Affiliation meaning in resume

affiliation meaning in resume

What does, affiliations, mean?

(VI/L) Match sentences with paragraphs. (L/INA) Match words / phrases with characters. (L/MA) Create a portrait of each character. (L/INE/VI) Create a timeline or a fifteen / ten / five sentence summary of the story. (L/MA/INE) Write comprehension check questions for other students. (INE/INA) Correct mistakes (grammar, words, meaning). (L/MA) Activate or After-reading Activities Write a different ending for the tale.

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(VI/K/L) read new words and predict the love content of the tale. Write your own fairy tale with these words. (L/INE) read the title of the tale and a list of words on the board. Choose the words that, in your opinion, will be in the story. (L/INE/INA) Find the synonyms / antonyms to the new words. (L/MA) Vocabulary games with new words (word search, professional crosswords, puzzles, scrambled letters/phrases, jumbles, word maze, word tictac-toe, hang-man, scavenger hunt). (L/K/VI/MA/INE) Study or While-reading Activities read the first paragraph / the whole fairy tale and answer the questions: Who, what, Where, when, Why, with Whom, how. (L/MA/INE/INA) Put the paragraphs / sentences / words in correct order. (MA/L) Fill in the blanks (grammar or words). (L/INE/MA/K) Match paragraphs with pictures.

3 4 identify the type(s) of intelligence that each activity may feature. Meant as a pedagogical recommendation, these lists are a provisionary example of how E/S/A lesson stages, classroom activities, and student intelligences can be interlinked for teaching fairy tales communicatively. Engage or Pre-reading Activities read the text about the author. What kind of tales did he/she write? (L/INA) look at the pictures and create an association map setting, characters, problem. (VI/INA/INE) london Watch a film episode (with or without sound) and guess what the tale will be about. (MU/VI) Match the words with the pictures.

affiliation meaning in resume

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If the plan teacher asks the pdf students to perform the dialogue in front of the class, it may also involve the k intelligence. In fact, the teacher may take this particular exercise further and ask the students to sing their dialogue as if acting in an opera or a musical, thus adding the mu intelligence to the previous list. Therefore, one activity may involve as many or as few intelligences as the teacher chooses to include by formulating different tasks and varying the goal of the exercise. It is also understandable that the choice of the intelligences, which the teacher might want to address, could largely depend on the learning objectives, classroom time, and student personalities among other factors. Notably, both the teacher s awareness of student multiple intelligences and her decision to do activities that activate various intelligences may increase student motivation and improve student performance (Campbell and Campbell, 1999). In the ensuing part of the article, i suggest possible activities for every stage of the reading lesson and 2 Current research predicts even more intelligences but, for the purposes of this article, i choose to focus on the original eight. For the sake of space, i will refer to these intelligences by the abbreviation in parentheses later on in the article.

Sirovátka group 2 by božena němcová: Čert a káča, chytrá horákyně, mahulena krásná panna, neohrožený mikeš, o dvanácti měsíčkách, o hloupém Honzovi, o popelce, o princezně se zlatou hvězdou na čele, o ptáku ohniváku a mořské panně, o dlouhém, širokém a žárookém, o slunečníku, měsíčníku. Having familiarized herself with the variety of czech fairy tales, the teacher may then choose to organize them according to the level of difficulty, length, theme, topical vocabulary, and grammar patterns to mention just a few criteria. This process may take some time but the resulting database(s) could possibly provide the teacher with an easier and faster way to incorporate fairy tales in her teaching routine. Lesson Plan Because of a high communicative potential of fairy tales, it may be useful to focus first on developing reading proficiency with the subsequent integration of listening, speaking, and writing skills. In order to ensure an integrated-skills instructional approach, the overall learning objectives could be promoting communicative competence in czech and improving multi-literacy skills. In order to achieve these objectives, i propose to use a communicative approach to teaching czech fairy tales, which consists of the following three stages: Engage or Pre-reading Activities (to activate students background knowledge of the topic, vocabulary, and grammar) Study or While-reading Activities (to. When choosing activities for various stages, it may also be beneficial to account for different types of student intelligences in order to create a student-centered environment. In his seminal work about the theory of multiple intelligences, howard Gardner identifies the following eight intelligences that participate in human cognitive processes: 2 Linguistic (L) Mathematical (MA) Visual (VI) Kinesthetic (K) Musical (MU) Interpersonal (INE) Intrapersonal (INA) Naturalist (N) In order to address the. For example, creating a dialogue between the main characters of the fairy tale in pairs or triads will activate both l and ine intelligences.

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affiliation meaning in resume

What does affiliation mean?

