Essay on our planet

essay on our planet

To protect our planet, essay - 378 Words

Later fly-by visits included: pioneer 11, voyager 1, voyager 2, Ulysses, and Galileo. Jupiter's name and symbol. This is the symbol of the planet Jupiter. Jupiter was named after the roman primary god, jupiter. Jupiter activities jupiter coloring page find It!, a quiz on Jupiter. Jupiter Cloze : A fill-in-the-blanks activity on Jupiter.

Essay on, we are destroying our, planet

The rings have an windows albedo.05; they do not reflect very much of the sunlight that they receive. For more information on, jupiter's rings, click here. Temperature range, the cloud-tops average 120 k -153c -244F. Jupiter has been well-known since ancient times. It is the third-brightest object hospital in the night sky (after the moon and Venus). Comet sl9 hits jupiter, an sl-9 impact site on Jupiter, july 6, 1994. Photo by hubble Space telescope. Shoemaker-levy 9 (SL-9) was a short-period comet that was discovered by eugene and Carolyn Shoemaker and david. As the comet passed close by jupiter, jupiter's gravitational forces broke the comet apart. Fragments of the comet collided with Jupiter for six days during July, 1994, causing huge fireballs in Jupiter's atmosphere that were visible from Earth. Spacecraft visits, jupiter was first visited by nasa's pioneer 10, which flew by jupiter in 1973.

Seasons are caused by a tilted axis, and Jupiter's axis is only tilted 3 degrees (not enough to cause seasons). Jupiter's moons, jupiter write has four large moons and dozens of smaller ones (there are 39 moons known so far). More moons are being found all the time. Galileo first discovered the four largest moons of Jupiter, io (which is volcanically active europa, ganymede (the largest of Jupiter's moons, pictured at the left and Callisto in 1610; these moons are known as the galilean moons. Ganymede is the largest moon in the solar System. For more information on, jupiter's moons, click here. Jupiter has faint, dark rings composed of tiny rock fragments and dust. These rings were discovered by nasa's voyager 1 in 1980. The rings were investigated further when voyager 2 flew by jupiter.

essay on our planet

Our earth essay - homework help sights

It takes.86 Earth years for Jupiter to orbit the sun once (this is a jovian year). Jupiter is made up of gases and liquids, so as it rotates, its parts do not rotate at exactly the same velocity. It rotates very rapidly, and this spinning action gives Jupiter a large equatorial bulge; it looks like a slightly-flattened sphere (it is oblate). Jupiter's orbit, jupiter.2 times farther from than the. Sun than the earth. On average, it is 480,000,000 miles (778,330,000 km) from the sun. At aphelion (the place in its orbit where jupiter is farthest from the sun jupiter is 815,700,000 dates km from the sun. At perihelion (the place in its orbit where jupiter is closest to the sun jupiter is 749,900,000 km from the sun. Jupiter has no seasons.

Jupiter is so big that all the other planets in our. Solar System could fit inside jupiter (if it were hollow). Mass and gravity, jupiter's mass is about.9 x 10. Although this is 318 times the mass of the earth, the gravity on Jupiter is only 254 of the gravity on Earth. This is because jupiter is such a large planet (and the gravitational force a planet exerts upon an object at the planet's surface is proportional to its mass and to the inverse of its radius squared). A 100-pound person would weigh 254 pounds on Jupiter. Length oay and year on jupiter. It takes Jupiter.8 Earth hours to revolve around its axis (this is a jovian day).

Our fragile planet essay

essay on our planet

Our planet is in danger

"i ain't superstitious no more she later said. "I went to trial on Friday the 13th, and the bad luck omens didn't go against. Why, the judge even gave me back my gun.". Page: 1, 2, 3 4, view as single page. Jupiter is the fifth and largest planet in our solar system. This gas giant has a proposal thick atmosphere, 39 known moons, and a dark, barely-visible ring.

Its most prominent features are bands across demand its latitudes and a great red spot (which is a storm). Jupiter is composed mostly of gas. This enormous planet radiates twice as much heat as it absorbs from the. It also has an extremely strong magnetic field. It is slightly flattened at its poles and it bulges out a bit at the equator. Size, jupiter's diameter is 88,700 miles (142,800 km). This is a little more than 11 times the diameter of the.

"I was in the front room, in bed asleep, and he walked in and grabbed the lamp and started to throw it. I asked him, 'say, are you trying to get me hurt? and he stood there and cursed and I says, 'i am boss here, i pay rent and I have to protect myself.' he ran his hand in his pocket, opened his knife and started around this side to cut. I was staying here, pillow lays this way, just run my hand under the pillow and shot him. Didn't shoot but once, standing by the bed." Frankie also claimed Allen had beaten her badly a few nights before the killing(2). Allowing for the assumption that both Frankie and Allen were trying to salvage what pride they could when relating the incident, there's no real contradiction in these two accounts.

