Steve earle please write a song for me

steve earle please write a song for me

Steve, earle — sugarland

But this is a really solid album, too- not so much a singles record, but the late beatles at their very best. Pepper gets play for being the first concept album, and the White Album has more famous singles, but Abbey road is where they put it all together, and did it right. Making movies by dire Straits. Yeah, fine, "Hand in Hand" is sappy and "Les boys" is filler, but somehow they fit on this record. And "Romeo and Juliet" is worth inclusion in the "great hopeless love song" canon, while "Tunnel of love" and "Skateaway" are great tunes. Blood on the Tracks by bob Dylan.

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crunching guitars, and a little bit of thailis soul-music crooning mixed. "my curse" with guest vocals by marcy mays writing is one of the creepiest songs i've ever heard, and the desperate yearning in the cover of "i keep Coming Back" gives me chills. It's a tragedy that these guys never really hit it big. 1965 by the Afghan Whigs. To be more specific, it's a tragedy that this album didn't sell a billion copies. Described on their (now defunct) web site as an album where "guilt takes a back seat to lust this is the Whigs making a party album. The whole record is perhaps best summed up by the lyrics (from "Somethin' hot "Baby, you don't know/ Just how I lie awake/ And dream a while, about your smile/ And the way you make your ass shake"- greg Dulli isn't any more well-adjusted. Allan Bloom would hate this record, but it kicks enough ass to make the Whigs the only band with two albums on this list. Abbey road by the beatles. Partly, this is nostalgia- abbey road provides the soundtrack for my earliest fragmentary memories.

It's important that year the songs all fit together well, which is part of why i exclude "Greatest Hits" packages from consideration, but live albums are off the list as well, just to be difficult. I should emphasize that this isn't really a "favorite albums" list per se, or a good indicator of the sort of thing I play most frequently. There are lots of albums that make regular appearances in my cd player that aren't listed below, usually because of one or two actively irritating tracks, some of them great records by almost any standard. I'm a big Bob Dylan fan, but Blonde On Blonde misses out because "Rainy day women" is so goddamn annoying, and Highway 61 revisited doesn't make it because "Ballad of a thin Man" bugs. It's also limited to records i actually own, so while there's a chance that Born to run or London Calling might belong on the list, the fact that I don't have them on cd disqualifies them from consideration. And all the usual disclaimers apply: Tastes Vary, all imao, ymmv. The list, in alphabetical order by artist, because that's how the discs are shelved: Gentlemen by the Afghan Whigs. A fantastic portrait of a disintegrating relationship, with biting lyrics She said 'baby, forever but I don't like to be alone/ so don't stay away too long baby, forever well it's tuesday now i hear him breathing inside of her.

steve earle please write a song for me

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Of course, being a naturally contrary sort, i'll do this in a slightly idiosyncratic manner. As noted in another recent post, i have some fairly strong opinions on what constitutes a good album, that go beyond just having three or four good singles. A really great album is a collection of songs that all work together, and add up to something more than the sum of the individual tunes- mediocre songs should be lifted up in the context of a really great album, and sound better than they. It's also crucial that none of the songs be actively bad or annoying. I've sometimes referred to this (with characteristic humility) as the "Perfect Album" supermarket concept, but it's a little tricky to concisely nail down exactly what I mean. It's important that all of the songs be at least reasonably good, so i've sometimes said "They're records on which all the tracks are good" or "They're records you can put on 'random Play' in a cd changer without needing to skip tracks but there's. Buffalo tom has a few such albums, to pick a name off the mp3 collection, but none of them make the perfect Album list.

So it's important to take a few minutes every now and then to salute the things that nasa's done right. And two of their biggest successes are the. Voyager probes, still going strong after 25 years, and coming up on the outer "edge" of the solar System. Yeah, fine, these probes date from before the agency really fell on hard times, and they're each basically just a camera and a radio, but still, they're an impressive achievement, and deserve a little recognition. Here's to the voyager probes, then- may they keep running for another 25 years. And may they still think kindly of us when they're absorbed into the consciousness of a destructive alien space cloud. (Aside: The post title is taken from david Brin's short story "The Crystal Spheres from the excellent collection The river of Time (go buy a copy now). The story offers an interesting take on the "Fermi paradox." Another story in the collection senses Three and Six if I'm remembering correctly) offers a wonderful explanation for nasa's problems- the failed missions and cost overruns are all an accounting blind to hide the vast.

Steve, earle new song

steve earle please write a song for me

So you wanna be an Outlaw (Town Hall nyc

And there it was in the Used short Pop/Rock bin. Contains their cover of the Gloria gaynor chestnut "i will Survive which I like. Greatest Hits by the eurythmics. More gap-filling from the Used Pop/Rock bin. I am, after all, a child of the 80's, and need to have a few nostalgia albums around. Nothing all that daring, really, but then these were chain stores in the Albany area, so it's a little tricky to find "daring" at all. Posted at 9:39 am link follow-ups 1 comment, it's sort of fashionable to pick on nasa, and harp on how far they've fallen from the glory days of the Apollo program, usually with a few digs thrown in about how their incompetence proves the gross.

And, to be sure, the agency has provided its critics with plenty of material for mockery- the warped mirror on the hubble, a rash of missing Mars probes, the white elephant of the Shuttle program. Some of these truly are unforgivable- the persons responsible for the missed unit conversion that blew up one of the mars probes should be beaten to death with a platinum-irridium alloy meter stick. But a lot of the criticism of nasa's failures tends to miss the point- what they're trying to do is astonishingly difficult. Trying the to land a spacecraft on the surface of Mars is akin to trying to land a radio-controlled model airplane on the Empire State building, from boise, idaho- it's not like you could give a bunch of wise-ass pundits a billion dollars and a wrench. It's fairly amazing that they can get a probe in the vicinity of another planet at all, let alone land one on the surface and do interesting science once it's there (and a lot of the problems they end up with stem from the fact. The impressive successes they have managed are overshadowed by the past- we've all been spoiled by the Apollo program, from which we picked up the mistaken impression that this stuff is easy, and success should come automatically.

