Etl business analyst resume

etl business analyst resume

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Open up a command line python interpreter. Exe ) import pymssql, cx_Oracle, you shouldn't get any errors or response of any kind, just a new ' ' line below. Now on to building the actual script. I'm going to go through the code chunk by chunk and comment on each section as we go, just in case you're new to python, but don't worry i'll have the entire file at the end for download (with comments included in the code). Import string, pymssql, cx_Oracle Define Oracle connection - format username/password@tnsname ora_conn cx_nnect xxxx/xxxx@xxxxx ora_cursor ora_rsor   Allocate a cursor Define the mssql server connection - format is self-explanatory mssql_conn nnect(host'xxxx user'xx password'xxx database'xxx mssql_cursor mssql_rsor   Allocate a cursor ok, first we've got. Then we're defining the connection string and then defining a cursor that uses each connection - so we're ready for hot sql action. Truncate our destination tables ora_cursor. Execute truncate table test mssql_cursor.

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If you've ever done any programming in the past, you'll find that Python is a really easy and flexible language, which makes it very useful for doing just about any back-end task you'd want to accomplish - which (thankfully) includes grabbing extracts from virtually any. I know i've defined the "task" above, but what my example script does specifically (in Part 1) is: Select some rows from an Oracle table (10g) put them into a list, and then use that list to insert them all into destination tables on Microsoft. first we need set up journalism the environment - for this example i'm going to be using a windows box (since we need to connect to a sql server instance), you could do it all with a linux machine too, but for this particular example it'll. I'm using, python.6.2 which is the latest stable release in the.6 tree as of this writing. You can install it from the. Org site using the msi package if you want a nice and easy install. Now we need 2 Python modules for all this shiz-nit to work properly. Cx_Oracle (for, you guessed it, connecting to Oracle) - they've even got a fancy msi for that too. Pymssql (for connecting to microsoft sql server instances) - download the install file and run. Its a lot easier than compiling the module from scratch (esp since doing that requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2008). Once those 2 are installed successfully - lets make sure they work.

In my not-so-humble opinion, you should never trade point-and-click usability and prettiness for rock-solid reliability and flexibility. Note: I'm going to be doing this in a nice and easy step-by-step way - i'm not trying to insult anyone's intelligence, but I find that when people gloss over things because "everyone knows xyz", it alienates people and makes shit downright confusing for others. I want these posts to be a definitive guide, and the only way to do that is be thorough. Ok, here is the task we are completing in this post - writing a simple (non-interactive) Python script to pull data from an Oracle table and insert it into a sql server table (and/or another Oracle database table). You can run it by hand on the command line or schedule it and it will always work the same - all the while using very little overhead. I spend a lot biography of time in an old school Oracle shop and you'd be shocked how many people simply cannot do things this without resorting to ridiculous (and idiotic) methods (writing PL/sql out to a flat file on the server, reading flat file. Think of Python as the "glue" to stick things together (without odbc or other shitty platform-dependent "connection technologies.

etl business analyst resume

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Built and managed virtual machines to manage servers locally (VMware and Hyper-V) in asp infrastructure. Other Carrier Experience california federal Bank, sacramento, ca,. Business Systems Analyst Western Sunrise mortgage, san Jose, ca, ibm systems Engineer, Programmer, loan Origination Support Education Associate of Arts, electronic Engineering, monterey peninsula college demonstrated Strengths Internet Technologies System Engineer dba Network management Integration Mirth Interface Interface . In the data Transformation Services (DTS) / Extract Transform and load (ETL) world these days we've got a lot of expensive ass products. Some are good, some are marginal, and some are pieces of over-complicated (and poorly performing) java-based shit. But, hey, thesis enough with the negativity - i digress, i just want to show you that its pretty easy to do the same types of data manipulations in pure easy-to-read python code. Why lock yourselves into an expensive proprietary etl system that requires expensive consultants to maintain (badly)? In this multi-part post I'm going to start with a simple data transport across data platforms (with minimal exception handling and later mix in some fancier etl functions and "robustness" (if that's even a word - i know i've heard Cheese-nip Sales guys use. I guarantee its a hell of a lot faster and more reliable than any of the commercial products out there (I know, because i've use them all).

Responsibly completed over 300 Centricity Practice management and emr installations, each requiring setup of sql servers, terminal servers, and application servers. Prepared and maintained program installation documentation. Supported medical clients with a broad range of network and interface implementation services both local and remote completed over 100 Oracle to mssql centricity emr conversions. Created over 300 tsql scripts to diagnose and debug issues and to provide adhoc reports Trained staff in proper documentation, problem-solving, and system enhancements. Produced a support website to distribute custom applications I wrote developed over 200 Mirth Interface channels required to Integrate systems. Labs, pacs, process HL7 and xml, dicom, export Various Text file formats, and read or update sql databases. As Senior Support Engineer, provided desktop support for approximately 12 individuals on ge centricity, networking, Integration and Mirth HL7 Engine. Wrote 12 customized plugins to process Centricity billing (X12 837/835/ HL7 dft-p03) to the clearinghouses of more than 800 insurance carriers, requiring in-depth knowledge of ansi x12, Electronic Data Interchange.

