Motivation master thesis

motivation master thesis

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Cumulative grade point average (cgpa) (optional) top All applicants are encouraged to submit official University documentation, which clearly states the applicant's cumulative grade point average (cgpa) for the bachelors studies. If the cgpa is not provided on the bachelor's transcript or diploma, submitting a separate official University document stating this is encouraged as it will expedite the processing of the master's programme application (and scholarship application, if one has been submitted). Follow your Calling with a masters Degree in Christian Apologetics Online. Liberty Universitys Masters degree christian Apologetics is a 100 online Christian ministry degree program. Our apologetics online course will provide you with the philosophical, historical, and biblical knowledge to defend the truth-claims of Christianity. Through our apologetics courses, you will be provided with a deeper knowledge of Scripture for personal ministry or to strengthen your understanding of the bible.

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Please ask your referees to be detailed with the reason why you are an excellent candidate for a specific Masters programme, describing facts about your academic qualifications and your person to support this view. If you submit letter/s of recommendation make sure that both a date and clear contact information is provided, with the organization as well as the referees name clearly stated. You may provide one or two letters of recommendation. If possible, one letter should be from an academic referee who knows you well and the other from a person at an employment or from an organization where you have participated actively. If your referee does not want to send or hand over the recommendation letter to you, it cannot be up-loaded electronically. Ask your referee to send it by regular mail directly to University Admissions in Sweden. Note that this requires that your referee follows the instructions for regular post. Please follow the instructions at do take note that all letters of motivation can be read by the different evaluators of your application at all Universities in Sweden. As soon as it is submitted to your account, it is not confidential. Documentation submitted in your account at is never proposal confidential.

Explain the connection to your current studies in your choice of programme. How will your interests and skills contribute to your success as a master's student at Chalmers and what you hope to gain by being admitted? What are your expectations for your future career and for the society where you will practice your profession? You may also outline a thesis proposal based on your interests and view on the subject field. Please note that all letters of motivation can be read by the different evaluators of your application at all Universities in Sweden. Work experience london (optional) top certificates of relevant work experience or other professional certificates, if any. Letter of recommendation (optional) top This is an optional document in general, but a required document for anyone who applies for a scholarship administrated by Chalmers. Note that the scholarship assessment team will access the documentation at your personal account at There are no standardized templates for the letter/s of recommendation, since the letter/s should be personal. Letters of recommendation are optional unless you apply for a scholarship administered by Chalmers.

motivation master thesis

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If applying for more than one programme - re-label your portfolio correctly. Architecture and Planning beyond Sustainability (code: mpdsd19) (closed until Oct 2018) The letter of motivation should not exceed 1 page and must be in English. The autobiographic section can be fairly brief, since submitting a cv is mandatory when applying to Chalmers. You may provide more than one letter of motivation, each directed to a specific Master's programme. There are no standardized essay forms or templates for the letter of motivation, since the letter/s should be personal. The letter of motivation is an important, yet optional document. State the reason why you have chosen a specific Master's programme, and also why you have chosen Chalmers University of Technology.

Instructions on how to label and how to submit your project portfolio label the portfolio this way - both the pdf file and the front page of the portfolio: Programme code and entrance year (for example mparc19; Family name in capitals and first/given name; your application. The portfolio must also include a le tter of (intent) motivation as well as. The same letter of (intent) motivation and cv should also be submitted to University Admissions in Sweden (uploaded in your account) along with the other required documents. You must submit one portfolio for each Master's programme that you want to apply for. You may not submit more than one portfolio to the same master's programme. To be considered as on time the portfolio must be submitted no later than the last date for supporting documents. Check the key dates Use the web link/s below to upload your portfolio. Note: Portfolios will only be accepted as valid when all of the above listed instructions are followed. The portfolio portal at Chalmers There is a unique link below to each of the three master's programmes with this specific requirement.

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motivation master thesis

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More information for anyone with a swedish personal identity number. Curriculum Vitae (CV) top This is also a required document for anyone who applies for a scholarship administrated by Chalmers. Note that the scholarship assessment team will access the documentation at your personal account at The cv must be written in English, other than this there are no standardized forms or templates. Your cv is intended to clearly outline your educational and professional history up until the present date, as well as basic personal facts. It should provide information about your academic background as well as relevant work experience, computer literacy, language skills and possible publications. You should also list important academic and personal achievements, your degrees, awards, special knowledge and active membership in different organizations.

