Iot phd thesis

iot phd thesis

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We will also describe the recent advances in chemical sensitive field effect transistors (cs-fets) and how this technology can effectively bridge a technological gap that is currently present with traditional mems and electrochemical gas sensors. Compared to existing gas sensor technologies, silicon-based cs-fets are manufactured using conventional cmos processing techniques, offer unprecedented advantages in terms of cost, sensitivity, selectivity, and highly scalable production capability for broad area deployment. Finally, we will provide specific use case examples of cs-fet technology and highlight new and emerging applications. Hossain Fahad is currently a post-doctoral researcher at uc berkeley at the berkeley sensor and Actuator Center (bsac where he leads the research and development of silicon based chemical sensitive field effect transistor (cs-fet) together with Professor Ali javey, eecs distinguished professor at uc berkeley. At Berkeley, fahads work on cs-fets has been bestowed with four industry-nominated best research awards and was also nominated as a nsf breakthrough work in 2016. In 2017, he co-founded Serinus Labs, Inc., which is aimed at rapid commercialization of the cs-fet sensor technology.

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These developments have created a major constraint to the expanding capacity projected for MtM products. This talk will focus on the challenges facing this expanding 200mm/150mm MtM market. Biography: Simon Binns is the Product Line manager for metal deposition products with the Equipment Product Group (EPG) aviation of Applied Global Services (AGS) division of Applied Materials, Inc. Since 2010 he has been responsible for managing the 200mm pvd and mcvd equipment product portfolio to ensure alignment of Applieds capability with customer requirements. He brings over 25 years of pvd, cvd, etch, htf, cmp and Ion Implant product knowledge and experience to ags having previously served as Business development Manager for the ion Implant division in North America and Japan, and Regional Sales Manager for Northern Europe while. Simon holds a bsc in Mechanical and Production Engineering from the University of Birmingham, uk and is a former member of the city guilds of London Institute. Prior to working in the semiconductor industry, simon worked as an equipment engineer on Ion Implant, pvd and evaporation systems at the research development center of Lucas Industries, a uk based component supplier to the automotive and aerospace industry. Gas Sensors: An overview of Fabrication Techniques, device comparisons, and Emerging Trends. Hossain Fahad, PhD, post-Doctoral Researcher, berkeley sensor and Actuator Center (bsac). There is an increasing demand for mass producible, ultra-low power gas sensors for a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications. In this talk, we will provide an overview of the existing state-of-the-art in low power gas sensors and describe their manufacturing techniques as well as drawbacks associated with these technologies, especially when considering integration with low power electronics.

Mems supply Chain Challenges Facing the 200mm/150mm More than moore Equipment Market. Simon Binns, product Line manager, applied Materials, devices and applications which do not follow moores law are increasing in importance in todays semiconductor product landscape. Defined as More than moore (MtM this category includes a variety of father's sensors and mems devices. These components are made primarily in leq;200mm fabs and utilized in a wide variety of end-user applications ranging from smartphones to commercial drones. The growth, especially in the last several years, in automotive, communications, and mobile technologies (including iot) has led to an unexpected demand for these products and, consequently, to an unprecedented surge of 200mm fab capacity. Until recently, it was possible for a 200mm fab to purchase almost any tool from multiple sources (OEMs, third party, brokers) at a compelling price. A shortage of used 200mm tools over the last year has led to steep price increases, if there is a tool available at all. Because of this trend, these tools now need to be built new by oems at a premium price.

iot phd thesis

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Biography: Christophe begue has twenty years of experience in business transformation, solution selling, and in the development of vertical solutions for electronics, high-tech, and manufacturing Industries. He has proven expertise in creating and scaling vertical solutions for specific industries on top of emerging horizontal technologies such as ai, machine learning, big data, analytics, iot, cloud computing, blockchain, and others. He works diary to capture and anticipate specific industry requirements, develop use cases, lead agile development of initial solutions with early dates adopters, rapidly replicate and scale early successes into mature solutions, productize industry specific assets, and partner with system integrators and isvs for differentiation and scale. He has managed global software development and consulting project teams. He was instrumental in developing ibm supply Chain Management practice winning some of the largest global supply chain solution implementations in electronics industries. Before ibm he managed supply chain consulting projects at Philips Center for Manufacturing Technology. He is a member of ibm industry Academy.

