Resume for aviation industry

resume for aviation industry

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The job requirements, responsibilities and work conditions differ as per the profile. Also, the career prospects, employment industries and job outlook will vary as per the scope and importance of the profile. It is obvious that the aspirants will find it difficult to keep track of each profile and compare its pros and cons before choosing their career path. They may go wrong in choosing their career and repent later. The aviation work section is aimed at simplifying the task of analyzing the career prospects and finding the profile most suitable for your requirements. Each segment of this section is drafted in view of this objective. The section starts with a basic job description, responsibilities and requirements details. These details will prove useful in improving your suitability and enhancing your credibility towards the profile.

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Then and only then can akinkuotu pick up the Shattered fragments of the industry and mold it back to a world delight. Work » aviation Work, when we think thesis of a career in aviation, the profiles that come to our mind are of the pilots or the flight attendants, they being the most popular ones. However, if you research for aviation work prospects you will come across several job profiles that the industry has to offer. Candidates may not be aware of all of them, but these profiles are vital for the successful operations of the aviation industry. Owing to the lack of awareness about the job scope of the aviation industry, many candidates miss out on the job opportunities. We wish to assist the job seekers realize the true job scope and potential of the aviation industry so that they can plan their career graph efficiently. As a result, we have presented the aviation work section to highlight job scope and career prospects of the aviation industry. Aviation industry includes several job profiles, namely pilots, flight attendants, maintenance mechanics, ground staff, air traffic control, instructors, etc. Each of this profile has a different role to play within the aviation industry. Some are responsible for activities on board while some others manage the ground duties. They perform several functions of management, supervision, coordination, training and flight operations.

When it seems the senate will go ahead with the screening with or without her after their recess, she began to reorganize the Agencies to her favor and stepped up looting process through her stooges in charge at the three agencies. Unending training of hundreds of fictitious Ministry staffs both overseas and locally, is the order of the day. Each local training was being awarded at outrageous cost between 200,000 and 300,000 naira per participants, foreign training which were guaranteed never attended were arranged and foreign currencies paid out to ministry staffs, all these while the nama, faan and ncaa were still grappling with the. These atrocities clearly predated akinkuotu taking over of office and none of it should be hanged on his neck. Even when akinkuotu nomination was eventually ratified by the senate after almost three and half months, joy nkemakolam continued to hurriedly sign and backdate contracts approvals, employment letters and other financial transactions and whether he has stopped this backdating of approvals cannot be ascertained because. During the period of the senseless looting spree, nnamdi Udoh and joy nkemakola bought several properties in Lagos (Maryland area specifically) and the east, the duo tarred an entire stretch of road in their village arochuckwu and this earned them Chieftaincy titles from the Arochuckwu monarch. We deeply sympathize with Fola akinkotun who is presently between the devil and the deep blue sea and have now being given the unsavory task of clearing his friendly- enemies names over the atrocities they all colluded to commit when he (Akinkuotu) had not taken. The head of the nigerian masses, posterity and perhaps the blood of all the victims of air crashes that occurred under Oduahs watch will judge the thieving Oduah Crew. For now, President Jonathan should set aside party affiliation between himself and Oduah, rise above any temporal sentiment and do what all Nigerian expect of him, to sort out the nigerian aviation Industry, by restoring back full autonomy of ncaa, and breaking the shackles.

resume for aviation industry

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Akinkuotu professional colleagues in the pilot association warned him of the danger ahead as the minister has completely turn the whole industry upside down, The minister had planted her core loyalists who are obvious strangers to the industry, and are as clueless and bereft. Some of these new entrants are failed politicians who worked alongside her in election campaign; they regularly display utter abhorrence for the civil service system of the regulatory agency, disrespect for the management and brought pollution into the system through their compounded greed and avarice. While akinkuotu obviously stoically took his nomination as a higher call to serve his fatherland and awaited his confirmation by the nigerian senate, team Oduah to make sure akinkuotu confirmation never see the light of the day was hatching another plot. Intrigues and delays accompanied the senate invitation giving akinkuotu, the minister who was supposed to take him along to the senate for clearance abandoned him, and left the shores of Nigeria on various aviation road show exercise to different countries, into which millions of the. Nama, faan and ncaa never fully recovered from the financial quagmire into which they were plunged as a result of the aviation road show jamboree. Oduah did not honor Senate Invitation to present akinkuotu for screening for three and half months, She was frantically deploying all in her arsenal not only to frustrate the screening process, but also to perpetually keep her stooge nkemakolam on the saddle, to plunder. Several phony supply contracts, consultancy services contracts and Personnel training Contracts were awarded in nama ncaa and faan during this period.

