Maize business plan

maize business plan

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It is normally on the 20-25th day from the end of the blooming period. Install free updated Jiji app now shop online with ease like never before! cassava farming business plan watermelon farming in nigeria best goal oil rice shopping Jiji Blog agriculture maize farming In Nigeria: Amazing way to make your First Million Newsletter Want more stuff like this? Get the best viral stories straight into your inbox! Where do you see yourself five (5) years from now? This question perhaps is inherently frequently asked during job interviews. This is a test to perceive your ability of forecasting and planning as is why a home business plan is made. It does not matter whether it is a home business plan or whatsoever, but the idea is in gauging a person who has vision and plans to accompany that vision.

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If you want the essay maize that can be used for the production of flour, cereals or as animal food choose the types that can be stored for longer periods. The best time for planting maize in Nigeria start preparing for planting in February in order to actually start cultivating your crops in March. Dont forget to follow this ratio and layout: 75cm x 50cm, 2 seeds into every spot. Maize harvesting This example is for a one-hectare maize production farm that has been functioning for one farming year and with two times crop harvesting. The total expenses including those of the plot of land, irrigation, seed purchase, fertilizer, transportation, workforce and post-harvest processing approximated to N4,000,000. The maize yield writer per hectare in Nigeria can be 150,000 cubs from one hectare. Check out the simple maths: 140,000 cubs x n50 N7,000,000; At the end of the year, N7,000,000 N4,000,000 N3,000,000. Remember the roi will go up year by year if you follow all the instructions properly. Secret tips for maize farming in Nigeria if your goal is to produce sweet corn in cans, make sure to harvest the maize before it starts hardening. Your maize will need additional fertilizing in the following situations: Yellow and wrinkled leaves imply the lack of Nitrogen; The redness on leaves means the shortage of Phosphates; Growth arrest, burns on leaves, different grain sizes are the symptoms of Potassium shortage. The milk stage is the name for the period when maize is the tastiest and the juiciest.

Another option would be using dry and fresh leaves for cattle feeding or bedding. Maize farming business plan, consider the following things while creating your business plan for commercial maize production: Market analysis. Organizational structure and management. Light, fertilizing and irrigation. Your crops will need to enjoy the sun at least 12 hours per day as well as the well-plowed soil where previously cucurbits or legumes were grown. Fertilize the plowed soil, having mixed the fertilizer with ash and sand. At the first stage the maize doesnt need much water- save it for the cultivation period. Maize cultivation, the maize comes in several basic types: White; Yellow; Late assignment season crops(110 to 120 days early season crops (90 to 100 days super-early season cops (80 to 90 days). Each of these types has its unique properties: taste; the size of the grain; the coloring of grain; the time of ripening.

maize business plan

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Read also: History of agriculture in Nigeria before independence subscribe to remote watch new videos source. Agriculture, business, business ideas, tips how to's, by, thomas, july 8, 2017, 6:00.3k, views, contents, maize farming in Nigeria is the type of business that one has to do in this very country taking into account the fertile soils here. Corn is cheaper than wheat and rice (that are also highly popular cereals) and this makes it even more attractive for consumers. So check out what you have to do to start maize production in Nigeria and make a fortune in this business! Install free updated Jiji app now make your online shopping fortunate! Maize production is a profitable business in Nigeria! Maize production in Nigeria is a very important industry since it helps to receive a lot of other essential by-products like: Custard. You can organize your maize farming business in a variety of ways: you can just sell all of it or it can also be used by the farmers for feeding animals.

This includes expenses for land, irrigation, fertilizers, seeds, harvest transportation, labour payment, and storage). In general, one hectare can be used for growing 60 thousand of plants. From each of them, you can take 1-2 cobs. Per one hectare of land, it is possible to take 80-90 thousand of cobs. For seven hours one worker can easily gather and put in bags approximately.500 cobs. Per one hectare of farmland, you can yield from.000.000 kilos of maize. Experts say that the profitability of such business is about 450. This is one of the highest rates when it comes to nigerian agriculture. So, if you want to earn money, you may consider maize farming business as a good option.

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maize business plan

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In this case, you will save money not only on the equipment but also on wages because workers payment is based on the amount of cultivated land and not on the number of working hours. Maize sale, obviously, you need habits to think about the the process of harvest before creating your business plan. The choice of maize varieties depends on the distribution channels, its cultivation, and harvesting. If you have a small plot of land, it is better to grow sweet corn, which can be sold in the summer. The same sweet corn can be processed and sold in cans.

