Mandatory homework

mandatory homework

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To cut to the chase, here is my stance on homework at the time of writing this post. Value, homework can be valuable to both the instructor and the student. Homework allows the instructor to further explore topics covered in class. The instructor has an opportunity to provide feedback and recognize what weaknesses and strengths a student or the class has in general. Homework can also give the student a sense of personal accomplishment and can help to boost confidence. When a topic that may have been difficult in the classroom suddenly becomes easy, it is immediate feedback to the student that she has learned something. Additionally, homework gives the student a structured, but unsupervised opportunity to learn and do without the fear of someone looking over their shoulder and telling them that they are wrong.

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I think it would a great idea as again I reduces stress but it so helps us students be more individual in our education and make the homework all that more helpful to our learning as many students just go through there homework just. Most of the time when you are doing homework, you think about what else you could be doing besides homework. Kids should be kids and have fun and what they want. Some kids don't do it anyway. Schoolwork is for school. Studying should be optional but it should not be required. Homework should not be given). A repeating theme that comes up in discussions with teachers at all levels revolves around the necessity / value of homework: whether it should be assigned at all, whether it should be graded, whether it should be mandatory or optional, what types of questions should. As usual on a topic like this, there is a fairly broad spectrum. For new readers to this blog, please know that this is primarily a math blog and that the authors experiences are in teaching mathematics and computer data science. As such, the opinions provided are in relation to teaching a quantitative course.

This makes the process of taking it home irrelevant. I'm not saying all children can't figure out Homework, but there are cases where a student genuinely does not understand. Homework doesn't really help as much as some think it does, quite honestly. It can be used to book help young children become more responsible for their own education and encourage them to study the things they learned at school, at home - but past a certain age (basically the teen age it becomes highly redundant as most individuals. Should be optional, i feel that if it is optional we are more inclined to. It would also reduce the overall stress of students and help them pay more attention in school. I also feel like teachers are starting to use homework as punishments instead of the homework actually being of use.

mandatory homework

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The way one student learns from another can differ drastically. I have teachers who hand out Homework everyday, while others firmly believe it makes no margaret difference in a learning ciriculum. Mandatory homework doesn't exist, because making it mandatory starts with the teacher, and as generations grow so does the way we teach. Our teaching has moved more towards computers and independent thinking than it has towards looking at an assignment for hours. This is why i don't believe homework is necessary. There's also the argument that doing Homework makes no difference in ones ability to learn. You are handed homework with the assumption you already know how to do it, but that isn't always true. You take your work home, only to find out you needed the time to do it in class to get help.

Homework shows that the teacher is failing to do there job in the time given. After school time is my time not the schools. Homework kills the passion for learning and builds resentment towards future assignments. Children learn more from an involved parent then they will ever learn from school. School work belongs in school. Homework isn't mandatory already. Homework is not necessary in order for students to be able to suffeciantly learn.

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mandatory homework

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As a student I find myself constantly overwhelmed with homework. Along with trying to fit them into my schedule. Most of the time i am not bothered by most of it because some assignments help me remember more information about surprise the subject. It has become more common that teachers assign busy work that is off topic and does not help students learn. I believe that homework should be voluntary and mainly focused on advertising the subject being taught in the class.

It can be unfair to some kids. I do very well in my classes, so i don't believe homework should be mandatory. People will say that if it is not mandatory, then nobody will do it, but this is wrong. Anyone who cares about their education and needs to do the homework will. However, homework is pointless and repetitive to those who have mastered the subject in the first place. Homework is about achievement not learning.

Statistical signal processing principles with applications in a daptive equalization and c hannel estimation principles Topic 4 (7.10. multi-antenna techniques, part 1 (12.-16.10. Exam break) Exam (13.10.) Topic 4 (21.10. multi-antenna techniques, part 2 Topic 5 (11.11.) : Another statistical signal processing tool: Expectation Maximization algorithm by jukka talvitie topic 6 (18.11. Advanced channel coding methods: Turbo codes ldpc codes; Iterative receiver processing by toni levanen Topic X (2.12.

possible extensions or additional topics; course wrap-up by mr literature:. Messerschmitt, digital Communication, 3rd., kluwer 2004. Proakis, digital Communications,4., McGraw-Hill, 2001. Viswanath, fundamentals of Wirelss communication, cambridge 2005. 4 Andrea goldsmith, wireless Communications, cambridge University Press, 2005. 5 Brance vucetic, jinghong yuan: Space-time coding, wiley 2003. Contact info: Markku renfors, tut/elt, tg309, markku. Renfo rs (at), tel. Causes too much unnecessary stress.

