Advantages of being married essay

advantages of being married essay

Advantages, and Disadvantages Of Getting, married, essay by nicoleee

Married people can buy assets without much legal problems. Studies have also shown that married couples accumulate more assets than people who remain unmarried. There are also many tax breaks especially for the married couples. Marriage also gives financial responsibility which is one of the reasons why married men earn more compared to single guys. So marriage also increases earning power. People out there thinking that marriage is a financial burden, it is time to change that opinion!

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Arguments and abuse, the risk of bad relationship is very high. Your spouse might cheat on you or abuse physically and verbally. Most people are not aware of the advantages of marriage due to their weak perspective. But once you perceive the positive aspects of marriage then you will definitely change your pessimistic views about. In fact marriage comes with many benefits and it will make a satisfactory difference in your life. Agree it or not, the society is crafted to make life effortless for married couples! If you want to know why marriage is beneficial, you have to go through the top 10 advantages of getting married! Financial Benefits, being a married couple, you can not only earn more money but you can also lower expenses and save extra money. If both husband and wife are earning then the two incomes contribute to financial security. Marriage also provides financial stability besides companionship.

Some employers give raise to those people who get married and have kids. Cons of being married. With all advantages of getting married there, of course, are some disadvantages as well like: Obligations, when you are married you are responsible not only for yourself but for your spouse and kids (if any) as well. For example, a wife might be write held responsible for the debts of her husband. Stress, your spouse can cause you more stress and worries compare to if you would live alone. Your partner can come home in bad mood and try to spoil yours as well. In the worst case scenario, your spouse might get addicted to something like alcohol and drugs.

advantages of being married essay

Essay, advantages of married lilife subjects: Family & Consumer

When business no one is around they feel lonely and become angry on the whole world. Family, often people dream about normal family when they plan to get married. They want their reviews children to have both a father and mother. Married couples want to show a good example to their offspring. Protection, women feel more secure when live with men whom they can trust and rely. Comfort, if something might go wrong, people need to have a shoulder to cry. Only spouse will understand and advise as no one else because usually nobody cares. Benefits, married filing jointly commonly pays less tax over lifetime because getting many tax benefits. Married couples usually more trustworthy and can get easier credit from a bank.

It is easier to handle anything together with someone than alone. There can be financial support also. For example, when one spouse is still at school, cannot work, or expecting a child, the other one will put all efforts to earn for living and support a family. Usually people have more money when they live together than those who are single. Help, if husband and wife have common interests in work and relaxation, it is easier to help each other without feeling that someone might use you. You will do everything for your own benefits and family. In addition, when two people involve in a project, the chances that it will be finished faster and more successfully are higher. Belongings, some people just need to belong somewhere and to someone. They want to live with a loved person in one place.

Being, married, to, being, single, essay

advantages of being married essay

Ielts essay : advantages and disadvantages of getting married

Ask essay our professional writer! Why people want to get married? What bring us marriage? Is it good or bad thing to be married? Unfortunately no one can answer this question for you whether it is worthwhile to get married or not except yourself. Many young adults especially ladies dream to get married. They picture themself happy ever after even though they see from examples of others that reality is not that sweet as dreams.

Despite the fact that all know risk, but still many young girls push bad thoughts away hoping that it wont be their cases. Pros of being married, happiness and love, usually married people are happier than those who are not. Problems might not seem that bad if there are two. When you are married and have a reasonable spouse, he/she will help with any issue or trouble. You will work as one to solve all the problems.

We also watched a documentary called "Middle sexes where they give an example of an arranged marriage where how a gay person goes through arranged marriage to fulfill the family's tradition and values, but at he same time he kept his "secret" relationship with another. This is a great example of the negative side of an arranged marriage. He is not just ruining the life of the girl, but also the life of the other young man he is in relationship with. For many people, marriage is a lifelong commitment. In India, arrange marriage is traditional, in which not just couple get together and take vows to live together, but also their families create a life long bond. One of the major disadvantages of an arrange marriage especially in India is a dowry system.

In dowry system, bride's family has to pay tremendous amount of luxurious gifts such as gold, car, house, etc. To the groom's family because they are superior in the relationship. According to the tradition it is up to the bride's family where how much they are willing to give, but in most cases groom's family ask for much more than they can afford, and if refuse, they tend to harm the bride. Not just that, couple might face lack of privacy because of the closeness in families and if the couple gets in an argument, the entire family might join the talk and make the situation even more brutal. Next essays Related to Advantages and Disadvantages of Arranged Marriages. Got a writing question?

