Essay on safety begins at home

essay on safety begins at home

Safety begins at home close to home

Losing a good employee for a period of time could mean increased training, overtime expenses, delayed completion of orders, and so many other outlays associated with the hidden costs of a work related accident. A worker falling down the steps of their home could be just as devastating to your business as if they dropped a heavy box on their leg at work. As a result, the topic of home accidents should definitely be addressed in your overall safety program. Spend some training time reviewing national statistics related to home accidents and means to prevent them in the future. Some ideas to prevent falls can be: Remove clutter from floor surfaces and keep them clean. Use non-skid throw rugs, make certain all stairway handrails are properly installed. Keep areas well lit, a recent Internet search for Home safety Checklists led to dozens of free downloadable checklists which contain valuable information and can be shared with your employees.

Safety begins at Home

Janet Valente, of University of georgia cooperative extension, discussed areas of the home where trips and falls are most likely to occur and share how to make your home safer. This is a dynamic discussion of hazards that can make a home unsafe and how to avoid falling, the leading cause of injury deaths for older adults. By bill Tricarico, senior Risk management Consultant, mcNeil company, inc. Most businesses strive for a safe work environment. Weve previously covered the known and hidden expenses incurred when an employee is injured on the job which can be quite high. But what about when a worker is injured off the job at the place they spend most of their timetheir home. According to a recent cnn study, accidents at home account for 77 of all accident related writers injuries. The centers for Disease control indicates that home accidents are the cause of 20,000 deaths, english 7 million disabling injuries, and 20 million hospital trips in the United States every year with falls being the major cause. And injuries at home relate to absenteeism at work. While your main concern is certainly with your employees health, their inability to perform their jobs could end up costing your business a considerable sum.

Special attention should word be paid to ordinary glass objects since they present danger while breaking into pieces. Medicines and cleaners present rather important category in the context of home safety, and therefore should be stored in appropriate containers. Thus, cautious treatment is a must to eliminate uncontrolled access. As well as inner home safety issues, the hazard may come from external factors such as burglaries. To this end, it is advisable to secure the doors with reliable locks that assume extra protection. Alarm systems and surveillance cameras are the additional devices to prevent and deter burglars. Safety, begins at, home : Home, safety, tips for Older Adults was the focus of one of a series of seminars. . Pamela turner and .

essay on safety begins at home

safety starts at home - the hindu

Of particular importance is cutting off water supply when a family leaves home for vacation. In terms of sustaining home safety while using heating products, it is noteworthy that fuel-burning appliances are burning by using fresh air and therefore produce waste gases (deadly carbon monoxide (CO).Therefore, airbricks and air vents should remain unblocked. Whenever, gas flame transfers into orange colour, this means that carbon monoxide goes out, and thus the appliance should be stopped and checked immediately. In addition to this, regular check out of pilots on gas cookers and water heaters should be made to ensure they have not gone out. At that, a special watch should be kept on young children and elderly people while using open fires and heaters. All heated and sharp products should be kept out from children to prevent the scalding and cuttings of the latter. Panhandles should be turned inward to protect them from children reach. Cordless kettles or those summary with coiled lead should be used to save them from pulling by children.

Portable mains-operated appliances should be kept out of the bathroom. Electric blankets should be checked and serviced and regularly. Furthermore, it is recommended not to experiment with faulty appliances or devices not to damage the central system of electricity supply. In many homes, residual Current devices are used to ensure overall house protection. At that, electric sockets should never be overloaded. The third main issue on home safety agenda regards water. It is rather important to regularly check sinks and taps to ensure that water runs smoothly.

Be aware, be safe - safety begins at home vuk uzenzele

essay on safety begins at home

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In terms of safety process, to prevent fire from starting, it is necessary to sustain all heaters and (open) fires well-guarded. It is recommended to apply in-built guards that are provide extra protection, as well as nursery guards with side clips fitting into fixed wall editor brackets. Furthermore, portable heaters and candles should be kept away from away from curtains and furniture in a safe position where they cannot get knocked over. Next, it is advisable not to air or dry clothes near cookers or open fire. Smoking in bed should be eliminated as far as possible since this alone may cause a lot of trouble. Since the majority of fires start in the kitchen, no objects should be left unattended while cooking, boiling, frying or heating. Matches and lighters should be kept out of children reach.

To eliminate fire risks, approved smoke detectors should be fit on each floor. In addition alarm signals and escape routes should be established. Regarding electrical safety, it is advisable that all electric devices are treated with respect. To this end, wiring installation should be checked by approved contractors to ensure that overall system of electricity supply functions properly. To avoid electrical hazards, appliances with damaged business or worn flexes should not be used; at that wire flexes cannot be used in conjunction.