Blockchain Applications in the mems, semiconductors, and Electronics Industries. Christophe begue, phD, director Solution Strategy and Business development. Ibm, blockchain technology is currently getting lots of attention across many different industries. Ibm has already implemented blockchain based solutions across various business functions, internally as well as with external clients. Based on this work, we have identified a set of use cases for blockchain based solutions that all mems, semiconductors, and electronics companies should consider and that we are currently deploying. Key use cases cover provenance (the tracking of components and products origination across the supply chain supply chain visibility and procurement, and supplier information sharing, what we are calling know your party. With blockchain we also see an opportunity to solve industry-wide challenges by bringing together key leaders in a consortium organization focused on increasing trust and eliminating inefficiencies across the supply chain. This talk will start with an introduction to blockchain technology and how it applies to business operations, and then dive into specific industry applications, including tangible examples of implemented solutions.

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iot phd thesis

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Being bendable and conformal in combination with light weight, fhe enables new ways of deploying electronic devices. Fhe as thesis peel and stick electronics use additive manufacturing and 3D printing for electrical interconnects. One of the primary applications of fhe devices is their use as a sensor platform that is easy to deploy. Both printed sensors as well as cmos based sensors have been demonstrated on fhe platforms. Mems sensors are key components for a wide range of consumer, medical, industrial, and automotive applications and integration on fhe will be needed for multi-sensing applications such as body wearable navigation, environmental sensing, as well a human monitoring for fitness and medical use. By their nature, mems devices are not well suited for thinning and most designs do not allow flexing or bending. In this presentation, possible fhe integration options will be shown along with technology gaps for mems integration.

Biography: Wilfried bair is responsible for device integration and system level hardware projects for NextFlex as the vice President of Engineering. Prior to joining NextFlex, wilfried was vp of Business development for Tango systems where he developed strategic partnerships and led them to enter the two fastest growing semiconductor packaging market segments, establishing them as a market leader. Previously, as vp of Strategic Business development for suss microtec ag, wilfried provided leadership to business units, identifying disruptive technology gaps, new marketing opportunities and acquisition targets. Other positions held at suss were gm, north American Operations, and division Manager of Wafer Bonders. Wilfrieds technical expertise spans leading edge packaging processes, next resume generation solar, and energy storage, semiconductor equipment and process, as well as device expertise for automotive, consumer, and medical applications. Wilfried holds advanced degrees in Manufacturing and Production Planning Systems, Organizational development, and International Marketing from the University of Linz in Austria.

My work focused on designing low-cost, vision-based autonomous vehicles. The course, and our work, received a lot of press. These presentations and papers will be made available shortly. In the meantime, a small portion of these documents is available. SiegelAutomation, my (outdated) portfolio site.

For immediate access, please use the contact form. Speakers and Presentation Topics, technology Showcase Presenters, innovation Showcase Presenters. Past Speakers, call for Speakers, flexible hybrid Electronics and mems integration: Applications, Challenges, Approaches, and Technology gaps. Wilfried bair, vice President of Engineering, nextFlex. Flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) are a novel and supply chain disrupting approach to electronic systems. In fhe applications, a thin plastic film replaces the rigid printed circuit board where the fhe board is encapsulated to create the overall device.

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2.76 Final Report - this class tasked students with developing products for a global marketplace. This report discusses the design and optimization of a high-performance hybrid vehicle transmission. As part of my coursework, i worked with a team of students to develop and prototype new transmission concepts for a supercar manufacturer. This concept is the subject of a provisional patent and may be developed diary further by the company. Our group flew to the corporate headquarters to present this concept, where it was favorably received. Mas.552 Final Trip - this class focused on changing the perception of the micronation Andorra. This trip finalized months of work, researching topics from how to cultivate an entrepreneurial ecosystem to how to deploy autonomous vehicle technology.