Allen - via clay - tells us what happened up to the point when Frankie went home, and Frankie takes up the story from there. Allen staggered from the room when Frankie shot him, and made it as far as the steps of his mother's house at 32 Targee street before collapsing. He told her what had happened, and - according to Clay - she began to scream "Frankie's shot Allen! Frankie's shot Allen!" by the time he'd been taken to city hospital, everyone in the neighbourhood knew that Frankie had got her man. Police took frankie to the hospital too, where Allen confirmed she was the one who'd shot him. He died four days later. Frankie was arrested, and went to trial on november 13, 1899, where the jury found for justifiable homicide in self-defence.

Our planet is our home essay : medical term papers for legal cases

According to Clay, frankie had then started crying and started out first the door to find Alice. Allen threatened to kill her if she took another step, and that's when the fight broke out(1). Frankie gave her own version of events when interviewed. Daring Detective tabloid in 1935. She said she had known Allen was at a party with Alice on the saturday night, but refused to let that bother her. She went home and went to bed. "About three o'clock sunday morning, Allen came in she said.

essay on our planet

"He was wise for his years but not old enough to be level with any woman. Frankie was ready money. She bought him everything he wanted, and kept his pockets full. Then while she was waiting on company he would be out playing around.". Clay, who had sat with Allen while he died in City hospital, also gave huston his own account of what had happened on the fatal night. He said Frankie had surprised Allen with Alice at the Phoenix Hotel, calling him out into the street for a furious public row. Allen, Clay said, had refused to go home with Frankie, so she'd returned to targee street alone. Allen turned up there about essay dawn, admitted he'd spent the night with Alice, and threatened to leave frankie for good.

who was jealous of her. She only weighed about 115lbs, but she had the eye of one you couldn't monkey with. She was a queen sport.". Allen Britt, who was about 17 when he died, shared Frankie's Targee street rooms, and seems to have acted as her pimp. He was a talented piano player and known as a snappy dresser. He was also cheating on Frankie with an 18-year-old prostitute called Alice Pryar. The film director John Huston, then a struggling writer, interviewed Clay for a footnote essay to his play, the text of which was published in 1930. "Frankie loved Albert all right Clay recalled.

The fact that Allen's murder took place just a few blocks from where Stagger lee had killed Billy lyons four years before means the two ballads have always tended to get tangled up with one another, swapping fragments of their lyrics at will. It's no surprise that many of Frankie's musical biographers - bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, mississippi john Hurt - have tackled Stag's story too, but what is unique about her is the degree of interest that Hollywood's always shown. From mae west's 1933 outing, she done him Wrong to the 1991 vehicle for Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer, Frankie has seldom been off the silver screen. She's trod the theatre's boards pretty regularly too, appearing in both John Huston's 1930 play about her crime and Terrence McNally's. Frankie johnny in the Clair de lune, which was given a london production as guaranteed recently as 2005. As we'll see, very few of these productions have bothered themselves much with the facts, but they have ensured that the two lovers' names remains firmly linked together in all our minds. 'Frankie was a beautiful, light brown girl who liked to make money and spend it'. Frankie baker was a young prostitute, aged about 24 when the killing took place, who lived and worked at 212 Targee street in the heart of St louis' flourishing vice district. Richard Clay, a former neighbour, described her like this: "She was a beautiful, light brown girl, who liked to make money and spend.

Essay, on, save the, planet, earth

Negro shot by woman, allen Britt, colored, was shot and badly wounded shortly after 2 o'clock yesterday morning by Frankie baker, also colored. The shooting occurred in Britt's room at 212 Targee street, and was the culmination of a quarrel. The woman claimed that Britt had been paying attentions to another woman. The bullet entered Britt's abdomen, penetrating the intestines. The woman escaped after the shooting." - st louis Globe-democrat, October 16, 1899. Just 48 hours after Frankie baker pulled that trigger, a ballad telling her story was already being sold on the city's street corners. Allen wasn't even dead yet - he didn't finally succumb to his wounds until October 19 - but already the balladeers had him six feet under. The song's been in constant essay circulation ever since.

Essay on our planet
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Its most prominent features are bands across its latitudes and a great red spot (which is a storm).

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  1. In place of "the scathing takedown rip fitzgerald said, he desired to promote a positive community experience. Frankie and Johnny - 24 hours after the shooting, Frankie's ballad was being performed and sold in St louis' streets. "This book offers us a path towards a more ecological, sustainable, humane, and compassionate world while improving our own health and well-being.". Click here Energy and Human evolution by david Price. Please address correspondence. Price, 254 Carpenter Hall, cornell University, ithaca, ny 14853.

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