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Compact lecture notes on sc-transmission with references to elt-43006 Digital Transmission lecture notes as the basic material: Part A (pp.1-86) Part B (pp. 87-160) Part C (pp. 161-201) Part D assignment (pp. 202-283) Part E (pp. 284-333) Part F (pp. 334-401) Lecture notes on frequency-domain equalization and sc-fdma some examples of signal space concepts, etc. Here topic 2 (9.9.,.9 digital communication through fading multipath channel; diversity techniques, outage probability and outage capacity topic 3 (23.9.,.10.

mandatory homework

Deadline for returns:.1.2016 Exercises for compensating missed lecture sessions here. Deadline in two weeks from the greek lecture where the topic is covered. Optional exercises to improved grade here. Deadline in two weeks from the lecture where the topic was covered; exam periods not counted. Renfors: (i) S hort reports including solutions, matlab plots, etc. By email (pdf or Word format) or on paper. ( ii) Matlab scripts by email, whenever relevant Schedule materials : Topic 1 (2.9.,.9. Introduction; review of single-carrier digital transmission systems Optimum receiver principles: correlation/matched filter receiver, sampled matched filter and whitened matched filter models, significance of minimum phase; Equalizer/detector principles; Channel equalization problem in broadband wireless communications; Frequency-domain equalization; Block transmission using cyclic prefix, significance of papr characteristics.

of those topic areas. More extensive exercises, s imulation projects and/or literature studies give 1 2 additional credits from the course. participation in each lecture session or small additional homework excercise about the topics of each missed lecture session. to pass the course, 50 of the exam points has to be reached, all mandatory homeworks have to be completed in an acceptable way, and possible missed lecture sessions have to be compensated by exerices. grading: 15/18/21/24/27 points required for grade 1/ 2/3/4/5, respectively. Exam: max 21 points, quality of mandatory homework returns: 0 6 points (0 points for minum acceptable solutions). Optional homework problems: 0 6 points Homework exercises: Mandatory homework requirements and problems here.

Mandatory homework problems on statistical signal processing given out. Please check the corresponding page also for a new element of the course: possibility to get more credits by extensive solutions to mandatory problems list. Goals: The goal is to strengthen the communication theoretic basis thesis for advanced wireless system development. Format: Lectures, exercises, and computer simulation projects; possibly also optional usrp exercises. Time and place: Wednesdays.15-17.00 in room, tC219, credits: 5-7 cr, prerequisites: elt-43006 Digital Transmission, or equivalent (mandatory). Elt-41006 Multicarrier Techniques (mandatory elt-45006 Radio propagation in Wireless Networks (recommended). Requirements: - exam: The e xams are about the core contents covered during first half of the course (Period 1).

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Tlt-5906 Advanced course in Digital Transmission. Elt-43306, advanced course in Digital Transmission, fall 2015, digitaalisen siirtotekniikan jatkokurssi, update. News, mandatory homework problems on advanced coding methods given out. Mandatory homework problems on multiantenna techniques given out. No more lecture sessions on/after.11. No lecture sessions.10. On these days, nfors will be available at 14:15 -16:00 in room TG309 for discussions presentation concerning the mandatory homeworks and any technical/organization issues related to the course.

Mandatory homework
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The only way to get young students excited about doing homework, and get adults to set aside some time for it, is through highly creative and thoroughly. This bar-code number lets you verify that you're getting exactly the right version or edition of a book.

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  3. However, some people think that mandatory homework is a more beneficial option because it gives students extra practice. One day parents and educators will really listen to their kids and realize that mandatory homework does little to advance a students understanding. Mandatory homework problems on statistical signal processing given out. Please check the corresponding page also for a new element of the. I do know, mandatory homework is not the solution to make them better students.

  4. As a result, having homework mandatory is something good in general because this will help you to understand the topic you are studying and improve. The fourth entry of Magnolia's Stupid. Mandatory, homework, blog, featured on the Bluebell Website. Chambers mandatory homework policy is based on the theory that academic achievement increases the more you expose students to their subject material. By making homework mandatory the instructor directly controls the students out-of-class time. With the addition of hours of mandatory homework, the student may find he or she has no free time; because indeed, extra-curricular activities are.

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