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etl business analyst resume

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Sql server tools (ssms, ssis, oracle workBench, visualdb, sql sentry, redGate, idera, centraldb organized and standardized sql jobs across servers to more easily identify and debug any issues. Wrote over 50 software programs in Powershell to manage the inventory of all sql servers, providing alerts to potential problems and developed web counterparts as needed Created database documentation reference materials, including: processes and procedures Plan and manage system capacity and plan for future needs. Work independently or as part life of a team to problem-solve database and network issues. Lifemed id, inc., citrus heights, ca february 2013 december 2014 Software developer (etl, mssql, mirth Interface network Administrator, Programmer Acted in several capacities for this leading edge identity solution provider, with customizable functionality for electronic registration, optimized for facilities and patients. Developed software in etl (extract, transform, load utilizing various programs, including: mirth (HL7) channels, mssql, bi, excel, Access, vb6, csv, and scheduled jobs. Created unique smart card system in maine with two emr (Electronic Medical Record) systems, cpsi and Centricity emr. Created a mobile website and mobile client as a prototype for a very large client in Africa.

Devised a demonstration system for sales purposes, using the ge cps medical Program and the lifeMedid smart Card program. Transitioned email system from google services to Office 365. Performed migration to Office 365 and managed the system. As the network Administrator, monitored the network to ensure secure, continuous, uninterrupted service. Identified weaknesses and any needed upgrades. Alliance healthcare (dba quatris rocklin, ca February 2003 february 2013 Software developer (etl, mssql, mirth Interface dba, systems Administrator, Programmer, senior Support Engineer Other Carrier Experience Once Alliance healthcare solutions, quatris was created through a merger between Final Support and Alliance healthcare solutions, making.

Ensure storage, archival, backup, and recovery procedures are functioning correctly. Manage the performance and integrity of the data, optimizing database performance. Provided alternatives and solutions to problems and projects. Strong communication and collaboration skills and work independently and efficiently. M, sacramento, ca, january 20, dba network support. Manage databases to ensure efficient operations, optimal search capability, and content security for the largest people search website on the internet. .

The site allows searches of public records as well as services such as reverse phone lookups. Handled reporting systems, migrations, index management, integrity checks, configuration, and patching. Managed issues such as: replication, partitioning, log shipping, connectivity, and security. Wrote complex sql programs to handle adhoc reports, replication, partitioning, and data migration. Standardized daily sql report processing to eliminate reporting problems. Utilize sql recovery models for backups, restores, and database recovery operations, as well as clustering, partitioning, and replication.

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Troubleshoot Server, sql, cpu, memory, i/O, network, disk space and other resource issues. Sql tools Used ( ssms, ssrs, database health Monitor, sql profiler, perfMon ). Provide sql database Operational support to programmers and tech users 3rd party dba tools Used: idera, red-gate, apexsql, devart, sqlcentral, Ola hallengren. Programming: Powershell, tsql, jscript, vbscript. Net vb vs2017 and c html, gender asp, vba. Provided database documentation, including data definitions and scripts. Provided support using Service now, creating and working on Change requests and Incidents.

etl business analyst resume

lights Out. Monitored the sql servers using Idera for real time monitoring and analysis. Created Custom Powershell apps to monitor os / databases / websites and place email/phones call alerts. Resolved database integrity and performance issues, configuration, defragging and patching. Resolved issues related to replication, mirroring, log shipping, connectivity, security. Sql performance tuning, query Optimization, managed backups and restores.

Expertise in Servers and networking a variety of programming languages, Electronic Medical Records, software programs, practice management software, and infrastructure software. Gifted trainer with staff and clients. . Adept communicator with both internal and external business partners. Ideally suited for a position as Database or Systems Engineer. Other experience would include web Technology, surveillance cameras (NVRs) and 30 years as a mechanic. Professional best Experience, finance of America holdings, a blackstone company. January 2015 present, system Engineer ii, senior Database Administrator. Support Bytepro loan Origination System and ssrs reporting System. Primary dba for sql servers, aag, replication, mirroring and ssrs reporting Systems.

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Jo b Type and Where: 1) permanent maybe contract to hire 2) job location wanted: Sacramento california DownTown, citrus heights, carmichael, fair oaks, north Highlands, roseville, rocklin and outlaying areas like downtown, rocklin, roseville, Rancho cordova. Mike caldwell sacramento california 95841, write linkedin profile connect with me! Ats compliant Print or view mikes Resume pdf format Click here. Ats compliant Print or view mikes Resume word format Click here. Older Format Print or view mikes Resume pdf format Click here. Older Format Print or view mikes Resume word format Click here. Again, job location wanted: Sacramento california DownTown, citrus heights, carmichael, fair oaks, north Highlands, roseville, rocklin and outlaying areas like downtown, rocklin, roseville, Rancho cordova. Senior dba / SysAdmin / Network Engineer / Business Analyst / Programmer, highly experienced database professional with deep knowledge of all aspects of managing, maintaining, and updating databases.

Etl business analyst resume
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  3. The network control Specialist is responsible for monitoring the Iridium Gateways and remote site equipment to ensure timely outage notification and resolution of issues in a 24x7x365 environment while fully complying with and executing the gateway operational policies and procedures. You are here: Home ». Etl » Using a simple python script for End-to-End Data Transformation and.

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  6. 1) permanent maybe contract to hire. 2) job location wanted: Sacramento california downTown, citrus heights, carmichael, fair oaks, north Highlands, roseville, rocklin and outlaying areas like downtown, rocklin, roseville, rancho cordova. Ba acts as a medium between stakeholders and the project team. By going through this. Business Analyst, interview questions you can easily clear the interview.

  7. Programmer, analyst, programmer, analyst. Do software analysis and design. Design user interface and mid-ware infrastructure. Use dotnet and ssrs software. Jo b Type and Where.

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