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In addition, early pregnancy and childbirth can have a negative impact on mother's health at young age. In conclusion, from what has been mentioned above, we can see that there are a lot of positives and negatives of early marriage. Free advantages estate and Disadvantages of Arranged Marriages Essay. During the semester, we read articles on arrange marriages and how it works in different culture. After reading these articles, i realized how arrange marriage can have bad effects on somebody's life. Arrange marriage could be bad because the marriage could be against individuals' will and by the pressure of parents. Therefore the person might not have the opportunity to make his/her own decision and can be matched with someone who is simply not a good partner for that individual.


advantages of being married essay

For instance, they have to stop relying on their parents and depend on themselves and bear the responsibility of managing their own affairs. On the other hand, getting married at a young age has many disadvantages too an early age is considered that they are from 10 years old to 18 years old. The national main disadvantage is they miss out on the fun of teenage life. It will deprive them of their youth. So, they can't live their life as a normal child as others who are at the same age. One other disadvantage is that bringing up children may be difficult for their young parents, because their knowledge of child care and attention to children may not be enough. So, they will not be able to provide the appropriate care for their child. Moreover, a disadvantage is that early marriage can affect the mother's health. Young mothers are exposed to severe health problems.

effects on our lives. In this essay i will discuss and explain three benefits and three drawbacks of early marriage. There are a lot of advantages for early marriage; an early age is considered between 19 years old and 22 years old. The greatest advantage of getting married at a young age is to have more time to have kids if you want a big family. That is because young people at a very early age are more likely to have a many children. Another advantage is emotional support; and that means they can find a partner who they can share their woes and difficulties with him; furthermore, they can find who can meet their emotional needs when they live together. A further advantage is to learn to shoulder responsibilities at an early age.

In the first place when you for get married you start a new life, with new things to do and new experiences every day you will face something new. A further advantage of getting married is that you take up responsibilities, it may be a disadvantage but is also an advantage. You get more mature with the responsibilities, you can learn how to control things in your life and how to be a responsible person. The main advantage of getting married is that you have a family, you have people who care for you, help you with your problems and the most important they love you every day for the rest of their lives. For me getting married is a huge responsibility, but If you find the perfect man or woman for you, you will have a wonderful marriage full of happiness and love. I will find it out in the future when Im going to be mature enough to get married. Of course every couple has problems in their marriage but they manage to get over it with their own way. This is my first ielts essay.

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Advantages and disadvantages of getting married. Every human being dreams of his/her wedding day and how life would be when you get married. In my opinion marriage is a really big responsibility but you can spent the business rest of your life with the man that you are in love. One disadvantage of getting married is the loss of freedom, you cant go out and have fun with your friends, you cannot go on a holiday whenever you decide. Another disadvantage of getting married is that you get more responsibilities, you have to take care of your family, clean the house, and more other. One other disadvantage is the disagreements with the members of your family, with your husband, with your children. Of course there are advantages.

Advantages of being married essay
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  2. Problems might not seem that bad if there are two. With all advantages of getting married there, of course, are some disadvantages as well like.

  3. In the us, the legal marriageable age is 16 with the consent of the teenagers parents or guardians. But when you read these 10 advantages of being married, you might change your mind and see marriage as an important part of life. Longer life a risk of mortality of married couples is twice lower than that of unmarried couples. Here are a few pointers which will encourage you to get hitched and stimulate you to take the huge step forward, the 12 advantages of getting married. Pros of being married. Usually married people are happier than those who are not.

  4. Essays Related to Advantages and Disadvantages of Arranged Marriages. Generally, this marriage is arranged by the parents with the rest of the family members having little say. However, there might be advantages to fraternal polyandry there are disadvantages. Advantages of married lilife. 5 pages (1250 words)Essay. High Underage married and divorce rates.

  5. Disadvantages of being Married When one gets married, there are many disadvantages one might experience on his or her life-long journey. Summary: Essay discusses the advantages of being married. Marriage is a unity of two people. When a couple gets married, there are many advantages one might experience on his or her life long journey. Below is a free essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of an Early marriage from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages in getting married at an early age.

  6. Other financial issues associated with legalities such as inheritance can be easier to sort out when a couple is married. Many students who are married while attending university qualify as "non-traditional students which opens up opportunities for unique scholarships. 947 Words 3 Pages. Early marriage Advantages and Disadvantages Essay. Disadvantages of being Married.

  7. This is my first ielts essay. Would you score it please. No one can deny that the age of getting married is different from one country to another. There are a lot of advantages for early marriage ; an early age is considered between 19 years old and 22 years old. Most human beings are not solitary and crave companionship. Taxes are often lower.

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