Aviation Resume Example - resume resource

resume for aviation industry

Sample resume for aviation Industry sample resume

She placed a monthly standing order for deduction of millions on the accounts of the agencies and homework it is instructive to note that all transactions relating to the purchase of about six exotic cars for odua were all made by standing order deduction at source. As the search for a substantive head for ncaa begins, Oduah and her cohorts tinkered with the idea of transiting joy nkemakola to the substantive director- general of the agency. Oduah and Ene-ita sought the support of the senate committee on aviation and the house committee on aviation to get nkemakola into office, oduah equally mounted pressure on president Jonathan telling him she has seen the only man she could successfully work with. It took sustained pressure from south west Obas and leaders of thought before president Jonathan agreed to look for a credible alternative from the region. The emergence of the man Capt. Fola akinkuotu as the substantive director-general of ncaa was one borne out of necessity. While harold Demuren is an Aircraft Engineer, akinkuotu is a revered pilot, aircraft inspector cum engineer, seasoned administrator and educationist with over 43 years industry experience.

His pedigree and intimidating qualification made President Jonathan to call him forth from the International aviation College in Ilorin where he was serving out an earlier national assignment. During his brief stint as the pioneer rector of the aviation College, he was given a presidential mandate to produce nigerian first set of locally trained pilots in eighteen months, he did graduated the first set of pilots in sixteen and half months. This was a feat that even the nigerian College of aviation Technology (ncat which has been in existence for several years had not once achieved. Akinkoutu encouraged and liaised with several state governments to sponsor their indigene for pilots and aircraft engineers training so as to bridge the gap in the dearth of capable hands in aviation industry. It is therefore not surprising that this man once again caught the attention of President Jonathan as one who could consolidate the gains recently recorded in the industry.

Suffice to say that joy nkemakolam the new acting Dg of ncaa never had any formal education, not even an ond; he rose between the ranks as a complacent civil servant for about 30 years. Perhaps the only gift he has which brought him to the fore was his docility, subservience, malleability and cooperativeness. Within a spate of about 4 months, the regulatory authority (ncaas) autonomy was surrendered sheepishly by joy nkemakola backed by Nnamdi Udoh of nama to the minister and by extension the aviation Ministry. The stage is now set for the Plunder and gathering of the spoils of war. The current Oduahgate armored car saga is just a fraction of the atrocious financial recklessness jointly perpetrated on aviation agencies finances by the team Oduah comprising of the minister, Nnamdi Udoh of nama, george uresi of faan, joy nkemakola of ncaa, ene Ita (former perm Sec. Oduah soon turned a highly professional, compartmentalized and sensitive industry where each person has his specific duties into a single unit where anybody is ordered to do any other persons work.

Nnamdi Udoh of nama an air traffic controller soon begin to clear Aircraft for takeoff on the tarmarc, (a statutory duty of ncaa). . he it was who cleared Dana aircraft upon its recertification by ncaa. Yakubu datti of faan soon became the spokesman of ncaa (operator speaking on behalf of regulator speaking on safety and security issues, avionics, aircraft engineering matters and air crashes. No wonder the apparent confusion and double-speaking over the last air crash. The rape on the regulatory agency (ncaa) was quite tortuous and bleeding, but the hapless agency eagerly awaits a substantive director General who will at least take charge of things, heal her wounds and restore part of her battered dignity. Association of airline pilots and other concerned stakeholders observed the ugly trend of events in the industry early enough, voiced their fears and even feebly tried to get the attention of president Jonathan and the minister herself, but it does appears that the minister has. The airport remodeling itself is a grandiose, stage-managed deception which served as a conduit pipe to siphon money by the minister, imagine under-aged Chinese technical school dropouts sharing millions of dollars of our Bilateral Air service Agreements money with Oduah and building us a replica. Oduah used george Uresi of faan to steal billions under the airport remodeling charade, she plundered the basa fund which ncaa had painstakingly gathered up, She took over the control of aviation agencies revenue by unilaterally concessioning out the revenue generation of the agencies. On top of it all, because the agencies funds domiciled at first bank is within her reach, she removes as much as she wants in both local and foreign currencies from the holding account even before the agencies gets to share what is left.

Aerospace aviation Resume sample professional Resume

Despite former president Olusegun Obasanjos passionate appeal to President Jonathan to let Demuren remain on his job, as well as interventions of plan well meaning Nigerians, Odua hand-twisted President Jonathan to unceremoniously sack the man on the basis of one air crash within a spate. It is noteworthy that summary Nnamdi Udoh of nama who was brought in by Odua, contributed in no small measure to demurens exit by regularly feeding his principal false allegations about Demuren. It was a gang-up of sort against the regulatory agency (ncaa with george Uresi of faan, nnamdi Udoh of nama and the minister all tearing ferociously at the soul of ncaa. The era of Dog eat dog has fully evolved in the aviation Industry. It is instructive to know that on the eve of Demurens departure from ncaa, he was inclined to hand over the organization to the most senior among his Directors in person of one Abdullahi Adamu from bauchi State; a seasoned career civil servant with about. Nnamdi Udoh of nama as the only trusted hand they could work with recommended joyce nkemakolamm to the minister. Both joy and Nnamdi udoh are long-standing brothers who came from the same village in Arochukwu in Anambra State. Both were air traffic officers, both entered civil service the same month and year. Nnamdi udoh could not have found a better replacement to demuren than this.