If you are involved in growing the tougher varieties, it is better for the maize to be ground into flour or cereals. The advantage of maize farming is that you are able to create various marketing plans. You can always sell it to the last grain. It can also be purchased by the farmers for cattle feeding. You might also want to consider harvesting both dry and green maize leaves for feeding or bedding of animals. Calculations of costs For 10 hectares (25 acres) field, your budget must be not less than N300.000. An estimate of the expenses will come to about N4 jungle million.

It is crucial to always monitor the condition of the leaves. nitrogen shortage - yellow and withered leaves; - phosphates shortage redness on leaves; - potassium starvation suspension of growth, burns on leaves, the grain sizes will be mixed (small and large). Secret 3: The most delicious stage of maize grain processing is called 'milk stage'. You need to count 20-25 days from the end of the flowering period of the plant. During this period the grain will be the juiciest. How profitable is maize farming in Nigeria?

Maize farming in Nigeria is profitable only when you turn out great volumes of crop. To start this kind of business you will not only need land. For cultivation of extensive areas, you will also need to buy special equipment. As a required minimum multicultivator and maize seeding machine. If you are growing maize on small areas, it makes sense to take the equipment on lease for a period which is necessary for land cultivation or harvest collecting. Another option is hiring workers with their own equipment.

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If you plan to harvest maize for the subsequent production of flour, cereals or its usage in animal husbandry, it is necessary to pay attention to the varieties that can be stored for long periods. Maize planting season in Nigeria. It is more sensible to start maize farming writing preparations in Nigeria in February so you can start cultivating maize in March. The maize season approximately starts on reviews the 15th of March and ends on the 15th of may. Best ratio and layout: 75cm x 50cm, 2 seeds per spot. Secrets of maize farming in Nigeria. Secret 1: If you grow maize in order to sell boiled or canned final product, it is important to collect the crop before it begins to harden. Overripe maize can be sold to farmers as animal feed or can be processed into cereals or flour. Secret 2: you should know that maize does not get enough fertilizing.

maize business plan

or legumes. Don't forget to prepare the soil for sowing. It is necessary to plow the soil to a depth of approximately. After ploughing, the land requires some fertilizer mixed with ash and sand. Read also: Irrigation farming in Nigeria, during the initial period of growth, maize does not require much watering. However, at the beginning of cultivation, you need to pay special attention to irrigation. Maize varieties and their cultivation, there are some basic types of maize and each of them have different properties: - white; - yellow; - late season seeds (110 to 120 days - early season seeds (90 to 100 days - extra-early season seeds (80. Each of these types varies in its unique characteristics: - taste; - grain size; - the color of grain; - ripening.

Maize is best writings grown in rich loamy or sandy-loamy soils. Also, you should avoid waterlogged area. Farm soil value is influenced by the following factors:. The nature of soil;. Proximity to settlements:. Proximity to roads;. Sun, fertilizing and watering.

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Do you know that maize farming is very profitable in Nigeria? Here, we provide all the information you need to get started. Read and start making money today! With each new day, agriculture in Nigeria becomes more developed and advanced. Maize is one of the world's most popular crops and at the same time one of the most profitable in Nigeria. This versatile crop can be cooked, canned, used for plan making flour, butter, popcorn, and cereal. Maize production in Nigeria, purchasing of land, the first thing you need is a business plan. An important aspect of your plan should be the purchase of land for maize farming. The price of the land depends on the location and region.

Maize business plan
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  3. 2 maize milling Business Plan Sample. You should list several pieces of financial information such as your capital, source of fund and operation expenses which include bill payments. Obviously, you need to think about the the process of harvest before creating your business plan. 23 Business Plan Examples. Where do you see yourself five (5) years from now?

  4. Parxecutive summary for the maize farming Business Plan. The following is a proposal for maize farm nigeria ltd in Agbor, delta State. Writing a bank and investor ready professional maize farming business plan can be challenging. If you need a professional and affordable business plan service, startupTipsDailys mba standard. Maize production in nigeria: a business plan. This in turn subsequently leads to scarcity of common staples (like maize) during the dry season (i.e.

  5. If yes, heres a complete sample maize farming business plan template feasibility report you can use for free. Prepared by- manish Chaurasiya (31081 Pritam Singh (31092 s sarath (31100 sandeep s ramteke (31102). Documents Similar to maize business Plan. Patilad farm is in the commercial maize farming business we want to leverage on the vast. Offer consistently quality processed products. Maize farming and processing business plan.

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