Role of mass media essay

role of mass media essay

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This is actually very important, along with the fact that we see a lot of ads that are exclusively aiming at young boys. In the fifties and sixties there were actually none of those, since generally teenagers were considered as non-completed versions of grown ups. In most places in the world they were expected to wear specific clothing when they were in school and if they did not look like proper young men when they went out they would be probably stigmatized by the rest of the society. So ads with hair-gelled heroes with jeans and leather jackets were out of the question. It was only after movements like the hippies and the student movements all around the world, that teenagers were seen as an inside revolutionary power of the race, and their non-mature behavior was considered as something acceptable or even good. So now we have advertisements like the one from o p, from Maxim Magazine. He is a clean-shaven and handsome young man who has a hairless chest, and is looking innocent and idyllic.

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There is one ad for Ralph lauren Cologne that shows a young successful looking man in a shirt and tie looking over the top of the head of the women cuddling in his chest. She is looking into the camera seductively and he looks simple as though his mind is elsewhere. He is dominant, even arrogant in this position and once again appears successful and confident. Another ad from Maxim is for a dvd special edition of Rocky. The ad shows rocky beaten and worn but continuing to fight. The copy reads at least david had a slingshot. This ad depicts the ultimate American sports hero. This appeals to men young and old. The other two ads show men at play. This is where we see a new type of masculinity, in ads that portray men as boys, childlike and irresponsible.

The models display a highly masculine independence and assurance, as well as the coding of narcissistic self-absorption. The choice of lighting and film stock emphasizes the surface qualities of skin, hair, eyes and the texture of clothing. Finally the cropping of the images works to produce intensity in many of the images. This stereotyped presentation of a gender role, certainly tells us that there is still a part of society that believes that men should be naturally related to power, aggression and authority. In recent years however, other aspects of masculinity have become acceptable in ads. This can be seen in the difference between the ads in Mens journal and those in Maxim. The ads from Maxim are similar to those from Mens journal but definitely appeal to a younger year audience. It is therefore interesting to look at what advertisers feel is more appealing to younger men.

role of mass media essay

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These advertisements prove the mans power, with his success, his heterosexuality, and his virility. These are all considered to be attractive features in males. To be more specific, they are considered attractive features in a grown man. Stuart Hall, in his book: Representation and Signifying Practices, focuses on three important looks for grown men, these are the Street Style version, the Italian-American version and the conservative-englishness version. He has argued that across these three looks, the casting of the models (especially in Street Style and Italian-American images) codes an ambivalent masculinity that combines both boyish softness and assertive masculinity. This sanctions the display of masculine sensuality. The clothes worn by the models are assertively masculine, and often emphasize a broad shouldered and solid body shape.

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role of mass media essay

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This ad depicts a man as protector and as a heterosexual. The one ad that stands out from the group in this collection of ads from Mens journal is the one from espns Sports Center. This ad shows resume a man finishing up a piece of cake at a diner and watching Sports center from across the bar. This is a different depiction of leisure which seems directly related to the product it is selling. The rest of the ads are selling some form of apparel. They are designed to show clothes as comfortable and stylish and show that a man who wears those clothes can be the aggressive, dominant male.

The Sports Center ad is selling a product that isnt consumed as part of public image, but of private pleasure. The copy, what Sports Center do you watch? Implies that whenever, wherever the man wants his sports, he can get it from espn. It does not matter what he looks like, what hes doing, or where he is when he watches. It is on several times a day, and it is a mans right and priority to enjoy it however he wishes. The man in this ad is a bit rounder, a bit more approachable but still not under anyones control.

Until then though, qualities such as being aggressive, autonomous and active were always naturally attributed to men. Until mid 80s men also seemed to be the only ones that occupied powerful roles in society, so advertisements showed powerful images of men to sell products. Qualities culturally associated with women in ads included being caring, warm and sexually passive in contrast with the muscular and powerful male. Common themes were these of the promiscuous gladiator with the female victim, the protector and the rescued. In even older ads men were invariably portrayed as husbands and fathers. It is interesting to see that now, when things have admittedly changed for women, we still see much of the same themes in modern mens advertisements.

In the ads from Mens journal, we generally see a handsome, strong, successful and somewhat rugged man. The camera angles are almost invariably from the bottom up, giving us a view of the man as though we, the viewer are below him, looking up at him. All of them are young, but none are teen-aged looking. All but one have, or show remnants of facial hair. None of these ads show the man in the work place, but their depiction of leisure is that of mature success, not youthful excess. Because of the camera angles, the strong stances, the rugged good looks, and the depictions of success, these ads reinforce the stereotypes of men as strong, powerful, aggressive providers. 1 ad for Tommy hilfiger shows the man with his arm around a girl who is leaning into his chest.

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In foucaults terms, relations of difference are social estate constructs belonging to book social orders that contain hierarchies of power, defined, named and delimited by institutional discourses, to produce social practices. Gender differences are symbolic categories (Saco, 1992:25). These categories are used to ascribe certain characteristics to men and women. The representation of those characteristics determines how men and women are presented in cultural forms, and really whether an individual is identified as masculine or feminine. It is important to understand the big role that media, in general, and specifically advertisement plays in maintaining an ingrained gender hierarchy. The closer study of mens and womens images as presented in advertising should result in uncovering the messages about their identity and role in society. Until recently, masculinity in the media was not considered problematic since there was the notion that masculinity is not constructed. Masculinity remains the untouched and untouchable against which femininity figures as the repressed and/or unspoken (Holmlund, 1993:214). During the 1990s this notion started to change since a significant decline in portrayal of mens traditional roles became obvious.

role of mass media essay

with a non gender specific target audience. I selected these ads by tearing out all of the ads in each magazine with a man or men in them, scattering them face down on the floor and picking up a few. I intend to look at these ads as a group of 20, looking at collective similarities among them and any common stereotypes and themes in the way these ads portray men. I also intend to examine any general differences between the ads fro the mens magazines, and those from the womens magazines, as well as differences along product lines. I expect to see reinforcement of the stereotypes discussed in Denise kervins study as well as the stereotypes delineated by other authors cited in this paper. I expect that these reinforcements will occur as much as, but in a different way than is seen earlier in time as discussed in the various literature cited in this paper. I also expect that these stereotypes will be equally present, yet will manifest themselves differently depending on the target audience and product being pitched. Dominant discourses surrounding gender encourage us to accept that the human race is naturally divided in to male and female, each gender realistically identifiable by a set of immutable characteristics.

The framing and composition of the image, the setting, the symbolic attributes and every other element in its structure, all are engaged in the effective presentation of the underlying notion. What do images entry of the male body in advertising reveal about the notion of masculinity today? What is todays model man? Is there consistency in the visual representation of masculinity or are there competing images of it? In this study i will do a content analysis of the portrayal of men in 20 magazine advertisements. 5 ads were taken from Maxim, a mens magazine targeted at 20 to 30 something males. 4 were taken from Mens journal, a mens magazine targeted at men from 30 to retirement age.

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Stereotypes Of Men In Advertisements Essay, research Paper. Visual representation plan of reality, as seen through mass media, is acknowledged by sociologists to be influential in shaping peoples views of the world. Our everyday realities are articulated mostly by what we see in the media. The role of advertising in this interpretation of reality is crucial. The target audiences self-identification with the images being a basic prerequisite for an advertisements effectiveness, makes advertising one of the most important factors in the building of behavior models and values systems. The way a certain notion is managed at a visual level determines how people will perceive this notion and whether they will identify with it or not. Meaning is encoded in the structure of the images, which thus become potent cultural symbols for human behavior.

Role of mass media essay
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