Third, the teacher has to consider the length, linguistic 3 complexity, and familiarity of the fairy tale to the student. For example, a long fairy tale might not be suitable for a short lesson but a part of it could still be used to illustrate a certain linguistic or cultural point. Similarly, an easier version of a linguistically difficult fairy tale may be given to lower-level students. Based on the aforementioned criteria, choosing an appropriate fairy tale largely depends on the lesson objective and the expected learning outcome. A pool of czech fairy tales Another potential difficulty that L2 teachers may face when teaching fairy tales is the lack of resources such as a fairy tale database and/or applicable teaching strategies. By no means exclusive, the following list contains a group of fairy tales, written by various czech authors, and a collection of several fairy tales, composed by a renowned czech fairy tale writer božena němcová.

Group 1: kouzelná lucerna -. Seifert ; Jabloňová panna -. Erben; Ospalý janek resume - matěj mikšíček; divotvorný ubrousek -. Třebízský; kovář paška - václav říha; Šípková růženka václav říha; naše pohádky or Chodské povídky a pohádky -. Baar; Kniha pohádek -. Kubín; Ceské pohádky -. Horák; Pohádky o pokladech -.

Another reason for using fairy tales in a language classroom is the relative predictability of their plots, narrative patterns and structure (Propp, 1996). Since most students are likely to be familiar with fairy tales from their own culture, the mechanisms of language and culture transfer (Gass and Selinker, 1992) may enable students to accomplish comprehension tasks more successfully. Furthermore, by activating students prior knowledge (Nunan, 2003) about the structure and language of fairy tales, the teacher contextualizes the material from fairy tales within students L1 experience a strategy which may, in turn, help to reduce the affective filter and lessen student anxiety (Krashen. Finally, fairy tales represent a valuable source of language and cultural information for students from different language levels. Most fairy tales contain multiple layers of meaning, which can be examined in more or less detail depending on the student level. For example, it may suffice to ask beginners to identify the events in the story, name the main characters, and explain the relationship between them.

As for the intermediate and, especially, advanced students, it may be more beneficial to discuss the motivation behind the characters actions and to explain archetypal paradigms that form the structure of the fairy tale. Given all the educational advantages of fairy tales, it is not surprising that fairy tales not only provide language teachers with valuable comprehensible input but also encourage content-based and task-based classroom instruction. How to Choose fairy tales? Even though most language teachers theoretically acknowledge the importance of teaching fairy tales in a language classroom, many are still unsure about the practical side of integrating fairy tales in a productive lesson. Indeed, there are several selective criteria that the teacher needs to keep in mind in order to avoid overwhelming her students with new material. First, the fairy tale has to be appropriate for the student level (beginner, intermediate, advanced age, and interests. For example, a questionnaire about the preferred topics or stories may be given to students before the class. Second, the fairy tale has to complement the objective of the lesson by providing relevant vocabulary, grammar, and theme(s). For example, if the topic of the lesson is traveling, it may be helpful to search for a fairy tale which involves traveling and/or has related vocabulary.

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Fairy tales contain authentic reading material and become indispensable in classroom discussions about L2 culture. Importantly, it is specifically the combination of L2 culture and language night that makes fairy tales conducive to using an integrated-skills approach, in which students receptive (Reading and Listening) and productive (Speaking and Writing) language skills can be concurrently developed. The practical value of language in fairy tales deserves a separate mention. Most fairy tales offer a 1 The text of the fairy tale is available at the Brown University site:. The text is supported with vocabulary glosses, as well as audio files, which facilitate straightforward scaffolding of the material and make the website an important learning resource for both teachers and students. 2 variety of vocabulary and grammar, which can be selectively extracted for learning purposes and used either as the focal point of the lesson or as a supplement to a textbook topic. Furthermore, fairy tales allow the teacher to use both bottom-up (focus on grammar and vocabulary) and top-down (focus on the meaning of the text) approaches to language learning. Depending on the lesson objective, fairy tales may, therefore, provide students with additional language practice through a balanced combination of language analysis and synthesis.