iot phd thesis

A major portion of the product development process revolved around conducting user studies, and building the product to address particular stakeholder needs. 2.744 Corner keepers Presentation - this product was produced for a graduate level design course, sponsored by an office supply company. The product was well received and several competitors are sold today. Cms.100 Top gear Paper - this paper is a summary of the impact the tv show "Top gear" has on people's everyday lives. It was published. 2.96 FireHosed Business Plan - this business plan was developed as part of a management in engineering course, and was similar to the demand aggregation that a groupOn model provides. 2.671 Impact of Acceleration on heart Rate - this paper and poster combination was written as part of a communications intensive instrumentation and measurement course. 2.S998 EagleTurkey bridge - this bridge addressed a competition designed to challenge students to build the strongest (strength:weight) bridge possible using consumer-grade fdm printers. Our team built the strongest bridge in the additive manufacturing class (strength:weight 7000:1).S998 Final Report - in this course, we developed a novel bags type of bulk 3D printing.

containing parts that were injection molded and thermoformed. 2.008 pcb presentation - this was my final presentation for Design and Manufacturing ii, and the basis for a lecture i gave when I served as a teaching Assistant for the course in 2012. 2.009 Icetek ice Scraper - this product was our electrically-actuated ice scraper, designed as part of a team project for. Mit mechE 's capstone engineering course. 2.752 GreenWheel Presentation - this presentation was our final deliverable (along with business plan and patent disclosure) for Precision Machine design. The GreenWheel was based off of Arthur Petron's graduate research; during the class, i helped to design a wireless control interface pcb. 2.739 Car Organizer / Charger Presentation - this product was part of a collaborative course between mit and risd students.

Ever heard this story? From a jiu jitsu world championship final injury summary to a tele-rehabilitation startup that won "Startup of the year" award in 2017. How would you improve the physiotherapy journey? We think that the rehabilitation process can be improved with the help of technology and driven physiotherapists. No matter what your job is, if you are passionate about physiotherapy or technology like we are, we should talk! Development partnership, win your patients over with an exclusive access to the latest technology. Receive customized solutions based on your needs. Win your patients with exclusive access to latest technology. Research opportunities with leading Universities and.

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Want to shape the future of physiotherapy industry? We are looking for you, a driven physiotherapy professional. Share paper ideas, be part of our team or act as an advisor. Looking for a better solution to check your client's adherence? People get injured, they don't finish recovery, in 2 - 3 years they need surgery or hospital readmission that your company pays for. Want to find out more before getting serious? Flex went through two of the best accelerators in the region, won several startup competition prizes and closed a seed-round from an Austrian company. Startup of The year 2017 Award by business review.

Iot phd thesis
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  2. PhD programs in economics and in statistics currently offered by other prestigious Italian and European universities, while details. Boundaries between disciplines are breached and ce is a perfect example of multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and cross-technology work in action).

  3. Sung won kim,. Wireless Information Networking Lab. Department of Information and Communication Engineering. Stephan is a digital Transformation Consulting Partner, helping clients to identify their market opportunity by leveraging new digital business models, reinventing their customer engagements and inventing new digital services based. Iot ised this role he is heading ibm digital Strategy in Germany, austria and Switzerland (dach. This section aims at describing the innovative characteristics of ecostat with respect to the.

  4. The aim of the. PhD project is to carry out quantum cryptanalysis of the most promising schemes in the nist competition for post-quantum cryptography. Redwan Dahmouche, phd, assistant Professor femto-st institute. Fernando Alfaro design Engineer Silicon Microstructures. Program in, aviation is designed to to produce outstanding scholars for careers in research and teaching and to accommodate working professionals.

  5. Cuno Pfister studied computer science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (eth z rich). PhD thesis supervisor was Prof. Niklaus Wirth, the designer of the pascal, modula-2 and Oberon programming languages. PhD candidate may develop their own research project in collaboration with their supervisor or apply for one of our available PhD projects. University of Amsterdam / leiden University / Centrum Wiskunde informatica (CWI). Student in quantum Cryptanalysis.

  6. Shift to a data centric World - kindle edition by don deloach, Emil Berthelsen, wael Elrifai. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Durban University of Technology is the preferred university for developing leadership in technology and productive citizenship. Dut was formed in 2002 by the merger of Technikon Natal and ml sultan Technikon and was previously known as the durban Institute of Technology. Tech thesis guidance: Our r d team provides the research guidance and support for ieee. Tech thesis projects which is considered for the research.

  7. Want to shape the future of physiotherapy industry? We are looking for you, a driven physiotherapy professional. Share ideas, be part of our team or act as an advisor. I am an inventor, academic, and serial entrepreneur with a passion for creating and fostering innovative new ideas and growing them into sustainable businesses. The future of iot: leveraging the.

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