Write the dates in full

write the dates in full

Write the dates in full 22nd August the twenty-second

Bake two batches of cookies — one for your family and one for a neighbour. Play with your pet. Go camping (even if its just in the backyard!). Havarty to celebratcreen-free week. 1 In pairs, check the types of tv programmes below. Then think of a programme in our country for each type. 2 Complete the sentences with the types of programmes in Exercise.

Write, dates, correctly grammarly

When do you usually watch TV? Do you ever watch tv in the morning? How many hours of tv do you usually watch in a week? Have you got a tv in your bedroom? Do you ever argue at home about which programme to watch? Would you like to live without tv for a week? What do you enjoy doing instead of watching TV? Organise resume a community clean-up. Paint a picture, a fence or a room. Ask an older family member to tell you a story about his or her childhood.

So, there are plenty of things to do, but are they as much fun as watching TV? D) Annie davidson, a lecturer in Media studies from North London, doesnt think that watching tv is a passive activity. On the contrary, it gives you something to talk about. For example, thesis when we watch a soap opera, we form opinions about characters or stories. And if you dont watch it too much, tv isnt necessarily harmful for your health. The dates for Screen-Free week are may 4-10, 2015 and may 2-8, 2016. Will you take part in it and find out the wide range of possibilities open to you when television is not a part of your life?

write the dates in full

Write the dates in full

We often watch shocking tv pictures of wars, social problems or famine, but we often dont understand why these problems started. Campaigners also say that watching tv is a passive activity. C) There are serious arguments for turning off. But what do anti-tv campaigners recommend instead of tv entertainment? Have a look at their websites, presentation read their leaflets and you will find lots of ideas: go to the library, learn to play a musical instrument, play with your pets or start word a diary. Or you could learn about your family history, do some charity work, or go to a museum. Read a newspaper or listen to the radio.

Screen-Free week started in 1994 in the usa (it was then called tv turn-Off week) after concerns about the health, social and educational impact television viewing was having on young people. Since then, every year during the last week in April people are invited to turn off their TVs for a week and to turn on life — to do something useful instead of just sitting and passively watching. Organisers in the usa, uk, france, brazil and Spanish-speaking countries believe that over 300 million people have taken part in the turn-off, with millions participating each year. B) But is tv really such a bad thing? Cant tv educate people? Doesnt tv news tell us more about what is happening in the world than any other type of media? Anti-tv groups dont agree. Television is hopeless at explaining the reasons behind the news, they argue.

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write the dates in full

Write the dates in full 22and august, the twenty-second of august, 13th

In 1965 two computers were connected by telephone sri across the set usa. Ray tomlinson invented email in 1972. Email was invented in 1972 by ray tomlinson. We dont know the exact number of websites. The exact number of websites is unknown. Search engines have counted at least eight billion web pages.

At least eight billion web pages are counted in search engines. Today over a billion people use the Internet. Today the Internet is used by over a billion people. Tv or not TV? Anti-tv groups are organising another Screen-Free week. Helen Clark asks if tv is really such a bad thing. A) The average family spends 4—5 hours every day watching tv, but only 35 minutes having a meaningful conversation.

Gossip column — e glamour couple Chrissie butros and Spike dare 7) are photographed everywhere they. Its part of their daily life. But youve never seen photos like these ones! International news — f More than 2,500 people 8) were killed in an earthquake in Iran. The earthquake measured.7 on the richter scale.

7 In pairs, look at the words and phrases in Exercise 6 and answer the questions. Which section of a newspaper do you read first? Which sections do you never read? 8 Complete each sentence using the passive so that it means the same as the sentence above. In the early 1960s people proposed the idea of computer networks. In the early 1960s the idea of computer networks was proposed. In 1965 somebody connected two computers by telephone across the usa.

Write the dates in full 22nd August

6 In pairs, complete extracts reviews a-f with the correct passive form of the verbs in brackets. Then match them with the newspaper sections below. Readers letters — a in your article you say that every year hundreds of cyclists 1) are killed by drivers. How summary many car drivers 2) were killed by bicycles last year? Sports — b The world 100 metres record 3) has been broken for the second time this week! The planet 5) was discovered by astronomers in California early last week. Tv guide — d Jimmy deep stars in this comedy. Deep 6) is not asked to play comic roles very often, but he is really funny.

write the dates in full

B people have created thousands of newspaper websites since 1990. we use the harry passive when we are more interested in the action than the person who does. 4, look at the underlined verbs in sentences 1-3 in Exercise 3 and complete the rules with the words below. the past Simple passive with was/were and the past Participle. the Present Perfect Passive with has been/have been and the past Participle. We often use the word by to indicate who does the action. To form the passive we use the correct form of the verb to be and the past Participle. 5 Find more examples of the passive in the quiz. What tense are they?

groups, do the quiz mad about media. The sun is bought by about.7 million people every day. The printing press was invented by gutenberg in 1447. A gutenberg invented the printing press in 1447. Thousands of newspaper websites have been created since 1990.

Newspapers are read by people in the world every day. The five most popular newspapers in the world are all sold in the same country — which one? When were the first photographs printed in a newspaper? Which of these international magazines has been published for the the longest time? Which of the magazines in question 5 is the most popular? The sun is the uks most popular daily newspaper. Every day it is bought by about people. How many newspaper websites have been created since 1990?

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The 31st of business December- new year the 7th of January-Christmas, easter- the date changes every year the 14th of February-valentine's day the 23th of February- protector of the motherland day. The 8th of March- International Women's day the 12th of April- cosmonaut's day the 1st of may- spring and Labor day the 9th of may -victory day the 12th of June- russian day the 4th of november- day of National Unity. Le moteur de recherche est momentanément indisponible. Veuillez nous excuser pour la gène occasionnée. Les autres services de recherche restent accessibles à partir de la liste ci-dessous : Trouver aussi dans. Unit 10 The media workbook. Write a letter to a magazine.

Write the dates in full
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Lord of the Flies (Bloom s Modern Critical Interpretations) overseeing their efforts are ralph, the boy with fair hair, and Piggy. CE) was an Indian king from the paramara dynasty.

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  1. Veuillez nous excuser pour la gène occasionnée. The thirteenth of April the twenty-fifth of October the third of June the. Write the dates in full 22nd August. 22nd August - the twenty-second (of) August. 24/5 the twenty-fourth of may. Ends with yours faithfully and full name?

  2. Write down the dates of holidays celebrated in Russia. 22hd August the twenty-second of august 13th April th October rd June. The thirteenth of April. Write the dates in full 22nd August the twenty-second of August 13th April 25th October. Write the dates in full. Le moteur de recherche est momentanément indisponible.

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