Essay on the book i like the most

essay on the book i like the most

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We drink water again and again. We like cold water to drink. Other side of summer coin is fruitful. We get best fruits in this season in our country. We get mangoes, water melons, muskmelons, blackberry, mulberry, and sweet violet etc. In addition to fruits, this season is the base of rainy season, monsoon rain fall depends  on the season. Both Monsoon rain take water from bay of Bengal and Arabian sea.

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In village the condition is not very good. Due to scarcity of water the villages life become a curse. We need water for drinking purpose. In addition to it animals suffer for water. During summer beasts pant for breath due to heat. They seek health shade and sit under it for rest. They do not like to wander in the burning heat. The birds hide themselves in the branches of trees or holes of walls. The earth becomes hard and hot. It is so hot that one cannot walk bare footed. The wind is hot and dusty.

Chiks and curtains are used in every house. Khuskhus curtain are kept wet during the day. In summer we feel scarcity of margaret water. Small rivers, ponds and tanks become dry. The level of water goes down. The grass becomes withered and dry. There becomes a problem of water supply. In cities water is supplied for a limited period.

essay on the book i like the most

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It becomes difficult to walk in the  day. At mid- day no- body lies to go out due to intense of heat. Rich people make use of fans and coolers. The greater part of the day is wasted  in laziness and rest. Schools and College hours are changed during summer. Early morning hours are understood to be the best period to work. So all institutions work in the morning. Educational institutions are closed during summer vacation.

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essay on the book i like the most

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As there is little fear of cold and coughs i eat plenty. Nothing can hold me back from cold coffee with ice-cream and ice-cream soda. Thanks to summers, i can fulfill all my desires in taste. In fact, the summer season is the time when I can be my own self and i enjoy its every moment. 2, the summer season. Generally we call two the seasons in this world Summer and Winter. The Indian Summer is the hottest season in the whole year.

The rays of sun fall on cancel and make india very hot. Actually India has six seasons. Summer is one of them. May and June are the moths of summer. We have too heat to bear. Plains of India are hot while mountain areas are not so hot. We feel uneasy in this season.

The queen of seasons, Spring is also the season of festivals. Every season has its own characteristic features. During summer season the intense hear and the scorching sun rays are  a cures. People prefer to stay indoors. Many areas face the problem of water scarcity. Almost every year during summers epidemic breaks out.

But despite the various draw backs of the summer season, it is the season I like most. The end of the Spring is the beginning of summer. I welcome this change as it is the sign of fast approaching summer vacations. These holidays are always awaited. They are a relief from the heavy book load, tedious study schedule of school, l difficult assignments and brain raking examinations. Holidays means no fixed  routine and I can spend my time as I please. Playing and splashing in the cool waters of the swimming pool in the company of my friends  is what i enjoy most. Many delicious fruits come only in this season. Watermelons, grapes and the king of fruits-mangoes are my fond temptations.

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We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Eric from Graduateway, hi there, would you like to get an essay? Let me help you. The season i like most, seasons change with the change in nature. Summer, rainy, winter and Spring are the seasons in our the tropical continent. The summers are so hot that people eagerly wait for the monsoon. The rains bring relief. The winters are cold and many parts of northern India experience snow fall.

essay on the book i like the most

One day he succeeded in catching a giant marlin; but was not in a position to pull it out. The result was that the business catch was eaten by sharks. Besides the story and the over-all plot of the novel, the style of narration and the language are also highly impressive. Hemingway is nowhere bombastic or Johnsonian in the novel On the contrary, his style is greatly forceful with simple and easy-to-understand sentences, having few confusing adverbs or adjectives. This is why The old man and the sea is the only book i have liked most. Havent found a paper? Let us create the best one for you! What is your topic? By clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

own survival. There were no admirers left and the one-time hero had become almost a forgotten story. There were times, when he had to survive on charity of others. However, the old man did not give up easily. He remained firm and unyielding and continued trying his luck with his not till the last moment. He proved himself a brave, struggling fighter. He accepted his fate not in despair but with courage and determination.

For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, hemingway was a highly successful, prolific,. Writer of international fame and his novel in question was awarded the coveted Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954. The Old Man and the sea, was, actually, brought out in 1952. Naturally and undisputedly, a masterpiece of Hemingway, the Old Man and the sea is a beautiful description of the changing phases in the life of a man. It brings to the mind how the behaviour of acquaintances, friends, nations online and co-workers of a man undergoes a sea change with the drifting of a phase in life. The main character in the novel is an old fisherman, facing the loss of his lost vigour with great patience and fortitude. An expert master fisherman in his hay days, the old man had, in his by-gone days, trained a number of aspiring young men in baiting and catching fish. They had all learnt venturing out into the sea and fight against the ebb and flow of tides under his expert guidance. They not only admired him for his great skill and courage; but heaped upon him praises for his daring nature and tact time and again.

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I can unhesitatingly and boastfully claim that my never- failing friends are they, with whom I converse day by day. And these friends, with whom I talk, converse and gossip as a matter of routine, are the books, that are stacked in our family-library. Their sweet, long company has made me a true book-lover in the real sense. Without any doubt or reservation, i reviews can frankly say that blessed are those, who are in constant company of books. Books never desert us, when we fall prey to evil days, and they never flatter us, when fortune smiles. In my life so far, i have read many books including the titles on travels and adventures; biographies and autobiographies; love poems and nature poems; novels and stories and plays written by various authors of long standing and good repute. If i am asked to choose the book which I like most, i would go for the novel the old man and the sea, written by the world-renowned novelist Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961). We will write a custom essay sample on my favourite book or the book i like most specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on my favourite book or the book i like most specifically for. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on my favourite book or the book i like most specifically for you.

Essay on the book i like the most
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I like to re-read them from time to time, sometimes I make some notes on their pages and just smell the scent of childhood and magic. Pilgrims Progress What i think About the book, what i like /Dislike, and What i would Change. King david book essay.

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  1. Here are essays on my favourite subject of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam. You can choose any my favourite subject essay as per your need. The facts learned in this subject can be applied in real life and that is what I like the most about. The season i like most. Seasons change with the change in nature.

  2. Why It is Important to Speak clearly. Some like story books, other like the detective moues and the other like science fiction but I have different mind. I do not have any favourite book of those. We will write a custom essay sample. The book i like most.

  3. Essay on books Are our Best Friends. I liked the quick response given by you, i hope the mistake gets corrected more quickly! Apart from these two types, some other kind of books are published like books for education purpose and interesting books of health, cooking, horror, horoscope, jokes, encyclopaedia, poetry, literature, adventures and dramatically prefer by different age of people. Books Essay 3 (300 words). Secondly, there is nothing like the physical sensation you get when you read a book.

  4. Preserve articles is home of thousands of articles published and preserved by users like you. Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories. My favourite book or the book i like most Essay. On the other hand, the general health is usually good. The discomforts caused by cold season ailments of digestion, common in the rainy season, practically do not exist in this stern season. Read Also : Essay on my favorite book.

  5. T is home of thousands of articles published by users like you. If i am asked to choose the book which I like most, i would go for the novel the old man and the sea, written by the world-renowned novelist Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961). Old Man and the sea book report. My mother had advised me to go through this holy book along with its meaning as a daily prayer. The ideas contained in the book are great.

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