Book writers wanted

book writers wanted

Ebook writers Wanted hire Freelance ebook writers

The submissions manager at okinawa hai  will edit your article to correct any spelling/grammar/typos.  Articles may be cropped to simplify.  Editors may also contact you for more information.  They will insert pictures where it is appropriate within the article. Photos may be cropped or resized as needed. How will my article be used?

By the book: Writers on Literature and the literary life

If you would like to link to your personal blog or social media account, thank please provide that in your email. Email your completed article, including photos to email protected, once your article has been received and edited for grammar, it will be scheduled on our site. The submissions Manager will send you a confirmation email within a week of your submission. Article submission faqs, who can submit and article? Anyone who would like to share their experience about a specific event, location, or business on or relating to okinawa. If you are affiliated with the business you would like to write about, please see our. Advertising page for more details. What types of articles are accepted? Articles written should be a positive review of the business/location/experience. Also, submissions should be clearly written, edited for grammar/spelling, and follow the specific guidelines that are posted above. What is the editing process like?

Horizontal photos work best. Photos should be a png. Photos should be approximately 600400 pixels and between 30-40kb. Files cannot exceed 40kb each. Photos must be your own or linked to the source. The article parts must be submitted as a word doc. The subject line of the email should include the title of the article and your name as you would like it published on the site. (example: hearth Cafe/Tom. Or hearth Cafe/Tom Sawyer).

book writers wanted

Green-Light your book: How Writers Can Succeed in the new

Now lets get to the nitty gritty of it all. What do you summary actually have. Submission Requirements, please be sure your submission meets all of the following requirements. If information is year incorrect or missing, our editors will contact you for more details and will delay the posting process. In addition to your experience, you must include (if applicable location name, address and/or gps coordinates, phone number. Website and/or Facebook page, hours, types of payment accepted, type of parking (street, paid lot, parking lot, etc). Include 2-3 photos, including one of the outside of the building/driveway (if applicable).

 take clear and detailed photos.  Think of what types of images youd like to see in an article.  Be proud of your article. After all, your names on it and its being published to the interwebs forever and ever! Allot of our regular contributors have their own blog and share articles theyve already written about okinawa.  Thats totally awesome!  Wed love to link your site and share your project!

Book reviewers Wanted - any subject books

book writers wanted

Agents and book proposals - writers and Editors

We never have, and analysis wed like to keep it that way. The entire site is contributed by people like you and freelance writers, who have gone out, explored, found new parks, beaches, cafes, and decided to share those spots with everyone else. Have you ever wished there was a certain article on okinawa hai but it wasnt there? Its your opportunity to write one! What about those outdated articles?

Feel free to write a new one, wed love to keep things current. Our site stays fresh because of you! However, we do have a few requirements in order to keep the site cohesive, and Ill talk about them below. Furthermore, we will also have a link on our homepage for easy referencing. Inherently, we like good vibes here at okinawa hai, so wed like you to share your positive experience with us review a place that youd recommend people visit.

We are looking for freelance writers who will learn about a product category, identify the low-priced products, assess what the experts and users say about them, and write an article that tells consumers what they need to know and recommends the best budget buys. In this time of economic stress, you can help put some lining back into consumers pockets and cash into your wallet; last but not least, youll have the good fortune of working with a collegial and easy-going crowd. Contact us today at, i went through the application process with these folks a while back. They are serious about their business and looking for long-term relationships with good writers who can produce quickly. You will be asked to submit samples and suggestions. You will undergo an in-depth telephone interview and the company principals will take a few days to decide if youre a good match.

Feel free to ask questions. Let us know how you fared with them and what you thought of the hiring process and the job. More to read: How to stop bitching and sell your writing. Make 30K annually from your blog. Contributed by your okinawa hai managers. Okinawa hai is a community fed site.  What does that mean?  We dont have staff writers.

Everything you wanted to Know about book sales (But Were

Dont you get tired of reading the same over-published, randomly copied Craigslist jobs for freelance writers? These gigs are mostly trash, dont pay, and some are even out-right scams. However, there are work-at-home, telecommute jobs for writers — jobs that essay pay decent money. Heres one of my best finds. A site called, cheapism hires freelancers to write short reviews of low-price, high-value consumer goods. Heres their ad: Are you a thorough researcher, fluid writer, and cautious spender? If the answer to all three is yes, m would like to meet you. We are a new website that aims to be consumers first stop on the way to finding the best inexpensive goods and services.

book writers wanted

Of course i hope it goes without saying that you need to have good grammar and spelling skills. Send the above items to: And please don't assume that "everyone else" will apply and that you shouldn't bother! If you're interested, please contact me and you too can be on your way to fame and fortune! Tags: screen rant, give screen Rant a thumbs up! Is Daredevil season 3 being writing Held Back Until After avengers 4? Email, looking for an, ad free experience on ScreenRant? Get your Free access Now!

mainly to just keep folks. I need people who actually have some time to write about the latest movie news. I'm not looking for huge, lengthy pieces - i would say anywhere from words per story is fine and ideally i'd like to see at least 1 - 2 items posted per day. I'd prefer folks who enjoy screen Rant's "spin" on the movies, but all are welcome. If you're interested, here's what you need to do: - send in a couple of writing samples. Ideally covering current movie-related items. I'm not looking for a copy and paste from some other source - please cover the stories with your own "voice" and throw in your thoughts/opinion on the story. tell me why you'd like to write for Screen Rant. ) - include your name, where you live and if you have a personal blog, a link to that. (Optional) If you're so inclined, your review/opinion of a recent movie release.

Simply put, we have the best core group of freelance science writers that you can find on the internet today. Enjoy the best per page rate available online today. Although the work that our science writers do may seem difficult and thankless, they are truly not. All of our writers enjoy the best per page rate available online today, along with the flexibility to guaranteed set their own writing schedules and complete assignments that only they feel they can. With flexibility of this nature and the growth potential of our science writers, it is obvious to see that WriteZillas has built a reputation for hiring writers and caring for them well. If you have a written artistic type of talent and wish to bring your skills to us, we are in need for top freelance science writers and are willing to look at your application immediately, so do not hesitate to apply. Do you love movies and talking about movie news? Well I'm looking to add a couple of movie news writers to Screen Rant.

A rally of Writers

Bearing a strong desire to seek out stories, peek into new scientific evidence and having the ability to learn new things in the world of presentation science is a common trend found amongst freelance science writers. Freelance science writers have nothing but the knowledge of current and past scientific happenings on their hearts, and can attest to the fact that there is no simple recipe found online or in a book for becoming a science writer, yet everyone will concur that. WriteZillas loves the deep, creative nature of science writers and appreciates the work they perform, and leaves nothing to chance when hiring these talented individuals. A huge demand for talented freelance science writers. Academically speaking, there is a huge demand for talented freelance science writers to take assignments from students and turn them into well-crafted works of art. These may come in the form of a thesis, a paper based on an experiment, or any other unthinkable science writing assignment. Once the writers receive their work, an intuitive side of them comes out, researching all available resources to get their science assignment written in a professional, easy to digest format fitting for the freshman in college all the way to the grad student preparing. No matter when end of the learning spectrum our clients fall under, the freelance science writer that we deploy for the assignment is guaranteed to be a true professional at their field, providing the most elite form of writing one could ask for.

Book writers wanted
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Are you an article writer or freelancer and would like to get paid for writing about places located here in okinawa? We would love. Freelance writers wanted — paying job Writers wanted at three online freelance markets your book writing competition writing ideas.

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