affiliation meaning in resume

Auden Introduction f airy tales have occasionally been used in foreign language classrooms as a source of cultural information and an engaging way to teach reading skills. However, the lack of adequate instructional materials, classroom time constraints, and the difficulty of incorporating the diverse vocabulary of fairy tales into sustainable a textbook lesson plan often prevent language teachers from using fairy tales on a more regular basis. In this article, i will demonstrate how czech fairy tales can be meaningfully and productively incorporated into a reading lesson. First, this article examines pedagogical and methodological reasons for using fairy tales in a czech language classroom. Second, the article discusses the ways in which a class about czech fairy tales can address a variety of students multiple intelligences (Gardner, 1993) and create a student-centered learning environment. Third, the article presents a sequence of activities that follow the Engage-Study-Activate (ESA) (Harmer, 2007) lesson progression and are aimed at developing students reading skills. Finally, the article provides various exercises for the czech fairy tale Dlouhý, široký a bystrozraký by karel Erben to show a possible example of using a student-centered, communicative, integrated-skills approach. 1 Why Use fairy tales? The importance of fairy tales for language teaching cannot be underestimated.

with their czech at the end of their degree, we were able to reply confidently: last year our second- and third-year groups translated a castle. Neil Bermel, President University of Sheffield table of contents using czech fairy tales to teach Literacy skills (N. Mezinárodní sympozium o češtině v zahraničí čeština ve světě a svět v češtině (M. 6 In memoriam jiří hronek ( ) (J. Hasil) 7 a tribute to colloquial czech (wnsend) 8 Textbook reviews (Český krok za krokem 2 Pracovní sešit 1-10 (Z. Malá česká čítanka (I. Kořánová tschechische Prosa (L. 15 2 Using czech fairy tales to teach Literacy skills Natalia dame department of Slavic Languages and Literatures University of southern California, los Angeles, ca the way to read a fairy tale is to throw yourself.

The existence of a real-world task like this was a tremendous boost to their confidence and to their motivation. If you re interested in the project, please do have a look at our website but I took two further lessons from it that can be generalised to our curriculum. First, it helps if we can make czech real to our students. It s a far-away nation in the middle of Europe and we have to help them create a personal relationship. Some of them may have this already, but the majority will have taken the language on a whim. Their motivation can be wiped out parts by a bad grade or a bad mood unless we help them create something more permanent. Our students came away with lasting memories of the chilly grandeur of the castle in a snowy April, and of the warm welcome they received from the castle staff and the people of Turnov. They re connected to it now in a way they aren t for their other subjects.

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1 dear iatc members: In the spring of this year, my colleague luděk knittl and I took seven eager students from our intermediate and advanced czech classes to the north Bohemian town of Turnov and more specifically to the rocky bluff above the river jizera. The students had been preparing for the trip for several months. They had started by translating gender the castle s website into English, dividing up the tasks themselves based on their level of czech (hours and entrance fees for the intermediate students; history of the castle and its grounds for the advanced ones). At Hrubý rohozec, under the expert guidance of kastelán jiří holub, they fanned out across the building, translating all the signage they found, editing and reworking the English versions of the tours, and preparing English versions of the czech-language brochures about the house and its. The students also investigated the linguistic landscape of Turnov and the castle, making detailed records of the contemporary and historical multilingualism they found. In some ways, the project was ambitious beyond its scope. The students were working on it well after the semester ended voluntarily finishing off those extra bits and pieces, and i am still working my way through final versions of everything we did. But in other ways it was a success beyond what either Luděk or I had imagined. The fact that most of the students knew one or two other European languages to a standard higher than their czech proved to be a huge advantage; they were able to draw on a wealth of learned knowledge about translation that bolstered their abilities.

Affiliation meaning in resume
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  2. Name: Institutional Affiliation : Address: Telephone (optional home: work: Fax (optional address: The czech Language news (czln). you and investigate your online presence anyway, meaning they will see what you look like whether you put it on your resume or not. simple semantic meaning to human-readable content which is otherwise, from a machine's point of view, just plain text.

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  4. Do not assume the reader of your resume knows the meaning of any abbreviation. race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, political affiliation, or any other personal differences. of the meaning of kinship community and on the changes which accompanied proprietarylegal relationships and also their retroactive. a new meaning, a new participant (actant) or a new form, however, (b) some of them are influenced by the typical characteristics. As an entrepreneur, luís understands the importance of proactivity and results, and has learned the meaning of responsibility and. put personal information (marital status, children, health, ethnic information, hobbies, religious affiliation, etc.) on your resume.

  5. Resume, meaning, affiliation, example Fresh In, resume, meaning, contegri Of How. You never know who is on the receiving end of your resumé, could be another hoby alumnus, parent, or supporter. Affiliation /certification/license: This should include all your relevant organizations and certifications and licenses you have meaning. The True, meaning of Write my, resume very good resume authors can give you the very ability to speak at a manner which will ensure. Many is the transfer of meaning, especially metaphorical and acceptance of foreign languages. Srovnání systému slovesných časů ve španělštině a ve francouzštině se zaměřením na používání tvarů jednoduchého a složeného.

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