We also encourage all families to post the number for. Oregon poison Center by home phones and in all caregivers cell phones. The, ohsu doernbecher Child-Proof, safety, checklist can help you protect your child from unnecessary injury. Ohsu doernbechers Tom Sargent Childrens, safety, center is dedicated to reducing childhood injuries and we invite you to contact us with your questions about childproofing, car seats or sports helmets. Were here to help you keep your child safe at home and on the.

Visit our website or call us at for more information. Marianne Bridwell-Chapman, program coordinator, ohsu doernbecher Tom Sargent Childrens, safety, center, related. Example of a process essay on, english about: home / safety / fire / electricity, title: How to make a home safe. Overall, our homes present accident-prone environments and there are sober facts and statistics to prove this argument right. Misfortunes at home happen with all of us, especially children and aged people. Therefore, the situation necessities close consideration of home safety process. One of the most important concerns is fire safety, since fires mostly start suddenly and unexpectedly able to damage home and our belongings therein in counted seconds. Most importantly, fire hazard endangers our life.

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Window stops for all second-story and above ground windows. It is recommended that windows be entry blocked at a four-inch opening, this allows air circulation in a room but prevents window falls. Do not place anything under a window that would allow a child to climb up and access the window. Keep windows Kid-Free zones. Wall-mounted gates at the top of stairs and pressure-mounted gates at the bottom of stairs will help reduce falls. Toilet locks can reduce the chance of drowning. In the bathroom, we remind families to never leave a child alone in the tub and be sure to store all cleaners and medications up and out of the way business of children.

essay on safety begins at home

Children 11-17 years are equally at risk to victimization. At the time you are giving your older children more freedom, make sure they understand the important safety rules as well. Be prepared, the motto of boy scouts, could also be adopted by parents of 6-month-old babies. When they begin to roll, scoot, crawl and pull-up on furniture, its time to child-proof the home. Using safety products like baby gates, toilet locks, window stops and furniture wall straps can reduce and injuries in the home. While nothing takes the place of the watchful eye of an adult, the correct use of childproofing products does buy caregivers time to react and helps keep children safe. Ohsu doernbechers Tom Sargent Childrens, safety, center recommends that families consider installing the following items in their homes: Plug protectors in all electrical outlets and power cord strip covers to prevent access to electricity and reduce the chance of shock. Furniture wall straps to secure heavy furniture to walls and prevent it from tipping over on a child. Bookcases, chests of drawer and television cabinets are all good candidates.

source of help for them if they are in trouble. We need to give children safety nets of people they can go to if they need help. Those individuals may include uniformed law-enforcement or security officers; a store salesperson with a name tag; the person in an information booth at a mall or other public venue; or a mother with children. Practice what you talk about ; until children can incorporate safety measures into their daily lives, it may not be clearly understood. Find opportunities to practice what if scenarios. Teach your children it is more important to get out of a threatening situation it is to be polite. They also need to know it is okay to tell you what happened. Dont forget your older children.

Today, kids need to be empowered with positive messages and safety skills that will build their self esteem and self confidence, while helping to keep them safe. Kids dont need to be told the world is a scary place. Rather, they need to know their parents / guardian is there for them if they are in trouble; and most adults they encounter in their lives are basically good people. What parents should know when talking to their children about this issue? When you speak to your children, yardage do so in a calm, non-threatening manner. Children do not need to be frightened to get the point. Fear can be paralyzing to a child. Speak openly and comfortably about safety issues.

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Household cleaners and chemicals we use every day can word be harmful to our health or the environment or both even products marketed as natural, organic or environmentally friendly. Follow these simple steps to stay safe. The world seems to be increasingly becoming a dangerous place; parents are increasingly worrying about their children and their safety. Its a natural parental reaction to be protective, but realistically it is not possible to watch over your child all day, everyday. Pre-teen and teenage children need to see their friends and spend time away from their parents. All these independent activities are essential to the growth of identity. Your most important job is to keep your child as safe as you can without arousing tension and fear.

Essay on safety begins at home
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  4. Household cleaners and chemicals we use every day can be harmful to our health or the environment or both even products marketed as natural, organic or environmentally friendly.

  5. Safety begins at, home : Home safety, tips for Older Adults was the focus of one of a series of seminars. Pamela turner and. Janet Valente, of University of georgia cooperative extension, discussed areas of the home where trips and falls are most likely to occur and share how to make your home safer. Safety begins At Home. A recent Internet search for home safety Checklists led to dozens of free downloadable checklists which contain.

  6. Free process essay example on, home safe home. Example of a process essay on English about. Safety begins, at, home. The world seems to be increasingly becoming a dangerous place; parents are. International School created by Whiz-media.

  7. Childrens safety begins at home, be Prepared, the motto of boy scouts, could also be adopted by parents of 6-month-old babies. When they begin to roll. Safety means protecting ourselves from any danger that may hurt us or endanger to our lives. Home, essay on Safety. Essay on safety at home - get to know easy steps how to receive a plagiarism free themed essay from a professional writing. Essay on food safety begins at home.

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