If available add your cumulative grade point average (cgpa) essay for your Bachelors studies. Your cv should also contain contact information to your referees, where one preferably should be an academic contact, and the other with good knowledge of your person from your working life or an organization. Project portfolio top The project portfolio is a prerequisite for the following programmes: Architecture and Urban Design, Architecture and Planning beyond Sustainability and Industrial Design Engineering. Read the information below thoroughly! Portfolio content It is important that you show your knowledge and capability within the applied field. Some of the programmes have more specific instructions at the programme's webpage.

Make sure to always submit the syllabus in the original language as well. A specific entry requirement form (sent out after the application deadline in January). Once you have applied for one or more of our Masters programmes an email with a unique personal link to Chalmers Specific entry requirement form will be sent to you. This form will facilitate the assessment and processing of your application. It does not replace any of the required documentation, and it is still mandatory to submit a course syllabus for each specific prerequisite.

The form is not mandatory but recommended. More information will be provided with the form. There are a few exemptions: It does not apply to programmes without specific (course) requirements or to programmes with the portfolio as the only specific requirement. No form will be sent out. It does not apply to late applications. Relevant pages of your passport or other valid id top It must be submitted for the purpose of determination of your fee status. Read more about this requirement at note: Students who have a swedish personal identity number (personnummer) will be checked electronically with various databases  to determine if they are required to pay an application fee.

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Submit syllabuses that you want to refer to as fulfilling the gender prerequisite/s. . Pick the relevant syllabus/es only. (Do not submit syllabuses for your complete (degree)programme curricula, since that will not facilitate the assessment.). The syllabus must be issued by your university. If the syllabus is only available online at your universitys website, please upload a copy of the relevant web pages via your account. Any copies of web pages taken from your universitys website must include the url for each page, so that the contents can be verified. If your syllabus is in any other language than Swedish, danish, norwegian, English, French or German, you must also provide an official translation.

motivation master thesis

Proof that you meet the specific entry requirements - a course syllabus must be submitted for each writing specific prerequisite. Top, programme-specific requirements include a bachelor's degree (or the equivalent) with a major. (one or several alternatives will be listed) and prerequisites (one or several courses selected as necessary for the specific programme) and for three particular programmes a portfolio is required. The programme-specific requirements are provided for each Chalmers Master's programme at the presentation of current programmes, a course syllabus must be submitted for each specific prerequisite. Applicants are responsible for proving that they fulfill the specific entry requirements of the programme/s, to which they have applied. Therefore, must a course syllabus be submitted for each specific prerequisite. The content and focus of the particular course must be clearly conveyed.

from Swedish universities, to which Chalmers has access through ladok, do not need to be uploaded. However, the applicant must ensure that the personal identity/interim number in the personal account at  matches the one in the Swedish University's ladok account. If not, no academic records can be accessed. The general deadline for receipt of supporting documentation applies. Proof of English language skills. Top, for all of Chalmers master's programmes, the English requirement must be equivalent to or higher than English 6 (in Swedish upper secondary school). You can demonstrate that you meet the requirement through: certain upper secondary (high school) studies, certain university studies, or an internationally approved English test. Read more about the English language requirement.

An official document (use the form linked below or one issued by your university) stating that you are a currently enrolled student and participating in your final semester of studies must be submitted with your application. International student (student with a degree programme from another country than Sweden). Download the, statement of enrollment status form. Transcripts of completed courses and grades. Top, submit transcripts of completed courses and grades for each semester included in your degree. If possible, sort them in reverse chronological order,. The most recent on top.

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The list applies to all applicants including those with a swedish personal identity number and/or Swedish citizenship. In order for your application to be processed, all required documents must be submitted. The list is specific to Chalmers. Required documents - in more detail. Certificates and diplomas from previous university studies. Top, find out what applies; certificates and diplomas, originals and translations, country specific information etc. At (opens in new tab for students in their final pdf year of Bachelor's studies. Students who do not hold the completed degree, but are registered for the final semester of a programme leading to the required degree, may apply to Chalmers. If this applies to you a certification from your current university is required.

Motivation master thesis
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  4. By thomas owusu. Thesis submitted to the Institute of Distance learning, Kwame nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree. The list applies to all applicants including those with a swedish personal identity number and/or Swedish citizenship. In order for your application to be processed, all required documents must be submitted.

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