Not as much fun as their last album, tending more to slightly mopey ballads (not quite as mopey as August and everything After, though). The single "American Girls" and "Why Should you come When i call?" are the only tunes that really stood out on first listening. Busted Stuff by the dave matthews Band. Much more the sort of thing I want from dave matthews than the previous everyday, which sounded sort of like dave matthews dipping into the system of a puddle of Creed catalogue. Another one that hasn't yet gotten my full attention, but what I have heard sounds like this will temporarily reverse the downward trend since Crash. Keb' mo' by, well, keb' mo'.

Straightforward, friendly acoustic blues, because sometimes you just need to hear that sort of thing. He's one of those guys who turns up on the occasional late-night or -early-weekend-morning blues show on the radio, and i always say "i ought to check that album out." Well, now i've checked one of his albums out (it was the cheapest of the. Romeo's Escape by dave alvin. I saw this one in the used bin for something like five bucks, and said "I wonder if it has 'fourth of July' on it?" having learned that it's a dave alvin tune over. The answer is "Yes, it does." haven't listened to it yet. Fashion Nugget by cake. Weird alternative band with mariachi trumpet behind deadpan vocals. I've liked their two more recent albums, but never got around to buying this one.

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His new one isn't out yet, so i couldn't buy that to really cheese off the "blogosphere but this was, and it fills business a gap in my collection. 89/93: An Anthology by Uncle tupelo. The original kings of untry. I have a copy of Anodyne, but none of the earlier albums. This partially fills that gap- it's a pretty comprehensive collection. I haven't had time to give it my full attention yet, but the bits I have listened to are pretty solid. Hard Candy by counting Crows.

steve earle please write a song for me

recent blitz of new stuff that I want lured. I don't usually buy cd's in blocks of ten, but I did this weekend, and it was a decent scatter of things, which provides another fair guide to my tastes in music, so i'll list them here: The rising by Bruce Springsteen. Don't give up On me by solomon Burke. I reviewed this over on BlogCritics, so it'd be a little redundant to say more here. The Essential Steve earle by Steve earle. In a fit of contrarianism, the recent hoo-hah about how eeeeevil he is for- gasp - writing a song about John Walker only made me want to go out and buy steve earle albums. (In a similar vein, ranting about thw eeevil of Jane fonda tends to make me want to rent Barberella. Then I remember having watched Barberella, and the feeling goes away.) That, plus Transcendental Blues is a very good album.

(I'll also note that, salon has a book review with the absolutely wonderful title "Sometimes a snake orgy is Just a snake orgy", which is pretty entertaining.). On the other hand, if you're in the mood for more pop-culture stuff, i'll plug 75 or Less Album reviews. Leaving aside reviews what may be a grammar error in the title (words being discrete, "fewer" might be preferred, but then "75 words or fewer" doesn't really sound right. they do exactly what the title says: review albums using no more than 75 words. I haven't heard enough of the records they've reviewed recently to get a good read on their accuracy, but their reviews are sharp, to the point, and often amusing. It's worth a look. And that's pretty much. Having stuck mike steeves with the image of me singing a go-go's tune, i'm off.

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Regular readers may have noticed a pronounced tilt toward the "pop culture" side of things in recent postings. There are two reasons for that: one, the. BlogCritics launch (and the recent cd-buying binge) got me thinking about music, which turned up plenty of ideas for blog posts; and two, kate and i are going on a long-delayed and well-deserved vacation this weekend (running up the road to montreal for a few. I've been making a conscious effort not to think about class prep until after we get back, which has sort writing of spilled over into not thinking about physics much at all. When we get back, it'll be hard-core class-prep time, so there'll be plenty of science-type posts, as I try to work out the best way to explain Relativity and quantum Mechanics to sophomores, and do some of my thinking out loud on the web. If you just can't wait to read more about science and education, SciTech daily provides a link to a, richard Dawkins piece about great science teaching, which is worth a read. It sort of veers off into an anti-religion rant for a few paragraphs in the middle, but then he wouldn't be richard Dawkins if he didn't veer off into the occasional anti-religion rant.

Steve earle please write a song for me
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  4. He began recording his full-length in January 2011, produced by skylar Wilson (Justin Townes. Earle, caitlin Rose) and supported by his friends, including Eric Masse (producer/engineer jacquire king. Please enable javascript This site requires javascript be enabled to provide you the best experience).

  5. Steve, earle is richer. I ll Change, for. Every lyric on Radiohead s Gorgeous New Album a, moon Shaped pool. The Essential, steve, earle by, steve, earle. And romeo and Juliet is worth inclusion in the great hopeless love song canon, while tunnel of love and skateaway are great tunes.

  6. Earle in 1983; meanwhile, lomax became his manager. Steve, earle, you re the best lover That i ever Had (live @ cmt). Steve, earle, the original drummer for, alternative rock group The Afghan Whigs, is not to be confused with. Steve, earle, the Alternative country performer. If success were measured on the true scale of having the ability to do what you love, and the freedom to keep on doing it, then.

  7. It is by, steve, earle, but it is galway girl. Its by low Light Supercharger and the song is ticket to the world hey thanks! Steve, earle is an American singer-songwriter in the true sense of the term. In the spring of 2011, earle released his first novel and fourteenth studio album, both entitled. Impressed with the songs, Epic signed.

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