List of big words to use in an essay

list of big words to use in an essay

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Dysrhythmia : Breaking of a rhythmic pattern. Dystmesis : Inserting one word into the middle of another. Ecphonesis : Short exclamation. Ellipsis : omission of words that would make a sentence explicit. Enallage : Substituting one item for another. Enjambment : Breaking a phrase at an odd point. Enumeratio : Breaking down and detailing a subject. Epanalepsis : Repeating the same phrase at start and end.

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Categoria : Directly exposing another's faults. Chiasmus : Two phrases, with reversal in second. Cledonism : Circumlocution to avoid saying unlucky words. Climax : Words ordered in ascending power. Consonance : Repeating consonant sounds. Correctio : Correction to revise meaning. Crasis : Contraction of two vowels into a longer sound. Diacope : Repeating word after one or thesis two other words. Diallage : Multiple arguments to establish a single point. Distinctio : Describing something by saying what it is not. Dysphemism : Substituting a mild word with a stronger one.

Bomphiologia : thesis Bombastic, bragging speech. Brachyology : Condensed expression. Brevitas : Concise expression. Cacemphaton : Deliberately ill-sounding expression. Cacophony : Harsh combination of words. Catabasis : Steadily decreasing emphasis. Catachresis : Using words incorrectly. Cataphora : Using a word to refer to a word used later.

list of big words to use in an essay

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Apposition : layered meaning. Archaism : Using out-of-date language. Assonance : Repeating the same vowel sound. Asterismos : Adding a word to emphasize following words. Asyndeton : Omitting conjunctions. Aureation : The use of fancy words. Autoclesis : introducing an item by refusing to discuss. Auxesis : Enhancement of importance. Bdelygmia : Expression of contempt or hatred.

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list of big words to use in an essay

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Antiptosis : Two logical, but contradicting, arguments. Antirhesis : Rejecting bad argument. Antisthecon : Replacing one word element. Antistrophe : Repeating the final word in successive phrases. Antithesis : Contrasting with opposite. Antonomasia : Naming a person with other than their given name.

Apcope : Omitting letters from the end of a word. Aphaeresis : Omitting letters from the start of a word. Aphorismus : questioning the meaning of a word. Apophasis kahlo : Talking about something without mentioning. Aporia : feigned doubt. Aposiopesis : Not completing a sentence. Apostrophe : An 'aside to others.

Anangeon : Justification based on necessity. Anaphora : Repeating initial words. Anapodoton : Omitting clause for deliberate effect. Anastrophe : Changing normal word order. Anesis : Adding a conclusion that reduces what was said.

Antanaclasis : Repeating same word, with meaning change. Antanagoge : being positive about something negative. Anthimeria : Substituting one part of speech for another. Antimetabole : repeating clause, reversing word order. Anthypophora : Asking then answering your own questions. Antiphrasis : Using words in contrary sense for irony.

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Anacoloutha : Non-reciprocal word substitution. Anacoluthon : Ending a sentence different to expectation. Anacrusis : Unstressed syllables london at the start. Anadiplosis : Repeating last word at start of next sentence. Analogy : a is like. Using one thing to describe another. Anamnesis : Emotional recall.

list of big words to use in an essay

argument. Anabasis : Stepwise increase in emphasis. Anacephalaeosis : Summary of known facts. Anacoenosis : Asking opinion of audience to gain agreement.

Adjunction : Putting the verb at the beginning. Adynaton : Exaggerated declaration of impossibility. Asteismos : Polite expression of emotion. Aetiologia : A statement with a supporting cause. Affirmatio : Speaking as if one's point is disputed. Aganactesis : Indignant exclamation. Allegory : Narrative using sustained metaphor. Alleotheta reviews : Substituting one thing for another.

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Techniques use of language figures of speech full list, figures of speech (or 'rhetorical tropes are ways of using words that may seem unusual but have a specific and desired effect. Read as 'normal words' they often break normal rules of grammar, but can be nevertheless understood They are common in poetry and eloquent speech. figures of speech ' is often used generically, and the big list here with includes not only figures of speech but also a wider range of rhetorical and linguistic devices. Catachresis, acoloutha : Reciprocal substitution of words. Accismus : feigned refusal of that which is desired. Accumulatio : Drawing points into a powerful climax. Acutezza : The use of wit or wordplay. Acyron : Using a word opposite to what is meant. Adianoeta : Expression that has second, subtle meaning.

List of big words to use in an essay
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  1. If prefix is very short (one letter) large number of words starting with this prefix can cause memory overflow. If there are no words started with specified prefix, then next.

  2. In other words, the symbols acquired linguistic values and became logograms.traditional radicals were paired with characters serving as phonetic components to construct Chu nom characters that represent vietnamese words. Acronyms and abbreviations for commonly used words and phrases. This is a writing tip from Copyblogger, simple words work better than big ones. In other words : proceed with caution. Alan Mitchell makes a similar point in Big Data, big dead End, a case for what he calls Small Data.

  3. Day, my first grade class has been conducting a close reading of, rappaports Martins, big, words. Parents often ask their kids to express themselves with words — use your words! is a common playground refrain—but it s not easy for children. Diacope : Repeating word after one or two other words. Perissologia : Excessive use of words. Antiphrasis : Using words in contrary sense for irony.

  4. What about the use of curse words? Does Netflix track the search words that user enter in the search box? It s not really a word game as much as it is a high-difficulty puzzle platformer by Amalgames that uses the power of words as stepping stones along the way. Run and jump through the spikes, then drag the words into the playfield. The 2014 list is heavy on Miley cyrus-influenced words and phrases with selfie and twerking ranking first and second. You are here: Home / Blogs / Lolly s Classroom / Applying Martins big words.

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