to have one. My autobiography, published in 1964 and recently reissued, moves along at a quick clip, lit up throughout its many pages by bright anecdotes, easy humor.

  6. My autobiography, i am Gene geralde gonzales, i was born on may 2, 1971 at Baguio city, philippines. We are seven siblings in the family. I am the seventh child. My autobiography is a book by Charlie chaplin, first published by simon schuster in 1964. Along with Chaplin: His Life and Art, it provided the source material for.

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