resume for aviation industry

Recent happenings in the aviation industry in general and in particular; the government Agency saddled with the regulatory responsibility of civil aviation in Nigeria; The nigerian civil aviation Authority (ncaa) has thrown up a number of ethical issues which borders on professionalism, integrity, loyalty, patriotism and. This piece seeks to dissect the fact leading to the build-up to the Oduagate bullet-proof car saga, so as to shed further light on the imbroglio. The unceremonious removal of the erstwhile director-General of ncaa; Harold Demuren as a fallout of the dana air crash incident, despite his achievement for village the nigerian Air travel industry was cleverly orchestrated to create the much needed lacuna for official high-handedness and graft. It will be recalled that Minister of aviation Stella Odua removed two of the parastatal Chiefs under her watch viz; Richard Aisebugbu who was md of Federal Airports Authority Of Nigeria (faan and Alhaji auyo who was the md of nama all in one fell. She immediately shopped for more docile and subservient persons who will not only dance to her tunes without asking questions but also will even go the extra mile to protect her interest. This exercise, which ordinarily appears as a normal repositioning effort by her, brought up mazi nnamdi Udoh (Current md of nama) and george Uresi (md of faan). These two were found to posses all the needed character and were taken to Oduah to pledge their loyalty to the cause. It will further be recalled that Harold Demuren of ncaa had emerged as the doyen of the industry by this time, having successfully repositioned the Industry in addition to leading Nigeria to earn the much coveted cat 1 Status from America, he was then being. Harold Demuren grounded Dana airline after its crash, government investigated the crash, compensations were paid to victims family, the airline fleet was re-audited and on the order of the minister Of aviation, demuren cleared the airline to resume flight operation, not knowing he will.

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Check and Straight, gardena ca, use assigned equipment, machinist and inspection tools, read blue prints. North bay aviation, fairfield ca, now Hiring qualified experienced aviation Employees. Inside sales Acct Mgr, montebello, ca 3-5 yrs customer service role Achieve stated goals, bi-lingual Spanish. Ap mechanic Technician, mena ar, kingAirs, citations, beechjets a plus Full Time, excellent Benefits! Ground Handling Supervisor Sacramento ca, lead direct Ground Handling Agents lead by Example w/ Industry Knowledge. A p technicians, juneau. A p technician, windsor Locks, ct, a p license-2-5yrs Exp w/ Small Aircraft 1st 2nd Shift available. Midsized thesis Jet Captain, Chesterfield, mo, lR75, lr60, hawker 800XP/Hawker 750 3000tt, 1500 pic, 500 pic jet. Warehouse Clerk, oklahoma city, ok, receives, stores distributes material, equipment and products.

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Analysis: A380 scrapes along in hope of revival a day ago, only twice in the first decade london since the airbus A380 entered service has the double-deck aircraft ended a year with its order backlog higher than that of the previous one. On both occasions Middle eastern carrier Emirates alone had spared the programme from recording a duck for the year. Emirates ordered 32 A380s in mid-2010 and just eight days before the end of 2013 signed for another 50 of the type. Well trusted and verified companies all around the world are using Avjobs to find the best employees. Claim your free month, hiring Right Now, a p technicians, juneau. Full Time, year-round usa faa certified a p techs, helicopter Exp. We're hiring, oklahoma city, ok, we're always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Ap mechanic, miami fl, accepting Resumes for T56/501 Mechanics Immediate Placement-view Job apply.

Resume for aviation industry
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  4. Harold Demuren grounded Dana airline after its crash, government investigated the crash, compensations were paid to victims family, the airline fleet was re-audited and on the order of the minister. Aviation, demuren cleared the airline to resume flight operation, not knowing he will be made the fall guy for these. Icao / meetings events / Global. Aviation cooperation Symposium (gacs) Share common aviation challenges and the use of best practices for the future of civil aviation. When it comes to finding the best jobs in the aviation industry, planeTechs gives you a competitive edge.

  5. We provide news, data, analytics and advisory services to connect the aviation community globally. Fantastic opportunity for business-minded individuals with a strong interest or background in aviation, who are seeking unbeatable earnings potential. Long beach Based Pilot-Pilatus pc-12 ng well Established. Industry, leader 2500hrs tt, 500hrs fixed wing Turboprop. Fdi reform lifted mood in aviation industry : Ajit Singh. The decision is particularly expected to help airlines like kingfisher to gain capital and resume full services.

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